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Thursday, July 31, 2003
Ok, so a slight change of plan. I did some work for my assignment yesterday and have reviewed the situation. I have decided to go the Manchester. I am not sure how long I will be there, it could be 3-5days so I have packed my assignment and text books in the boot of my car. After my Dentist appointment this afternoon - which is at 1pm, I am going to head straight off to Manchester. This is my route:-

Straight up the A5(W)
Join M6 at junction 12
Take a break at Sandbach just before junction 17
Leave at junction 21a to join the Manchester ring road
Then round to Bury.

I have done the journey before with Phill navigating - but never by myself. I have written down route instructions which will be blue-tacked to by dash.

Wish me luck!
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Monday, July 28, 2003

Looking at the amount of work I have to do, and taking note that it is taking me forever to do anything, I have decided that going to Manchester is impossible. My assignment is going to take me at least another week to refine. The assignment has to be done and its more important then any trip.

Blog Out
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Saturday, July 26, 2003

This morning I had my car MOT re-test. It failed the first time because both outer sills were rusted. I had the problem repaired a week ago. It pasted the MOT, all I have to do is get it taxed - which runs out at the end of the month and then the car expense is all sorted for another six months.

Work on my assignment continues. I have started to write the actual essay this morning. So far I have written the introduction and about the Trigger (a photograph which triggered discussion in the group). Now on with writting about the literature search.
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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Change of plan. Antony called, he has been called into work early..........
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Operation do assignment

Aim: To have completed assignment by 31st July so I can go and see Phill in Manchester

Since completing my critique assignment I have now started the next assignment on the drawing board. Yesterday afternoon at 4pm I drove to Coventry university library and did a literature search and came back with one report and seven journal articles and studies on the subject "Using play to educate and prepare children for what is going to happen". It was wonderful in the library because it was so quiet. Everyone is on holidays, so the only students there were masters students and nursing students and only a handful at that! Once I had my articles I didn't hang about because it was getting late and coming up to 6.15pm. I walked back to were my car was parked at Singer Hall and popped into the office there to pay my £200 deposit - ouch heh. It was confirmed that I will be in exactly the same room again next September. My flatmates will be four lads and one gal.

I have started doing a bit of jogging early evening. Just to try and get my fitness level back up before I start going to Coventry Universities Gym in September. I am SO not fit, I can just about manage to jog round the block before I have to stop and walk. Hopefully by next week I will be doing more then one go round the block. I am taking it nice and slow for the moment.

Today's Plans
After a slow start to the day I am going to head into town shortly and meet my little brother Antony for lunch so he can help me choose a birthday present for him. He is 19 tomorrow. Then I will come back home and start some work. I have decided to 'set up shop' on the kitchen table. Hopefully by the end of the day I will have read all the articles, decided which one's to use for the main focus of the assignment and will have written the introduction and literature search section [approx 350words].

Goodluck to me :-)

In other news....

I have ordered four books from Amazon:-
Naked Empire by Terry Goodkind (out 5th August)
Friend of the family by Lisa Jewel
Aspects of law in child health by Judith Hendrick
How to write a research proposal by F. Punch

In summary two fictional books and two text books for my third year.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Summer holiday has arrived
I have been working really hard this weekend and it has finally paid off. I completed my assignment this evening, printed it and put it safely in a plastic folder ready for hand in. The assignment was for the module Adolescent health and it has taken me a month to do. I had to select four articles of my choice - relating to adolescent health and critique the studies they conducted. I chose the subject 'methods of education for adolescent sexual health'. I know have one more assignment to complete in three weeks before I go back into practice. This assignment is a report on problem based learning in my group, for the module Evidence based practice. I would really like to get it done in two weeks so I could go and stay with my boyfriend in Manchester for a week - after all this is my short three week holiday...

This weekend Phill and I went into Tamworth and looked around the shops, Phill got two types of coffee from the market and I bought some make-up. I tried on an outfit that I adored in Dotty Perkins. It was a black pleated mini skirt and a red and white striped top, off course if I bought this outfit I would have to get some high heeled shoes to match hehe, I can't justify the cost at the moment, but maybe I can after a couple of shifts at the hospital.

Today I went and visited my Grandad, my Grandmother and my Great Aunt who all live in different part of Birmingham. Phill, Dad and I watched the F1 at my Grandads house and had a lovely chicken salad lunch followed by triffle, before heading over to my Great Aunts for tea and chocolate biscuits and then over to my Nana's house for another cuppa. It was lovely to see them. I intend to visit them again in two-three weeks and this time I am going to drive there myself!
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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Last night to celebrate Phill's sucess with his degree Phill, Dad, Mum, Jude, Chris and I went to the Harvester for a meal. The staff sat us in the corner in a sort of seperate dinning room which was like an oven. Even so that didn't stop us enjoying our meal, even though I seemed to fill up much sooner, being so hot. I had a salad to start, followed by a Steak Diane in brandy and mushroom sauce. It was very nice.

This morning I went food shopping with Dad, for Dad. I have cooked Dad some yummy vegetable soup. I then had to rush out the door and drive to University for an hour seminar for the module Problem based learning/evidence based practice. I am now in the library and about to start quite a heavy essay writting session. I am NOT allowed to leave the library until I have finished!

.............This evening Phill and I are going to go to Birmingham Broad street to Old Orleans and then to the UGC cinema at Five ways. We have been going out 18 months today................!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Ten things that have happened since I last updated

Bad Louise for neglecting her blog for such a long time. Therefore in order to make a mends I am including the following feature of the last ten interesting things that have happened in the last three weeks.

1.I have moved back home to Tamworth for the summer months. Three days a week I have to commute to Coventry and back. It is really good to be back home, and I don’t mind the driving. However I will be going back to Coventry in September because it makes more sense to be there nearer to the library and placement for my third year.

2. As planned Dad, Chris, Phill and I went to Alton Towers as part of a ‘Big thank you’ from BT to Dad for working for 30 years. We had a super time and went on loads of good rides. I chickened out from going on Nemesis and Air (Big wimp aren’t I?). BT also gave us £15 in magic money each and paid for our entry into the park.

3. I had some results back from University coursework. My marks were as follows:-
Acutely Ill child: 78%
Nursing Practice Two: 93%
Child with long term health care needs: 50%

4.I drove my first big journey on my own to Sheffield (Where I stayed for the weekend with my big sis Elaine) then to Manchester (Where I stopped overnight at my boyfriends parents house) and back to Tamworth.

5. My car, a H reg Nissan Micra had its first MOT last Saturday and failed! I have to spend £110 to get both outer sills welded and repaired. Plus £50 for car tax and £35 quid for the MOT. Shock horror, not to worry though, I put away £200 for the car when I knew the MOT and tax were coming up. This means I will just have to save extra harder for a holiday.

6. After talking it over with one of my course tutors, I have been given the go ahead to do my Degree (each student has to achieve an average of 50% on coursework and it is recommended that a tutor gives you the go ahead too). My average is 63% - that would be a 2/1 so far, but on my course we don’t get Bsc (hons) or a classification.

7. I applied for a free place on a children’s conference called ‘Completing the Circle’ which is going to be held in Glasgow. There were three places available. I submitted a 300 word explanation of why I would like to go (which was required) and I came fourth :-(, so I didn’t get it. I was in lectures today and one of my classmates came up to me and said that she had got a place (she was one of the free winners). I congratulated her. But still wished I could have got a place, because this was something I really wanted to do.

One of my tutors has said that she will have a look into Student Services to see if they can sponsor me to go to the conference which normally costs £120 for students. They may be able to pay for me, so pay some money or maybe nothing at all. Its worth a try.

8. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for my boyfriend (of 18months tomorrow) Philip Coverdale who received his results of his degree today and achieved a Supercalifrajalisticexpialidocious BSC (Hons) First class in Software engineering!!!!!

9. On my way home from Coventry this afternoon, I was driving through some country lanes when on my Left I saw a Cow diving though the hedges on the side of the road. I braked and came to a stop about 5 metres from the cow, who gave me a really dirty look! The cow then walked on to the other side of the road and I was able to slowly drive off. As I was turning the corner a car was driving past at high speed. I gave him the side to slow down and pointed over my shoulder. I think he got the idea.

10.I went to see Bruce Almighty at the cinema 8/10, it was the funniest film I have watched this year. I have also Read the fifth Harry Potter book, which was super, can’t wait for the next one to come out.

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