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Monday, November 17, 2003
Assignment update
Word count: 3390 words. That leave me 110 words to write the conclusion tomorrow afternoon.

Coming soon to a blog near you. "shopping and my week so far update"

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Who's eye do you think this is?
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On thursday night I worked really hard to get my assignment typed up before heading to London on Friday afternoon. The assignment; a critique of a research paper has been hard going. The sort of assignment that goes on and on, and you have loads to say but no enough words to say it in. This is also my first level three asssignment - just to add some extra pressure. I managed to finish typing up the assignment and held my breath as I clicked on the word count button. The assignment has a word limit of 3,500 words. Imagine my horror when the word count box read: 5012 words! The horror the pain. Last night I was having a cutting session with a pen and my printed out assignment. So far I have cut - with the help from Phill : 910 words. In total I want to cut about 1,600 so I have room for a conclusion. Most tutors allow a 10% extra over the word limit - but not this time, 3,500 words is the limit :-(.

Back to the cutting board.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

One of my flatmates has gone out clubbing tonight. He foolishly left is bedroom door open, other male members of the flat decided to pull a prank on him. They have taken EVERYTHING out of his bedroom and but it in the bathroom. When I say everything, I mean everything......even his bedding and mattress has been removed and placed over the bath, the posters have been taken off the wall and put on the bathroom walls!! I am looking after his expensive laptop and camera - don't want those getting damaged! I expect when he gets home from the night club - possibly drunk he's going to wonder what the hell's going on.
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This morning between lectures I popped into Jessops to have a play with some of the SLR camera's they have for sale. I explained to the sales assistant that I have had campact cameras and polariods in the past and would like to take the next step up and that I was interested in SLR cameras for learning a new skill and to be able to take a bigger range of interesting photo's. I had a look at the Minolta Dynax 4 and 5 35mm SLR with 28-80(D) Lens. I was really suprised to find how light they are. The Minolta 4 and 5 have automatic focusing [AF] (which you can turn off if you want). They have multi programs depending on the picture you want to take and are really easy to use. I asked the sales assistant if they are difficult to use and he said they can be as easy or as difficult as you like. This isn't a spur of the moment decision its something I am really interested in as a hobby.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

Another goldfish died on Saturday Morning. It was expected because he 'Rouge' started to look a bit sad on Friday. Thats three down. On the up side Phill came to Coventry on Friday afternoon and we had a lovely relaxing weekend. We watched videos and ate good food. On Saturday we went for a good long walk round town and had a good old window shop. We made Christmas lists on Saturday evening; this is mine:-

1. X men 2 DVD
2. Charlies Angels 2 DVD
3. Legally Blonde 2 DVD
4. Casual Watch
5. Camera
6. Slippers (Not flip flop ones)
7. Electric toothbrush
8. Book: Property ladder
9. Book: How clean is your house?

(Yep alot of stuff but I do have a big family).

On Sunday afternoon I cooked a lovely seasoned turkey thigh with mash and carrots, Phill and I feasted on it. Phill's train left at 4.07pm, after I quick walk back to Singer I jumped in my car and drove home to Tamworth where I stayed overnight. I am back in halls now and back to the books. This week I want my assignment done - so its work, work, work.
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On Friday I had seminars until 12.30pm, afterwards I decided to go for a wonder into town and look around the shops. I spent ages looking in every shop - basically window shopping and looking at things I couldn't afford. Towards the end of my window shopping session I grabbed a magazine from a watch shop, sat down on the benches outside WHSmiths and while listening to country music (there is always a country and irish music market stool there) relaxed. After all it was a mild day.
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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Edward and Ghost R.I.P
On Tuesday I returned home to find Edward my Oranda fish dead. This evening Ghost ( a little silver goldfish) died after he lost his balance and became very unhappy. Rest in Peace fish.
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Last Wednesday I was tired, stressed and in need of a change of scenery. So what did I do? I went home to begin with. I packed clothes and my assignment work and text books. I got home, walked the dogs and chilled out. I had a really good nights sleep and didn't wake until 10.15am. I woke feeling much more refreshed but didn't feel ready to go back to Coventry. That evening I drove to London to see Phill. It was nightmare journey, it rained bucket fulls and the wind howled. It was also dark. At least I Phill to see at the end of it all. I stayed in London until This afternoon and had a lovely time. I started my assignment and have written a fair bit. This evening I prepared a presentation for tomorrow.
I have a plan for tomorrow afternoon:- To carry on with my assignment (I have lectures in the morning). Depending on how I feel, I may or may not go home overnight.

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