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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
You stupid woman!

This morning I drove into work as per usual for a study day on Manual Handling (where you are taught theory and practice to help you move/not move patients safely). I arrived at 0830am; hoping I would not have trouble finding a parking space. I drove past three car parks, all with there 'FULL' lights on. I finally spotted that Car park K1 did not have its Full light on. I drove up behind a woman who was messing about in her hand bag trying to find her ID card I expect. Finally she swiped her card and drove in under the barrier. I followed shortly after; unfortunately the woman in front me had stopped and was getting out her car, not giving me enough room to get completely under the barrier. I opened my window and asked her to move her car up; which she did. She then stopped dead in what I assume was an attempt to block my way into the car park. She got out of her car and started walking round the car park! It looked like she was looking for a space on foot! I managed to squeeze my car past hers and carried on. I very quickly found a space on the corner and parked. With in seconds she was there tap, tap, tapping on the window.

I got out and this is what we said:-

Woman: excuse me, this is my space, it is the first person in that gets the first space.

Me: So why did you get out your car?

Woman: Here people get out of there car and find a space on foot.

Me: What? No they don't , whats the point in that?

Woman: This is my space

Me: Look, I don't have time for this, I'm late. If there was only one more space, the barrier would not have let me in. Look there is one over there. (pointing to another space)

With that she stalked off back to her car and parked. Why in the world would you leave your car to go find a space??? Was she trying to block other people from getting in there before her, by blocking other's? Any weird and wonderful suggestions?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


So who is Frank? Frank is female; stunningly beautiful with dark shiney eyes, brown feather's and a red breast. Frank is, yep you guessed it, a Robin. Not just any Robin but our friendly garden friend who visits our bird table twice a day to feed on her favourite seed. Frank is a very curious bird and particularly nosey when you are gardening.

And no, before anyone says it, its not a different Robin everytime, it is definately Frank because we can tell, from that districtive mark on her left wing.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005


This morning's weather was a tad disappointing, fairly grey and overcast. What about the beautiful sunshine we had in Cambridge on Thursday and Friday? Why is it that the best weather is always when you are at work? It may have been dull, but at least it wasn't raining, now that really would have ruined my plans.

Along with one boyfriend, a edging iron, shovel, rake, hoe, broom and a lawn mower, I spent the best part of four hours out there sorting out the garden. I mowed the lawn, raked it, cut the edging of the lawn, weeded, dug up the dirt, hoe'd it, and sweapt. Round the corner in the garden there is a corner patch with two trees and what looks like a compost bin. Next to that I discovered an old pot filled with stinky water and an old black bin filled with an old bag of rubbish and stinky water - clearly from the last residents. (Charming). I am working up the courage to deal with that.

The garden is looking better however I still have the left side to do, once a dirt boarder, now an over grown mess of weeds, rose bushes, ivy and grass. That will be a job and a half.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I moved to Cambridge last Saturday. It was a very busy day really. I thought I had moved almost everything through weekly visits to Cambridge. How wrong I was. My car was Jam packed with the rest of my stuff, I coudn't see out of my rear view mirror and only had my side mirrors to guide me. I got to Cambridge round about 14.00 and set about unpacking my stuff; while Phill set up my computer and the wireless net work.

That evening.........
To celebrate my arrival, Phill and I went out, we took a taxi, so I could drink and we decided to go to Old Orleans (our regular resturant when we were at Uni in Coventry). Old Orleans in Cambridge is nowhere near as nice. We booked a table for 9pm and arrived a little early at 20.40 and were told by the member of staff behind to sitting desk "If you would like to come back in twenty minutes the table should be ready then". The way he said it was completely off, no apology, not in the slightest bit polite. We went for a walk round outside a few bar's etc and returned at 9pm. We asked if our table was ready and the waitress said she would go and check, in the meantime a couple round about our age came over and the bloke told us "I think that's our table, next" , we just said we will find out in a minute, because we have booked. As it happened in the meantime a Waiter came and got that couple, we were seated next to them unfortunately. However on the bright side they were completely forgotten about, we ordered, got drinks, starters and maincourse before they even ordered HA.

In all honesty, the old orleans in Cambridge was shabby, smokey, cold, and dull, not the normal atmosphere I am used to in an Old Orleans resturant. On the bright side their cocktails were nice.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

So, How do I explain my sudden lack of blogging? I supose after I passed my last assignment at University I got caught up in all the 'end of course' excitement. Here is a list of the main events since:-

  • I chaired the student run conference 'Trials and Tribulations' held at Coventry University on the 9th Septemeber 2004; which was a sucess.
  • I completed my management placement and started my first Job as a Registered Nurse on a general paediatric unit in Coventry.
  • I graduated on 18th November 2004 in Coventry Cathedral with a Bsc in Children's Nursing and The NHS development directorate prize for excellent practice, academic achievement and personal development (I got a huge shield and a cheque with prize money). I was the only person in my group cohort to achieve this prize
  • After the graduation, that evening, I had a family graduation party at The Brass house in Birmingham, we all had lots of food and drink and a merry time was had by all. It was also my brothers birthday. We both got special celebration cakes.
  • I have been working as a Staff Nurse for almost six months now and it has been great, still enjoying my job.
  • Phill, my boyfriend recently relocated to Cambridge. He is renting a three bedroom house. We are in the process of setting up home together. I recently had a job interview and have been offered a job at Addenbrookes, where I will be starting in a month.
That's basically the lowdown on recent events in my life. Orginally this blog was meant to only run during my time at University. But I have decided to do a fairly regular blog once I move to Cambridge.

Blog out for now.
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Friday, September 03, 2004

So let it be heard throughout the world
I have passed my last assignment for the module Supervision of Care. I got 68% which I am very happy with.
This means my Degree is in the bag. I have done it; although it hasn't really sunk in yet.
I have three shifts and one conference and then its all over.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Home Run?

So here I am, five shifts remaining, one assignment to pass and a conference to achieve before the end of my university life - well for now anyway. I handed in my (touch wood) last assignment a week ago. I have to admit it was the most difficult assignment I have had to do, because it was the last and the topic 'Leadership' wasn't too exciting. The majority of my group felt it difficult to motivate themselves with this assignment being so close to the end. The results should be out with in a fortnight. So keep your fingers crossed for me! I am ready now to finish, I am looking forward to qualifying as a children's Nurse; I am not nervous, just excitied. I remember when in my first and second years, thinking to myself - if I was told I could qualify now, I would say no; as I wanted to enjoy my time and make the most of being a student. One things for sure; I have really enjoyed my course, from start to finish - it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Going to University is one of the best things I have ever done.

The Plan now

After recieving three offers of a job in all, one at Coventry, one at University College London Hospitals and one at The Royal London - I have made my decision where to start. It looks like I am staying in the West Midlands for now.

I start my newly qualified rotational post on the Baby/Toddler and Oncology part of the ward for six months. After which I shall go to the Ear Nose and Throat ward for six months before rotating again. In the meantime I am going on an Oncology study day, I intend to go on any course or study day available to me, I would like to do my IVs training and certainly see if I can go on the paediatric life support course, before I go to ENT. My offical start date is the 27th September; but I expect it to take weeks for my pin number/registration to come through from the Nursing and Midwifery council. Until that arrives I shall be paid and work as a support worker on the ward and will be paid as that; once I am registered, I get back pay - just in time for christmas.

Coming Soon
Once I have finished my course I am going to post some top tips for student nurses.

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