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Saturday, May 15, 2004
The Deadline for my two assignments due at the end of May is looming ever closer. I am on the verge of panic - basically because I normally have my assignment done at least two weeks before they are due. But I haven't been able to cope with that this time, especially with placement five days a week. Never the less I am fighting on with them. I had a hiccup last week, I came down with a really sore throat and cold which knocked me off my feet for about four days. I had one day off work and went to work the two shifts after that. I lost some valuable assignment time.....but am making fair progress. I have worked on my assignment for the Highly dependent child all day today. Its almost 1am and I have just finished for the night. Tomorrow morning I intend to finish off what little I have left to do on my action plan for nursing practice three. This should result in a weight being lifted. That way, if need be I can work until the eleventh hour with my highly dependent assignment, without thinking 'I still have the other one to finish'.

I am going on night duty for two nights starting tomorrow. I will be back in the Paediatric assessment area after spending a week on the general acute ward which I enjoyed alot. Nights can be really busy or very quite on the PAU, just incase I am going to take some work - and take advantage if it gets really quiet.

Phill's Birthday
It was Phill's Birthday last Thursday. He is still in Coventry at the moment, so I put up balloons, birthday banners and got him a badge saying 'happy birthday' and 'I am 100'. I also got him a birthday cake - lets face it - no birthday is complete without a birthday cake. I made him a 23rd birthday card, and got him the X box game Splinter Cell 2 and The DVD Good will hunting. I also got him a helium filled balloon with an F1 car on. I worked an early on the day, but that evening my parents were both off, so they came over and took Phill and I out for a fabulous Italian Meal. I look forward to when I have the money to treat Mum and Dad to meals out etc.

Well, enough said, off to bed for me.
Blog out..
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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Placement this week has continued as usual. I am still really enjoying my time to the paediatric assessment area. This week my management placement on the same placement was confirmed. I have decided that I definately want to begin my time as a qualified nurse on a rotational D grade post. I would like to rotate from an acute general ward to Accident and emergency and another area - maybe day surgery or ENT. I would like to do this for a year to eighteen months, and then decided on which area I would like to specialise. I am also very interested in the fast track programme for D to E grade, that many hospitals are offering. Basically the fast track programme enables you to get a promotion to an E grade with in six months. Depending on if you acheive particular management competencies.

While working in PAU the other day, very famous England team Rugby players came to visit the ward they were Martin Johnson and Dorian West. They came into PAU as well and we all had our picture taken. I got to touch the Webb Ellis world cup! During the picture I was in, I stood between the two rugby players and Martin Johnson put his arm round me hehe. While on the ward both rugby players took the time to speak to the children, have pollaroid pictures taken with them and brought cheer and the England Rugby Spirit to the unwell children on the unit. Have a look here for some more info about the visit.
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