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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Under the weather

I haven't been feeling too well the last couple of days. About a week ago, one of my flatmates got ill sore throat and cold. By mid week he had infected two other members of my flat and by Wednesday night I was feeling worse for wear. It started with a sore throat - which developed to full blown cold ,a really swollen throat and swollen tonsils by Thursday morning. I hate being unwell you are in a sort of limbo, I do still get up and dressed but there is just nothing to do. You feel rotten and bored at the same time. On thursday night my throat was so bad I was heaving and was sick a few times in the night. On Friday my throat was feeling a lot better, but I was still stuck with the cold. I decided to have a bath mid morning - it was a lovely bath - maybe a bit too hot, because when I got out I popped into my room and started to feel really strange. I managed to get my bedroom door open and call for Helen (another flatmate) before the world when grey, I went deaf and fainted! Very scary it was. I came too as soon as I slid down the door - I suppose as a result in my blood pressure returning to normal. I was helped up to my bed, given a hot water bottle and some cordial. Dave kindly brought me in some biscuits to give me some sugar and I lay there waiting for Phill to arrive.

By Saturday afternoon I was feeling much better and I had a great weekend with Phill. We watched Underworld on DVD last night and had Sunday lunch at weatherspoons yum!

Block theory continues at the moment. I am well into one of four assignments I have at the moment. here are some details:-

Current professional issues in childrens nursing - assignment on Clinical governance - deadline end of may - status 'well into it' Plan: finish in two weeks

Highly dependent child - assignment on principles of high dependency care - deadline end of may - status 'haven't started yet. Plan: start in two weeks

Nursing practice 3 - assignment CV and covering letter - deadline 22nd March - status 'completed and ready to hand in'

Nursing practice 3 - assignment action plan - deadline end of may - status ' not started'. Plan: Do over easter hols.

Work work work.
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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentines Weekend

Phill and I have had a lovely weekend. Phill arrived a day early on Thursday evening and has just headed off for the train back to London now. On Valentines Day we had a very busy day. Bacon sandwiches for breakfast with a cuppa. Phill gave me a fabulous card, a box for my favourite chocolates - Milk-tray and some perfume - again my favourite - 'Tommy girl'. Phill and I went for a long stroll into town and had a good window shop. Phill bought me some ear rings, some silver dangly ones to wear that evening. In addition I was also given some beautiful spray carnations and carnations - I love these flowers, they smell lovely and are so colourful. I cooked a yummy pasta bake and salad for tea. After which Phill and I had to get ready to hit the town. I wore my new outfit. Mini skirt, fish net tights, black and white top and boots. We started off the evening in Bonds and had three drinks each, before heading into Ikon for the rest of the evening. The music was alright....clubby - but they could have chosen some better club anthems. Still, we both had a good dance and ate chips and curry sauce in a tray on the way back. I'm feeling a bit fuzzy this evening. Must be quite tired.

Block theory

Lectures continue, I am into my third week of theory and have been working hard. Last week I was going to lectures in the morning, followed by a trip to the library and then back to my room, and worked until bed time. There is so much to read, so much to write.


A month ago I handed in an assignment for the module 'Promoting Children's Health' This was a nightmare assignment, everyone in my group was really worried about the work they had handed in. When I was writing the assignment I was so stressed out. It was terrible. Well the results were available for our assignments on Thursday. 56% of the people in my group failed the assignment - that 9 people. I passed but only just. The pass mark is 40%, I got 40%. I'm just glad I passed the assignment. Thats all I wanted. But close though. Everyone who passed are relieved with the results they got. The module wasn't fantastic and the module leader in mine and everyone elses opinion was a bit hard on us.
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Monday, February 02, 2004

Why do things have to be so complicated?
All I wanted to do was download a pdf file from the internet (a department of health report) and print it off.

1. The Lanchester Library in Coventry is lovely, however their computers do my head in.
2. I had to change computers three times before I found one that was working correctly and would let me print.
3. A lot of the computers have buggered blurred screens
4. It took me two attempts before I worked out the printer had to be set to Language level two - whatever that means - to print pdf.
5. When it finally did print the printer randomly screwed up 16 pages (and not all together).
6. Went to the support desk, who put 16 credits back on my account.
7. Now I am trying to get it to print the missing pages - but it keeps giving me the wrong ones.
8. Back to the support desk.
9. Realised that acrobat or whatever its called, does number the pages the same as the report does. I.e. it thinks there are 56 pages when in actual fact there are only 50.
10. Support bloke credited my account 17 times and then printed the correct pages on his computer (when we worked out there was a 5 page difference).


I don't need this messing about!

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Sunday, February 01, 2004


Home Overnight
On Friday night after meeting Phill from the train station we both went back home to Tamworth overnight. Both my parents were home for the evening, which was nice. We had chips from the chippy for tea and had a good chat. Phill and I were going to go to the cinema to see 'Big Fish'. We got all the way to the car park before deciding to go back home and spend some time with my Mum and Dad, because I wouldn't see them on Saturday, as they were both working. On the way back Phill and I popped into ASDA to get some washing powder, I also got some cadbury cream eggs, for everyone. We got back and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching a bit of TV.

Newest addition to the family
On Saturday morning we popped over to see my Cousin, his wife and their third child 'Grace' who was only one week old awwww. She is a beautiful baby.

Freaky Fish
At lunch time on Saturday I cooked some cod and chips, a frozen meal from Morrisions. I had just started to tuck into my cod when to my horror I noticed something poking out of my fish. Thinking it was a fish fibre or a bit of string I pulled. I was horrified when the 'bit of string' kept coming until it reached an inch and a half in length. I then realised that the string was not string but some kind of a worm! I was almost sick! The rest of the fish and the worm went into the bin! I'm sure some fish do have worms, but it was nasty to find that!

Nice Fish
My pet goldfish:- Nero, Chips, IT (weather loach), Tyson (Black moor) and Peach are back in my room in Halls. Its nice to have them back. They are quite calming to look at.

Sunday Roast
Its been ages since I had a roast dinner, today Phill and I went to Weatherspoons and had Roast Beef, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, carrots, peas and gravy. It was lovely - really filling. We used to go every Sunday when Phill was in Coventry, after I had finished a Sunday agency shift at one of the local hospitals here in Coventry.

Block Theory
Tomorrow block theory begins. This is my second term OR session 8 in my third year. One more term to go after this one. I have two new modules lauched this week. Current professional issues in children's nursing and The highly dependent child. I have loads of study ahead of me. I am going to start going to the library daily - where I don't have the distractions of many things in my room.

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