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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
The nightmare journey
On was on a late shift this afternoon and arrived on time for 2pm. All the snow and ice had melted overnight and during the morning - so everything was ok travel wise. At 3pm it started to sleet and then 30mins later it started to snow. We had three visits booked, but the weather was turning really nasty. My mentor and I decided that for the best I should go home, while it was still light and before the snow froze and turned to ice. At 4pm I set off for Coventry from Rugby. As soon as I pulled out the car park I hit the traffic. It was a nightmare. It was blizzard conditions outside and I was moving 250yards per hour. After two hours I had reached the centre of Rugby where there is a one way system which normally takes me easily to the A428. Unfortunately all the traffic was heading in that direction to get to the motorways etc. I had been stuck for 2hours and 10mins, it was dark and I was cold and tired. I noticed that none of the traffic was heading down the Leamington Rd. I got my old A-Z out and checked to see if this road joined with the A428, it didn't, however there was a road you could join which would take me back to the A428. So that is what I did. I moved into the other lane and headed down the traffic free road. I saw my right turning and slowed to turn. Keeping in mind I was only going 15mph, I braked and skidded and stalled the car at the same time. My car came to a stop next to the kerb. I then turned into the right road. Everything seemed to be going ok until I came to the end of the road only to find a downward hill, which joined the A428. I felt physically sick and had visions of skidding all the way down into on coming traffic! So scared to death I very slowly edged my way down the hill. I made it. The rest of my journey was much easier with less traffic. But by this point all the snow had frozen - deadly. I travelled at 15-20mph all the way back through country lanes and a main road in Coventry. Never before in my life have I been so scared. The car park at halls was an ice-rink.

What really irritated me was there were NO gritters about, nor was there grit already down. Where were they? Hasn't the weather been forecasting 'Britain's Big Freeze' all week? I just hope there are not any bad accidents.

All in all, my journey time was 3 hours. What a nightmare.

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By 11.30pm, the snow had stopped. about 30 student were out, getting what little there was off cars. There is barely any this morning, which doesn't really bother me, makes life easier to get to placement.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Its 10.52pm and its just started to snow, its really coming down, big thick snowflakes. My flatmate Dave, had, based on the speed of the wind and other variables predicted it would snow at 11.36pm. He wasn't far off.
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I have had a bit of a frustrating day. Its been one of those days when things you planned to get done don't. I tried to start one of my assignments for Nursing Practice 3 but didn't have much luck. From what I can gather I need to write an action plan in an essay format to state how I can achieve practice outcomes, which allow me to register on the NMC as a staff nurse. Its all a bit confusing and I am not sure how to start and which direction to go in. Therefore I am going to make an appointment with my tutor.

Taxing the car
I had to tax my car as well today. That put me back the usual ?60.50 for six months. While looking at my insurance certificate I realised that my mileage is only covered for 6000miles! With all the trips to London I thought it best I check my mileage. Not suprisingly, I was about to go over the 6000 mark. Worried that this could invalidate my insurance, I had to call my insurance company. I increased the mileage allowance to 8000 at the cost of an extra ?7 a month! Its not good being a poor student - but thats the price you pay for education............

Placement and Theory
Tomorrow I am on a late at Placement. I finish there on Thursday. Its been a lovely placement and the staff fantastic; but its always nice to get back into block theory and see my friends again and learn a bit of the old theory. Next week I have two new assignments launched. Oh joy.

In other news.........
I am feeling really unmotivated today and just tired. It proberly has something to do with what happened last night. At about 10.30pm I heard some terrible banging coming from outside, I got up and looked out the window. There was some random bloke outside on the bushes right under my window, banging on someone's ground floor window. I shouted down. "What are you doing?" The bloke clearly very drunk from the way he spoke and his staggering replied, "Shut the f@!k up!" Cheek of the man. I told him to stop banging on the window and get lost otherwise I would call Coventry University Protection Police. He swore a bit more, before staggering off. In addition there was more banging, shouting and music on and off throughout the night and early hours which came from downstairs. There were a lot of drunk people about for some strange reason. Maybe there was a full moon.
As a result: I was woke up a few times and didn't sleep too well.

Maybe its best if I have an early night.
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Monday, January 26, 2004

I have had a very busy day today. I was in placement this morning and then decided to go to town. I bought a mini skirt and black and white top from Dotty Ps and got my photo's developed from my second camera film, which I took with my SLR Minolta Dynax 4. Here are some examples:-

Flowers in Tamworth castle grounds.

From on the path where the dogs get walked in Tamworth.
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Sunday, January 25, 2004

This evening I got back from a lovely and relaxing weekend with Phill. I didn't have any assignments or work to do, so I could just relax. I brought a few DVDs down with me, which we watched over the weekend, as well as having a go on Phills X-box with the RPG game 'Lord of the rings - the return of the king'. On Saturday after lunch we walked to Wimbledon Common again, but this time taking a different route, where we came across more open fields. The weather was good, however towards the end of our walk we noticed a big dark cloud in the distance with rain. It rained fairly hard for ten mins but then eased off. By which time we were on our way back to Phills flat. To top it all off, just as we were about to go back in doors, I spotted a fox; which after a look over at us, walked off round the corner. I had my camera with me of course. My second film goes into the shop tomorrow to be developed. I'm planning to but some of my pictures up on the website this week.

Blog out

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Phill has just left to go back to London; I am left with the memories of the past weekend....................

I met Phill off the train on Friday evening after doing a shift as planned on Friday morning. I made him Lamb stew and mash potato and we chilled out watching Friday night TV. On Saturday morning I did another shift at the hospital for some extra money. Saturday the 17th January 2004 was a special day. Phill and I have been going out 2 years now; so we wanted to celebrate and have a good evening. We booked a table at Old Orleans and had a lovely meal. I had the 8oz steak with peppercorn sauce and Phill had the 20oz steak! We also had a sampler platter for starters and I had a delicious cocktail called 'Dennis the Menace' which consisted of; Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice and Pineapple Juice. We were too full for pudding. We headed off to stage two of the evening. I had booked two tickets to see 'Paycheck', it was a really good film, action packed with lots of trendy gadgets. We walked back to Halls - it was a fairly mild last night.

In other news
I have two weeks left on placement before I start block theory again. My next modules are:-
Current professional issues in Nursing
The highly dependent child

I am especially looking forward to these modules they should both be really good.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

Yesterday morning I was up at the crack of dawn. Well 6am to be exact. I had to move back into halls, and on the same day I had lectures starting at 9.30am. Hence why I had to be up at 6am, so I could leave at 7am. I had a boot full of stuff and had to carry it all up to my flat, by myself. I was knackered by the time it was all in, but I had to sling my heavy bag on my back and head to the library so I could relieve myself of having to carry several library books around. I got to my lectures on time and between 9.30 and 1pm had the first of three or four lectures on Child health Assessment. It was a good morning and I learnt some practical things. Its a difficult subject to lecture on because the best way to learn about child health assessment is to practice it; which is what we do on placement. Practice makes perfect.

After lectures I went and paid two months worth of accomadation and then headed back to halls to unpack all my stuff. Unpacking all my things and organising diaries and things to do etc took me well into the evening. I had a nice shower, got put on my PJs and Phills big blue jumper and watched a programme that was recorded the other day called 'Child of our time'. I had a nasty headache for most of the evening, so after that, feeling very sleepy, I got into bed at 9.30pm! and went to sleep. I woke when Mum called 30mins later and again when Phill called me 20mins after that. Although I had a long sleep, I kept waking up through the night, because I had to be up so early to do a shift and was worried I might not wake up on time.

The shift went well, and in 20mins I am going to go meet Phill at the train station!

Blog out
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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I finally finished last night.

After several weeks work, cutting 1,500 words and writing a discussion and conclusion, my nightmare assignment came to an end. The assignment for the Module 'Promoting children's Health' is finished. It is a relief but now I have to worry about if it will pass or not. Once I hand it in I will forget about it for 4-6 weeks until the results are due back. I just hope I pass the assignment. Its my third year and as the results of my assignment don't effect the type of degree I get, all I have to do is pass each assignment at level three. I need 40% to pass so I will be happy with that. On my course all I can get it a BSc in Nursing (Child Health) PASS, we don't get a degree classification like a 2:1 or 2:2 - just the word PASS.
The assignment will be handed in on Thursday.

I got some results back last Thursday for the my nursing research module. This was my first level three assignment. I got 55% which I am happy with - its passed and as long as I don't have to re-do any assignments I am calm.

Last Weekend
I drove down to London last Thursday night to spend some time with Phill. It was great to see him, but I had to work on my assignment and cut words so I wasn't quite as relaxed as I would have liked. But still we did some nice things. My best memory of the weekend is going to Wimbledon Common. I had no idea that the place was so massive - I was very surprised to find such a large green place within the M25 - but there you go. I learnt something. It was a mild afternoon and Phill and I must have spent 2 hours walking through the Common. It will be wonderful there in Spring and Summer. It was such a nice walk; I think it would be nice to make a point of going everytime I am in London. I also took my SLR Camera and snapped off a few pictures. I will put them on the website when they have been developed.

Sent to Coventry
I am still not back at Coventry in Halls yet because I didn't want to get back before everyone else and feel all alone. But I some how got mixed up, and after talking to one of my flatmates Nigel on MSN last night I found out everyone got back last weekend. Doh! I will still stay in Tamworth until Early Thursday morning when I will be moving back into halls before my lectures. I have loads to move. Hopefully some of my flatmates might give me a hand getting stuff upstairs?

Next Weekend
Phill is coming to see me on Friday evening til Sunday evening; looking forward to seeing him. Unfortunately I have to work a shift on Saturday or Sunday morning for money that I need. So I will loose some time with him. But if I need the money I have gotta work. I am also planning to do a shift on Friday morning.
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Christmas Holidays just flew by and now I am back to normality. I am still doing the assignment I was talking about before Christmas - basically because I had a long break from my work. I only have a third left to do and every day that passes that gets less and less.

I spent all of Christmas with Phill which was lovely, considering we are both normally traveling a round trip of 240-280miles to see each other. As planned we stayed in Tamworth until Christmas Day and then the nutters that we are, we drove up to Manchester at 11.30am and arrived at 13.30 in Manchester. We stayed in Manchester until 1st January and then went back to Tamworth. I have gone to Manchester between Boxing day and new years for a week the last two years running now. So next year I hope to be around my family for at least that side of Christmas. But who knows what will happen, I won't be at Uni this time next year and will proberly be living with Phill. I might even be working shifts. Wait and see what happens.

On Christmas Eve we all went to The Dragon in Tamworth which is a lovely Chinese resturant. They do really nice food, food which my family can never beat. Christmas Day was lovely, I got some really nice presents. My parents got me an SLR camera the Minolta Dynax 4 and Phill got me a lovely Lorus watch which I had seen a few weeks before hand.

For one reason or another the past five days or so have been a bit stressful. I have been working really hard on my assignment, as well as going to Placement. After a look at the road atlas with my Dad I decided to stay in Tamworth for a bit longer, it takes about one hour to get to placement one way, so two hours driving later and hence one tired girl. Still its nice to be at home for a bit and its good to be back into the routine of assignment, placement and the odd University lecture. Back to reality and it ain't bad.

Phill is back in London now. My Dad drove him back on Sunday and I came along for the ride. On Thursday night I am driving to London to stay with Phill until Sunday. My assignment is coming with me! I want to get the first complete draft written and typed up by the end of the week. Then I have four days to tinker with it. The assignment deadline is 16th January and what a relief that will be to have it handed in. Just to load on a bit more pressure the assignment I handed in before Christmas for my nursing research module should be back with week. I hope I have done ok. When in Uni on Thursday I will check it out and see if its back from the markers.

Blog out.
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