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Sunday, August 29, 2004
Home Run?

So here I am, five shifts remaining, one assignment to pass and a conference to achieve before the end of my university life - well for now anyway. I handed in my (touch wood) last assignment a week ago. I have to admit it was the most difficult assignment I have had to do, because it was the last and the topic 'Leadership' wasn't too exciting. The majority of my group felt it difficult to motivate themselves with this assignment being so close to the end. The results should be out with in a fortnight. So keep your fingers crossed for me! I am ready now to finish, I am looking forward to qualifying as a children's Nurse; I am not nervous, just excitied. I remember when in my first and second years, thinking to myself - if I was told I could qualify now, I would say no; as I wanted to enjoy my time and make the most of being a student. One things for sure; I have really enjoyed my course, from start to finish - it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Going to University is one of the best things I have ever done.

The Plan now

After recieving three offers of a job in all, one at Coventry, one at University College London Hospitals and one at The Royal London - I have made my decision where to start. It looks like I am staying in the West Midlands for now.

I start my newly qualified rotational post on the Baby/Toddler and Oncology part of the ward for six months. After which I shall go to the Ear Nose and Throat ward for six months before rotating again. In the meantime I am going on an Oncology study day, I intend to go on any course or study day available to me, I would like to do my IVs training and certainly see if I can go on the paediatric life support course, before I go to ENT. My offical start date is the 27th September; but I expect it to take weeks for my pin number/registration to come through from the Nursing and Midwifery council. Until that arrives I shall be paid and work as a support worker on the ward and will be paid as that; once I am registered, I get back pay - just in time for christmas.

Coming Soon
Once I have finished my course I am going to post some top tips for student nurses.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Long time no Blog. Things have been pretty busy, over the last month. Last Wednesday evening Phill and I drove down to London. It took a while - almost three hours with the road works on The M25. I had an interview at Barts and The London Hospital NHS Trust, for a rotational position. I have since been offered a rotational D Grade post. This is my second job offer. The first was from Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital NHS Trust. Both interviews have been really worth while experience wise. I also have another interview to attend, at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust. The way things are at the moment I am quite sure where I will accept for a Job. After a hard day we drove back Home on Thursday night. Its a real long journey Tamworth to London - especially as I don't tend to stop for a break. (I do if I start to feel tired etc).

In order to qualify as a staff Nurse the NMC requires nursing students to experience 24 hour care. Therefore the University has stated we have to do eighty hours worth of night duty. I only have two more to do at some point. While on my third night shift a fortnight ago, I went for my midnight break with a few of my colleagues. One of them, a male nurse decided to let two Moths into the small staff room. I really hate Moths - just the way they move freaks me out. I kept hopping from chair to chair avoiding the monster Moths. I got up to but my apple core in the bin, when to my horror one of the moths went for my throat! Literally! I jumped and fell and everyone said it was something out of the Matrix - the way I moved. For a terrible minute I thought the Moth had gone down my top! I went and checked in the Toilet just incase.

    Around about 3am that same morning I was sitting at the nursing station, when one of the nurses suddenly jumped up in horror and started running away from me. Terrified there was something behind me, I jumped up too and started to run after her. The Nurse then suddenly told me, "Don't come near me!" I said, "What, What, What is it?". It was at that point that I felt something on my arm. I brushed frantically, and the king of the spiders fell off my arm on to the floor. The horror! Thankfully I didn't get a third insect on me that night. 

Apart from the insect attacks, the night shifts where fine. Here are my top ten tips for night duty: -
1. On the day of your night duty, get up that morning as normal. Have two hours sleep between 5pm and 7pm. Even if you do not actually sleep, just resting you eyes for two hours will prevent them drying out and making you tired.
2. Go for second break on the first night - it makes the night go quicker.
3. Try not to fall asleep on breaks - sometimes it makes you feel worse, and you will sleep better in the day, if you go straight through.
4. Make sure you eat on both breaks - the food/sugar will keep you going.
5. Drink lots of water.
6. Take a small torch, so when you check on patients you can read charts etc.
7. Get to bed as soon as you can after the shift. Draw the curtains, pop on the PJs and try and get a good seven to eight hours.
8. NEVER unplug the phone - you never know when someone will call you in an emergency.
9. After your last night, sleep until 12, 1pm and then get up. Then go to bed as normal that evening. Its the quickest way to get back in time with the rest of the world.
10. Be prepared to be tired for a few days after night duty. It takes me 'til the end of the week to adjust back completely.

Coming soon to a blog near you..........
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