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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Riddle me

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So while at placement today I popped in the Paediatric Assessment Unit and asked one of the Charge Nurses who interviewed me, if he could come and give me some feedback on my interview when he had a few minutes. Five minutes later we both sat down in a quiet corner and discussed my interview. I told him I was worried that it didn't go too well because I was so nervous. I was reassured after the feedback because although I was very nervous and spoke quickly etc, it turns out that my interview was if not the top, then one of the best interviews. I couldn't believe it at first. I was told my application and dress was very good, and that I answered everything that was required. So basically as usual I am worrying about a whole load of nothing! I'm glad I enquired though, it put my mind at rest. I really should give myself more credit! Bad Louise.

A Result
Yesterday afternoon, I went into University to collect my assignment result for the module The Highly Dependent Child. I felt sick when I was handed the assignment back - but thank goodness I passed the assignment with a mark of 52%. I am happy with that, because all I need to do at this stage is pass everything. Two more results are due back soon. Then there is just that one more assignment to do.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Great Move

Yesterday morning I moved back to my parents house in Tamworth. I had been packing on Friday after my interview and late into the night. It would have all been done my about 10pm, but Phill took me out to celebrate getting the job - plus it was also the last night in Coventry. Phill and I went to Old Orleans, where we had a starter and a main course. I had two delicious cocktails called 'Dennis the menace'. Which I am sure I have mentioned before.

Anyway, the move went very smoothly. Dad, my Uncle Rod and Phill did most of the moving, carrying and loading into three cars; while I cleaned the room, checked and double checked. However I still managed to leave my computer scanner; which was under the work surface on the top of a chest of drawers. I couldn't see it and that why I completely forgot about it.

Once we had got back to Tamworth and popped everything upstairs, I took Dad, Phill and Rod out for meal to Frankie and Bennies. It was a really nice meal, I shared the Banana split with Rod - Yummy!

It took me a long time I'm completely unpacked and its all done now. I'm back settled and comfortable at home. Its good to be back.
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The Interview

On Friday morning I had a Job interview at Walsgrave Hospital for a D Grade Nurse position with in their Children's Services Department. I was ever so Nervous. We all had to be there for 9am, we were taken upstairs into a room were various talks about Play therapy, Preceptorship and the experiences of a staff nurse who has rotated to Accident and Emergency. In the mean time we were called out two at a time to go for our interviews. Two panels were interviewing - consisting of two people. Lucky for me I knew both of the interviewers that saw me.

I don't think the interview went too well, because I was really nervous and shakey and must have rushed my answers. They only asked me two things that I had prepared for out of approx eight questions. When I came out of the interview and back into the main room everyone was really shocked - because I was only in there six minutes, while everyone else was in for about twenty. After everyone had been interviewed we all had lunch and came back an hour later to be told we all had a job.

I put my first choice of rotation to the general children's ward and my second choice as ENT. Although I was sure that I wanted to start on the general children's ward, I was actually torn between accident and emergency and ENT for my second choice. I went for ENT because its something new and interesting for child services at the hospital. If I had been in accident and emergency I would have cared for a lot of Adults as well as children. I think it will be better to leave my interest of accident and emergency until the new hospital opens and we have a dedicated children's accident and emergency.
I will be sent the formal offer through the post soon for the job. I am very pleased - but am eager to get some feedback on my interview.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

What's round and bites?
A vicious circle

That's exactly what its like for me at the moment. I have an assignment to get under way, however I am involved in a vicious circle. I work four days a week at placement, my assignment requires me to do work every day really. However I am so tired after work its impossible to concernate. Its a vicious circle, because I work at placement, I try and do some work and find I am just too tired, I miss out on working on that particular day. Maybe its better to leave the assignment work until my Days off, but this does not always co-inside with library opening hours.

Oh well, I have no choice, I have to keep pushing on, knackered or not.

The key: -
1. Get at least eight and a half hours sleep a night.
2. Hammer the tea after work to stay awake
3. Plan what you are going to do on that day in advance and don't stop until its done.

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blog out
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Friday, June 18, 2004

To celebrate Graduation the 09.01 nursing cohort have organised a Graduation Ball, to be held on the 16th October 2004. Phill and I will be attending - so ball dress at the ready! The evening includes a three course meal and disco at the Coventry Courtyard by Marriott Hotel. Phill and I have also booked a room for that evening, so we will have somewhere ideal to get ready - No wind swept hair for me! Ha! I will have to make sure I look stunning.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It almost killed me; I had headaches, was up stupid hours and lost some weight – but still I managed it. All three assignments were handed in, just in time for the end of May deadline. I just hope they pass now. I worked to the best of my ability, I hope it was enough; I wouldn’t like to have to re do any assignments this close to the end of my course.

The end of my course is in sight, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have one more assignment and 13 weeks of practice placement to go and then I am finished. It will take a couple of weeks for my registration pin number to come through, then at such a time I can begin to practice as a Registered Children’s Nurse. Graduation ceremonies are not until November.

My Birthday

The other day on the 3rd June it was my 23rd birthday. I had a fantastic day. Got loads of SLR camera equipment i.e. tripod, films, filters (skylight and red); I had DVDs, books, CDs, Clothes, a CD/radio player for my car, diamond earrings etc. During the evening of my birthday Phill, myself and my family went to ‘Pizza by Goli’ an Italian restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. I had a lovely pasta meal. While there I was presented with a peach rose, balloons and after the main course, the lights went down and all the staff appeared with a birthday cake with candles. I made a wish and blew them out. Can you guess what my wish was? It really was a perfect Birthday.

Management Placement
I am four days into my management placement on a paediatric general ward. So far, I have been managing my own patients allocated to me. I get one to two patients a shift. Next week I am going to start to manage bays of four patients with a nurse. Then eventually I will manage the ward, including allocating staff patients, telling people when to go to break, co-ordinating the ward and delegating work heh!

It’s so hot
It was a nightmare on placement today – because of the heat. Its terrible, I was dying. The last place you want to be is on a hot ward when its 30 + outside! After my lunch break I could barely stand the heat anymore. By the time I had caught the bus and walked the ten minutes back to Halls I was so sweaty and yucky it was untrue. I went and enjoyed a long cold shower.

Supervision of Care
My new module launched last Friday. The module will have lectures 9am-12pm every Friday for a total of eleven weeks. I have to write a 3,500 word assignment on critical analysis of related learning outcomes of the module. Due in 23rd August 2004. The module will cover topics such as management and leadership theories, care delivery, decision making, problem solving, clinical supervision etc. etc .

The Weekend
I am looking forward to Friday; I am driving to Manchester to see Phill
Blog Out

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