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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
I have been on placement for two days so far this week. Three more to go in a row. Still really enjoying my placement on the paediatric assessment area. After speaking to one of the G grades on the ward I have been told that there is no objection to me doing my management placement on the same area. I just need to get it confirmed my a few people from placement and University, but its looking positive. I am on an early in the morning, I'll be up at 6.15am and out the door by 6.50am. At least it is light at that time in the morning at the moment and it only takes me 8 minutes to walk to the bus stop. Even so I got caught in the down poor and thunder storm when I left work last night. Lucky for me, it had cleared by the time I got off the bus - So I didn't get soaked.

I have started back this week with an assignment for the module The Highly Dependent child. I have written about 700 words as a start, but I have to do some extensive literature searching tomorrow. I feel a trip to the library tomorrow after work/tea is in order. Its always difficult having the time and energy to do assignments after being on shift, but you get used to it, and a cuppa tea is always a good start.

In other news......

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Sunday, April 25, 2004

I had a very busy day yesterday. I moved back to Coventry and my halls of residence after just over a month at home. I had a really good time at home, and would have been quite happy to stay there, however, it is obvious that there are just to many things to distract me from my assignment work, and its too far from the library. Here in Halls I have my room, my computer and my working space. I left my fish at home, who I miss because they can be quite calming to watch - especally when I am trying to work out a problem. I will be moving out of Halls for the last time in two months, so I didn't think it was worth stressing the fish with moving around.

Yesterday Phill and I moved me back, I had a fair amount of stuff with my computer, so it was certainly a job. I went to the supermarket and spent £46 on food......I had to spent that much because I had nothing in. When I got back to Halls, I discovered that I had completely forgotten to get any cake stuff! I would have really liked one of those swiss crowns or some cookies with smarties in them, never mind - I got my fruit.

Phill and I went for a long work into coventry - it was a really warm day, so we got some twister ice lollies on the way back. In addition, I got my photo's developed. Here are some of the best ones - but they all came out really well.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I am into my second week on placement after a restful two weeks off for Easter holiday. Tomorrow I will find out the likely hood of doing my management were I am now. I am not feeling too well tonight, got an sore throat. Finding it hard to do assignments after placement, but when I am back in Halls and I have a cuppa and my work in front of me, I shouldn't have much trouble. I move back to Halls on Saturday morning. The main thing planned for the weekend is a sleep in on Sunday and Sunday Roast at weatherspoons.
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Sunday, April 04, 2004

I started my second third year placement five days ago. I'm having a great time working on a paediatric assessment area. Its really good. Working at the hospital at home last time has given me a really good foundation in terms of paediatric assessment skills. I am having such a good variety and diversity of experience. I am also going to enquire into the possibility of doing my management placement on this ward/area. They can accomadate 8 students and maybe one more at a push, so all eight fingers and two thumbs crossed PLEASE!
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