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Saturday, February 12, 2005
So, How do I explain my sudden lack of blogging? I supose after I passed my last assignment at University I got caught up in all the 'end of course' excitement. Here is a list of the main events since:-

  • I chaired the student run conference 'Trials and Tribulations' held at Coventry University on the 9th Septemeber 2004; which was a sucess.
  • I completed my management placement and started my first Job as a Registered Nurse on a general paediatric unit in Coventry.
  • I graduated on 18th November 2004 in Coventry Cathedral with a Bsc in Children's Nursing and The NHS development directorate prize for excellent practice, academic achievement and personal development (I got a huge shield and a cheque with prize money). I was the only person in my group cohort to achieve this prize
  • After the graduation, that evening, I had a family graduation party at The Brass house in Birmingham, we all had lots of food and drink and a merry time was had by all. It was also my brothers birthday. We both got special celebration cakes.
  • I have been working as a Staff Nurse for almost six months now and it has been great, still enjoying my job.
  • Phill, my boyfriend recently relocated to Cambridge. He is renting a three bedroom house. We are in the process of setting up home together. I recently had a job interview and have been offered a job at Addenbrookes, where I will be starting in a month.
That's basically the lowdown on recent events in my life. Orginally this blog was meant to only run during my time at University. But I have decided to do a fairly regular blog once I move to Cambridge.

Blog out for now.
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My name is Louise and I'm a 23 year old staff nurse working on a childrens oncology ward in Cambridgeshire. Want to know more? Read on or drop a comment

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