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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
A new term a new blog....

Last saturday I moved back into halls of residence with help from my Dad and sister Jude. I am back in exactly the same room as last year. The kitchen is really clean (won't last long) and I have met my flatmates; one girl and three lads. All really nice. On saturday night I went out with them all and had a good time. We are planning a BIG night out in Coventry on Wednesday, with plans to go to Ikon and Diva for a good old dance.

My third year hasn't quite started yet, it starts offically tomorrow when I enter my first lecture at 09.30am. This is it my final year, my group with be the next finalist group to qualify as children's nurses! My level three modules are going to be tough, I have to put it lots of extra work, its all going to be worth it at the end when I walk into Coventry cathedral with my gown, morter board and blue and gold colours round my shoulders. Can't wait.

BUT, if someone said to me you can qualify tomorrow I would say 'no thanks'. I wouldn't miss the experience for the world.

My new modules are:-Critical appraisal and research for professional practice
(3,500word essay)
Promoting Children's Health


In other news......

I am joining the gym next week
I am joining Salsa dance classes starting Monday 6th Oct 1830-1930
Phill has a job in London and moved their last Sunday. On Friday I am braving the M40, M25 and A3 to visit him.

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