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Monday, October 27, 2003
This morning I did a shift on the nursing agency. I got up at 6am and worked from 07.30 til 13.30. I then had to pop into town to post a letter and to put my name down for another shift tomorrow. I need the money for next week (TV licence runs out soon).

The Plan
Have a cuppa tea and a bacon sandwich, because all I have eaten so far today has been a small bowl of porridge, an apple and a satsuma. I'm starving. Then I am going to start doing my work - reading articles and vast amounts of reports on young people and substance misuse - oh joy.
Note to self: but on a jumper - its cold.
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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Halloween and the Hotel

I have had a really good weekend. On Friday night Phill arrived in Coventry and as planned I met him off the train. We had a quiet night in and watched TV. On Saturday morning we set off for Tamworth. I got to Tamworth and said hi to some of my family at home and had just enough time to pick up my ball dress and have a cuppa before heading off to Sutton to where my sister lives. I dropped off my dress to have it ironed by my sister's neighbour and drove a few bits 'n' bobs to the Hilton Metrople Hotel at the NEC. I found the hotel ok, but needed to meet Phill's parents from Birmingham International train station. I picked them up and went back to the Hotel.

We all checked in together and were given rooms on the 5th and 1st floor. I let Phill's mother decide on which room and she just took the nearest key (which was the 5th floor room). That is the room we went to first and it was lovely. Twin beds, en suite, a desk, iron, trouser press, tea and coffee making facilities, large TV and a nice high up view. The room on the 1st floor was another matter. The view was of a very mossy roof - which was on the same level as the window and the room felt smaller. What I noticed straight away was that their was an ajoining room between my room and next door. The door was locked, but I could hear the 'neighbours' conversation and to add insult to injury I could hear them using the bathroom........ We were not happy with the room, so we popped down to reception and asked if the room could be changed. Thankfully they changed the room immediately without any trouble. We were moved to the third floor to a larger feeling room that didn't have a horrid ajoining room.

Once we were settled Phill, Phill's parents and I decided to go for a light bite and drink in the lounge. We ordered four expensive panini's at ?6.45 each and paid seperately for drinks from the bar. It took a long time for them to bring out the panini's. Eventually they arrived alongside crisps and salad. I really enjoyed the food and after everyone had finished we asked for the bill. A member of staff in a suit (not a waiter) came over and said "That will be ?36.88 please", he was handed a card and off he went to put it through. I was sitting there horrified and was just thinking how expensive it was for four panini's. The cogg's then started to turn and I said, "That can't be right", we all then did a few quick calculations and Phill's mother managed to stop the payment going through. It was supposed to be ?25.80! The bloke who gave us the bill did not apologise and nor did he give us a receipt. When Phill's father waved at him to come over and get us the receipt, he told one of the waiters to come over and sort us out. How rude! He was avoiding us on purpose and he looked about 18.

That evening at the Hotel was the Halloween Charity ball organised by my sister Steph and her friend. The ball was in aid of cancer research UK. I had a purple ball gown for the occasion and straightened my hair and had it down. I had a wonderful time. The food was perfect:- Pumpkin soup, chicken and mushrooms with veg and a delightful apple and caramel fool cake. I danced to the Live band and too the DJ's music with Phill, Dad and Phill's Dad. I bought a strip of raffle tickets but didn't win - never mind. All in all they rasied well over ?2000 for cancer research UK. At the ball there was a photographer taking photo's of people for ?8.00 which included a donation to cancer research UK. My family had six picture's taken in total. Dad bought them all. I also had a picture taken with my parents and Phill (which is sitting on my printer until I get a frame). Plus Phill and I had two pictures taken with his parents (Phill bought one, his parents bought the other).

It was an all round fabulous night and I can't wait until the next ball in two years time.

At 7.18am this morning the hotel warning alarm started to sound. Phill and I were half asleep and didn't know what was going on. The alarm started to ring continuously! It took for a few minutes for it to click and then we noticed the message pop up on the TV - Blah, Blah evacuate the building. So on went my coat and trainers, over my PJs. Off we went down the stairs and out into the car park. One minute after we came out we were told we could go back in! I got back to our room and Phill's parents knocked on the door to make sure we were ok. After that we all went back to bed for 40minutes.

Blog out.
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Friday, October 24, 2003

I love bath's after a long hard day. Especially when your mind has been working six to the dozen on assignments and reading endless reports/articles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bath freak or anything. I have 5minute showers every night and save my bath for normally mid week and when I am fairly stressed and when my mind and body needs a bit of relaxation. When I was in Leeds on my elective (which I hated) I survived on baths. Phill's sister Janet and her husband Darren had given me some aromatherapy bath stuff for the christmas before and with that I survived on de-stressing baths.

I tend to use Radox bubble bath mostly. But on special occasions and when I have them in stock I love to use bath bombs from Lush. bath bombs that have rose petals in them or bath bombs with a mixture of various essential oils are wonderful. If you want an unusual bath bomb for ANY occasion go to Lush.

I had a bath last night with my green radox (the unwind therapy) - unfortunately I made the bath too cold and then their was no more hot water. The bath was ok for ten mins but then I had to get out. I hate it when that happens. Waste of a good bath.

Been to a lecture for an hour (just a group seminar) nothing too exciting. I am in the library printing drug reports from the department of health. Then I have to go find some decent articles to photocopy. It costs 5p a sheet to photocopy. You get a 'Flexicard' which costs a pound that you can use over and over, then you put the flexicard in the top up machine and pay either 50p or £1 for 15 or 30 copies. You then put the flexicard in the photocopy machine to pay - saves messing about with penny's but it ain't cheap.

Phill is coming to Coventry tonight!!!! I can't wait. His train gets in at 16.56. Between now and then I have to finish at the Library - ETA one hour, pop into town and get some nik naks for the ball, do my laundry and walk to the station to meet Phill.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Lecture's this morning lasted two hours. The lecturer discussed 'working in groups with children', it was ok, interesting enough. I learnt a few do's and don't etc.

Before the lecture began some 'very high up' person, possibility the course manager came to see us. A few weeks ago the Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] came to visit Coventry University to see how well things were going. They wrote a report and a few directives for changing certain aspects of the course. For example usually when on block practice, we have four days a week in placement and one day a week as our 'portfolio day' where we are supposed to work on our portfolio assignments. However the NMC has decided that student nurse's are not doing enough practice hours, therefore we are loosing our portfolio day and will be working five days a week on placement.

There was a bit of an unroar in the group and across the other cohorts in the nursing school. Personally I don't really mind. IF the NMC says we have to work those hours then I am going to work them. It'll be like any other full time job. The coursework for the Nursing Practice 3 module will be greatly reduced as a result - which helps.

We as a group have a choice. We can (a) Work four days a week with one portfolio day in Session 7, Have one portfolio day in Session 8 and no portfolio days in Session 9. OR (b) Have half our portfolio days in Session 7 (thats three) and half in Session 8, with none in Session 9.

We have to make this decision as a group. I would like to go for option (a). Some people are a bit annoyed that we will be working five days a week, but practice is the best way to learn. No matter what block practice is going to be very busy. Working five days and week, with two days and evening to get assignments done. My life will be practice and assignments. I don't even know if I will be able to go places like visit Phill on weekends, also there is a very good chance I will be working weekends. Only time will tell.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I woke up this morning and popped into the kitchen to begin cooking my scotch broth soup (I have to simmer chicken/bones for hours to get the stock). The kitchen windows were open - which is quite common practice. It was freezing cold. I'm glad I don't have to venture too far today. Its a good thing I am making Scotch Broth soup (My Mum's recipe) to keep me warm.

Today's plan consists of working here in my room. I need to look at a research paper, which I am critiqing and decide if the literature review is any good. Plus a bit of reading.

Yesterday I went food shopping and got a month's supply of food. I also popped into the Art and Design school to get some posters but up for my sister Steph. She wanted me to put up some posters asking for a photographer to come take pictures at the Halloween ball this Saturday. They will be paid of course.
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Twenty-two things

1. Block theory at university is back in full swing. Two 3,500 word assignments have been launched, lots to keep me busy.

2. My boyfriend Phill has moved into a studio in SW London, after he was offered a software engineering job.

3. I have driven to London by myself twice since.

4. On Saturday I am going to a charity Halloween Ball with Phill.

5. I have a purple ball dress to wear for the occasion.

6. Tomorrow I have to pay my rent.

7. Tomorrow I am going food shopping.

8. I have just finished a book called 'Naked Empire' by Terry Goodkind - it was fantastic.

9. I have bought a new, larger fish tank

10. I have bought three new fish. Their names are: -

11. Tyson (a black moor)

12. IT (a weather loach)

13. Edward (a orando)

14. I visited Phill in his studio over the weekend.

15. We watched video's and went for walks.

16. I miss walking my dog.

17. On arriving at Phill's studio after a two hour thirty minute drive I felt a bit tired. I went to sit on a chair by the door. Seconds later I found myself on the floor after falling straight through the broken chair . I new their was a broken chair in the place, but I didn't think It would be the one by the door.

18. I now have a large bruise on my right upper arm - as a result.

19. I went to a salsa class a few weeks ago, and decided not to go again, becase I didn't have a male partner, plus it made me miss Phill.

20. Things to do tomorrow: -
Food shopping
Pay rent
Go to the library.

21. Recent Marks: -
Evidence based practice 69%
Adolescent Health 60%

22. Nursing Practice Reflective essay 80%
Nursing Practice Learning contract 87%

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