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Sunday, March 28, 2004
Last Monday I moved back to Tamworth for a month or so. It's been lovely being home, its nice to be back. During the earlier part of this week I did some work before driving to London on Wednesday night to see Phill.

Great memories
I've had a great time in London. Phill and I have looked at some rental prices - just to give ourselves an idea. We can get a two to three bedroom place for under ?1000 in the Raynes Park area. Today was the best day out by far. We went on a day trip. I wanted to have a look at ST Thomas hospital. (I have applied for a job there and this is also the site where the new children's hospital is under construction) - I wanted to get a feel for how far away it is from Raynes Park. It's only a 20mins train ride plus 10mins walking time. Phill and I got quite a suprise when we found the hospital; little did we know but the hospital is on Westminster Bridge Road, right next door to the Houses of Parliment and Big Ben! Nice.

St Thomas Hospital
I had a walk through the hospital and it looked really nice - well what I saw, it was very clean, modern and had excellent facilities - there was even a WHSmiths for goodness-sake. heh. I couldn't look at the childrens unit because its still under construction. But I like what I saw, so fingers crossed for my application.

Hyde Park
After taking a few pictures with my camera (I'll scan them in when they are developed) we headed off to Hyde Park corner on the tube. While in the area we found a lovely Italian place called the Spagetti house. The pasta was bliss. I had pasta with a creamy mushroom and spinach sauce, with a side mixed leaf salad. After filling the old tum, Phill and I went for a walk around Hyde Park. It was gorgeous, beautiful flowers, trees, bicycle paths, a lake, horse ridding etc. It's massive and really well kept. I took loads of pictures.

The Squirrel
In particular I took a picture of a very brave squrriel. It came up realllllllllllllllyyy close and I fired off loads of shots. I decided to coax it a bit closer by pretending I had some food, I expected it to come closer, and it did, what I wasn't expecting was it to jump me literally! (What was it a critter?) No joke, it made a leap and clung onto my right leg! Looking up at me hopefully. I was so shocked I yelled and shuck my leg violently to get it off. Thankfully it jumped off straight away - its claws were really sharp. Serves me right. I wish Phill had got a picture of that though.

The Plan
Heading back to Tamworth tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to the coming week. On Tuesday I start my next placement. I am on a general paediatric acute unit. As a third year I am going to be placed in the Emergency assessment unit, I can't wait!

Blogger out.
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Sunday, March 21, 2004

I've had quite a busy day - and its not over yet! I was awake at 6.30am, the F1 was on this morning and I watched bits between dozing. I got up before it ended though to make Phill a cuppa and to start getting my things together to take back to Tamworth. In a couple of days - (Hopefully Tuesday) I am moving back to Tamworth for a month. I have to get enough info to keep me going while in Tamworth. However I expect I shall have to make afew trips forward and back to Coventry University Library.

On Wednesday or Thursday I am going to see Phill in London and I'll be back on Saturday or Sunday depending on when my placement starts.

Placement starts from 28th March for seven weeks (not including the two weeks I get for easter holiday).

Tomorrow I have some nursing practice lectures, a meeting for the conference and so literature searching to be getting on with. Its going to be a busy day - but it will be worth it, if it means I can get home a day early.

Mother's Day

I had a lovely breakfast in Tamworth today with my sisters Stephanie and Judith, My brother Chris, Phill, Mum, Dad and Uncle Rod. It was a lovely continental spread that my mum but on. I got mum a book and a nice card for Mother's day.
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Friday, March 19, 2004


I have been shopping today with Phill around and about Coventry City Centre. I have bought:-
- Marie Claire magazine
- New women magazine
- Whats on TV magazine
- Practical photographer magazine [My assignment is finished so I am rewarding myself with some non-nursing related reading material]
- a green pen with a frog and fluffy feathers on the end
- I text book I have been after for ages Illustrated book of Paediatrics which has been ordered from amazon.
- Some distraction toys for when I start placement - bubbles, a swishy ball that flashes when you hit it.

I need to start my next assignment today - basically just write a plan.
Then I can do a bit more relaxing heh.
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Thursday, March 18, 2004

I have been working ever so hard this week. Staying up til stupid hours like midnight doing work. I really wanted to get the Clinical Governance assignment for Current Professional Issues in Children's Nursing sorted. I only have two more placements to go one on a general paediatric ward and the other on an orthopaedic ward. I have four more assignments to do before the end of the course. I really want to enjoy my placements and take time after work to reflect, hence why I have been worked so hard to get one of them out the way.

Well, I finished the Clinical governance assignment on Tuesday night at tea time. Then printed it all off on Wednesday - so its all neatly but away in a folder. The deadline isn't until 20th May, but when you consider I have two more assignments due in at the end of May, and it takes about 5 weeks to do one.... I've really got to be well organised. The next assignment on the books is for the Highly dependent child module. I am going to work hard on that one over the easter holiday and get a good load done before I restart placement after Easter.

I actually begin placement on 28th March.

In other news.....

Phill has come to Coventry, he has booked a couple of days off work and came up yesterday. His train didn't get in until 8.30pm, I spent the evening getting ready to go out to Ikon and DIVA. I dressed up to the 9s and looked gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I also prepared a meal (Cottage pie) for when Phill arrived. It was really tasty and we opened a bottle of wine too! After two glasses of wine and me feeling 'merry' we headed out. I had three more alchi-pops while out, had a really good dance and lots of fun. I haven't been out in ages - it was a good way to celebrate the end of an assignment. I just hope it passes.

Coventry Transport Museum

While in town earlier the new museum was being opened. They had Mini's and funky cars doing stunts, a large red curtain that dropped when it opened, live music from Mercia FM, a band doing music and Coventry City football club cheer leaders doing a routine. Coventry is a fabulous place to be, especially after its redevelopment. I'd love to live in Coventry after I finish my course, but that isn't going to happen. I certainly wouldn't be suprised if I ended up coming back to Coventry in a few years time.

Job applications

Phill found out the other week that he would be staying in London for a while yet with the company he works for. London would offer a newly qualified nurse excellent opportunities. Staff turn over is really high so promotions would be readily available to. Therefore I am applying to a few hospitals including Great Ormond Street, ST Mary's, Kingston Hospital and Guy's and St Thomas hospital. I am also going to apply for jobs in the West Midlands i.e. Birmingham Children's Hospital and hospitals in Coventry and Warwickshire - just to keep my options open.
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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Trials and Tribulations Conference
My child branch cohort are organising a one day conference on the 9th September 2004 at Coventry University. Concentrating on children and young peoples' mental health and the trials and tribulations associated with mental health problems for children, young people, parents and health professionals. All are welcome. The website is live, but still under construction. Have a look here.

I designed the website but Special Thanks to Phill and the Qudon foundation who made the magic happen.
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My name is Louise and I'm a 23 year old staff nurse working on a childrens oncology ward in Cambridgeshire. Want to know more? Read on or drop a comment

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