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Friday, June 27, 2003
I have just done the quiz from Dr Phill on my sister Elaine's blog.
I scored 46 points, and this is what it said: -

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Sounds about right. ;-)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

I have had a lovely weekend, at home in Tamworth. I was there for four days over the weekend and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to coming home over summer. I move next Saturday. The weekend consisted of a delightful BBQ, chilling out, gardening, a bike ride and a lot of driving.

I was talked into giving my little sister Jude, her boyfriend and there friend a lift to Ashby, approximately 15 miles up the M42 from my Tamworth home. I had just picked them up from the town centre and was zooming up the A5 when all of a sudden my car started to slow down! I couldn't understand it. The engine seemed to be working a bit harder as well. I reached 45mph and dropping so I turned on my hazard lights to warn everyone on the dual carriage way and pulled up. There is no hard shoulder type thing on the dual carriage way and to make things worse my car stopped 100 yards in front of a slip road doh. I turned off the engine and said "Everyone out!" I immediately called home and said, "I lost power", mother answered the phone and told me to undo the petrol cap thingy - just incase it was airlock. Dad then came on the phone and asked what happened, I told him the jist of things and then noticed that my back left tyre was completely flat! That explained the sudden decrease in speed. Dad kindly came out and changed the tyre for me. I was then able to zoom off to Ashby.

Ironically It was only the day before that I had gone down to the car shop and got a new tyre on my flat spare that I had been carrying around for a week. This weekend I have spent £40 on my car (two new tyres) - just like "click" that. I have an MOT booked on the 12th July, I hope the car doesn't need stuff doing....

A rumble with a spider

This morning I got up at 07:50, washed and was just on the way to the toliet when I got a nasty surprise, especially for one who is still a bit sleepy and pre cuppa tea. I opened my heavy fire door and suddenly noticed a spider about the size of a two pence piece running right at me. I stood there shocked for a moment, giving the spider the opportunity to take a running jump at my door. I then got my muscles back and went to shut the door. My door is slow to shut in times of desperate need and the spider managed to run round the door and on to the inside before the door had shut! The spider then ran to the middle of the door, spread its legs and stopped, blocking my one and only escape route! Panic stricken (well not quite) looked around for a glass, lucky for me I had one by the computer. I ran over grabbed the glass and an envelope, turned and trapped the spider just as it was turning to make another mad dash. On closer inspection this was one ugly looking spider. I enclosed the glass with the envelope, walked into the kitchen and the let the spider do a sky diving act out of the kitchen window! phew

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Friday, June 20, 2003

Last night I went to the theatre with seven of my friends. It was my friend Sarah's 21st birthday treat. She had no idea we were going to the Theatre, she thought we were going to a resturant in Birmingham City Centre. We stopped about 20 yards from the entrance to the Hippodrome and handed her a envelope which contained her ticket. She was every happy with it. The musical we went to see was MISS SAIGON. It was fantastic, I really enjoyed it; especially the helicopter scene. It was a bit sad in places but I managed to keep a hold on the tears. Definately worth watching! 9/10. We were sitting in the upper circle about 6 rows from the back. It would be my choice of seating, but that was most likely all that was left. It did not spoil the show, I could see everything but the actors faces were a blur. I could very easily go and watch this show again, but next time in better seats like the front of the first circle or the stalls.

Blog out
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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Playing the song "I'm a B@tch I'm a lover" by Merideth Brooks at full volume, love that feeling!
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I have just finished lectures for the day and a heavy 'literature search' session at the Library *yawn*. Gonna have a bit of a read before I get back to the books.........
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As planned on Monday night Phill and I went to Old Orleans. Before hand I helped him pack up for his journey back to Manchester tomorrow. We arrived at Old Orleans at 8.30pm and asked for a table in the non-smoking section. The waiter went to sit us sandwiched in between a round table containing six women and a twenty male strong table; both parties were very loud. Before sitting down we asked the Waiter if he could move us. He said he could but us anywhere else. I said what about up there on the raised seating area, he said that it was for smoking parties. There was noone else up there so we asked to sit there. It was very comfortable. We order drinks; Coke for me and Larger for Phill. To start we had the combo sampler which consisted of potato skins, breaded mushrooms, chicken wings, tortia chips and loads of sour cream and salsa - Yummy! For the main course I had a delicous eight ounce rump steak - medium rare, with peppercorn sauce, stir fried vegetables and a jacket potato. Phill had a chicken, cheese and bacon thing with mash and vegetables. We really enjoyed the meal and were too full for pudding. It was really nice to spend some quality time together before Phill had to head off yesterday. I would see him for a week and a half. I really miss him already. Never mind the time will go fast. I am really busy with work anyway.

The day I wished would never come

Yesterday was the 17th June 2003. Ironically, the day that Phill was leaving to go back to manchester was also the day that we had been going out for exactly 17months! . I got but early in the morning and after breakfast in bed (thanks Phill), I had to go to lecture. Evidence based Health care was very benefical and covered everything that I need to include in my assignment. Lucky for me it didn't drag or anything. By the time I had finished for the day Phill's parents and Sister had almost arrived. On arrival we all went and had some lunch at weatherspoons. After that us women and Phills Niece went into town, while the men got on with loading Phill's stuff into the two cars. We went shopping for clothes for Phill's mothers holiday and found some lovely clothes and a pair of sandles. It all ended too quickly and all of a sudden the car was loaded and Phill was handing in his keys.............I had about five minutes to give him a hug 'out of the way'. I walked him back to the car's, said goodbye to his family and then goodbye to Phill. I let go of his hand so he could get into the car, but then I suddenly realised that I unconciously got hold of his hand again. Bit of a mental struggle to let go. I watched them all get into the car and then waved and walked off. I didn't want to watch they driving off, a bit too sad to watch that and I didn't want to make a scene.

Whats all the fuss about? - You may think, after all I will see him again in about ten days. Well look at it this way, we haven't been without each other more than 24hours in months. When you see some one that much and you are in Love, its like losing a limb. :-(.

Blog out
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Nothing too exciting has been happening recently down in Coventry. On Saturday I popped home for a few hours for a short break from work (spent a lot of time reading), to do some clothes washing. pick up some strappy two and a half inch shoes, drop off my old mobile phone for Dad to sell and see Mum and Dad. I gave Dad a Father's Day certificate and card - Which I hope he has on his desk at work!

Dad called me this morning to tell me the mobile phone had been sold. My old phone was a nokia 5110 in great condition with a brand new O2 talk alot pay and go tariff sim card. I got the asking price of £20. Apparently six people came to have a look, maybe I should has asked for more heh. Nah I think £20 was fair. :-).

Yesterday I had a Sunday Roast at Weatherspoons (thanks to Phill). Roast Beef very yummy.

Today I have spent the morning reading a summaring articles (in note form) for the critique I have to write for the module Adolescent health. Hard going but getting there. I have been getting to gribs with some new terminology to do this Literature reviewing and critiques for example:- Validity, Qualitative, Quantative, Integrate, randomised controlled trial, Systmatic etc, etc. Lots to learn, its becoming a bit more clear now.

Tomorrow Phill leaves Coventry. As I type he is in his very last exam.... He is going back to Manchester until he finds a job. So its going to be a bit tough on us, but we will get through it. I am going to try and get through until the 28th June before I see his again after he leaves tomorrow. I will have to see how it goes and take one day at a time. On the 29th Dad, Mum, Phill and I are going to Alton Towers; Dad's work has organised a day out for their staff including entertainment, free rides, free food etc. Should be great fun. Bit worried about Phill pulling me on the scary rides. Going to go on Nemisis. However there is no way, no how, not on any condition, that I am going on the vertical drop one. ;-).

As this is the last night Phill and I will be together for a week and a half (shock-horror) we are going to go out for a meal to Old orleans or somewhere round there. :-).

Blog OUT
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Friday, June 13, 2003

Last night I had a really good time. It has been ages and ages since I went out and had a good old dance and got merry drunk. Phill and I had been planning the evening all week. At 9.20pm we set off to the Skydome and Ikon. It was relatively early in night club terms, but we wanted some time to drink. We went in after confirming that it was a dance music night. It was free entry for ladies before 11pm so I got in for free. Phill had to pay for entry - but thats ok because I paid for the cloaks. We must have been one of the first six people to get into the club. I didn't mind. We got pick of the seats around the huge dance floor. We got a free drink on entry so I had an archers and lemonade and Phill had a pint of stella. After which I had a VK iron brew followed by three VK apples. Sooo that was enough to get me merry. After that the dancing commenced at midnight.

There was a guest DJ, Leeroy Thornhill from the Prodigy. Who played music from 12.15 until 1.30am. We danced for most of his music such as Prodigy classics, old skool and a bit of drum and bass (which I don't really like). He was good. For the last 15minutes of the night we went down to Diva (the bar downstairs) and had a dance to some of the cheese they were playing there. i.e. Whoop there it is, Boom, Boom, shake, shake the room and Jump around.

All in all I had a really good night and it was loads of fun. One thing is for sure - I really needed it.

Something that came to my attention was that I seem to be really low on clubbing clothes. I will have to get some for next September when my social life will pick up big time, before everyone gets working.

Blog Out
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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

The week has picked up a little bit, basically because I have had a more sucessful day. This morning at 9am sharp I was in my lecture for the module Adolescent health. Today we had a guest speaker lecture about eating disorders and in particular anoerxia nervosa. The four hour lecture (with two breaks) was very interesting. I always enjoy it when guest speakers visit because they have been there and really know about the area they are lecturing about. For example, the lecturer we had today is a qualified Mental health nurse, who then went on to do a children's nurse qualification as well.

After the lecture I went on off to the library for a heavy session. The critique I am doing for the above modules assignment is focusing on health promotion of sexual health in adolescents. As a result I have been searching out journal articles on the internet and by chosing a journal and flicking through every journal in the last two years (the only way to do it), to find relevant literature. Once I had found articles I then had to photocopy them. I now have a pile of reading to do. Oh joy.

I also printed out a copy of the National framework for Children. The first module has only recently been released. The national framework for children is a huge report and guidelines with the aim to standardise care across the UK. In the hope that no matter where the child is, they will recieve the exact same care that they would anywhere else.

This evening I have continued to read this, that and the other. However I have called it a night now with the intention of being in bed by 11pm. I am going to read a bit of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and then hit the hay. :-) Phill is currently at the library and will be there until 12am when it closes. He has an exam tomorrow morning. After which he only has one left. The his degree is OVER. Next Tuesday he is going back to Manchester to look after his dog Tigger, while his parents go on a two week cruise. If I can pluck up the courage I will drive up there on one of the weekends. Never driven a realllllllyyy long motorway journey by myself.........

Blog Out.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I'm having such a bad week so far

On Monday I got up at 8am and set off into town to hand in my timesheet for the shift I worked on Saturday. I picked up a MacDonalds breakfast ate it and then fell asleep at 10.30 until 3pm! Then continued to feel tired for the rest of the day.

Last night I didn't sleep well at all. I was still awake at 4ish. I must have been really tried because I didn't wake when my alarm clock went off at 7am. Next thing I knew it was 9.15am and I had missed my morning lecture doh.

My ears have been giving me grief - feeling really itchy all the time, so I went to the Doctors and low and behold I have ear infections of the canal skin/wall. I have been given some antibiotic ear drops to stop the inflammation and kill the infection. Hence why I am sitting in front of the computer with drops and cotton wool in my ears.

So I have been a bit of a walking zombie today.
I am now going to make a shepards pie and then take it easy and have an early night.
Tomorrow is a new day, lecture in the morning (setting two alarms) and then hopefully I shall feel bright enough to go to the library and get some hardcore work done.

I have four assignments to do at the moment (stress).
The first is a report on topics covered in my problem based learning group for Evidence based practice.
The second is a critique I have to write on research I have found related to adolescent sexual health for the module Adolescent health.
The third is a learning contract were I have to do seven seperate bits of work (posters,leaflets,reflections) of 250words each.
The fourth is a reflective essay on an aspect of experience on my next placement. Both third and fourth assignments are for the module Nursing practice two.

I am concentrating on the first two at the moment because they are due in first. I am worried about the critique, no sure how to do it yet. I think it feels ten times worse at the moment because I am knackered. With a good nights sleep everything should become clear.

Sleepy and hungry Blog Out.
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Friday, June 06, 2003

A Plan Gone Wrong
I had a plan today, I was going to go to the Students Union Gym in the Alma building. I got my tracky bottoms, trainers and gym top on. Filled up my bottle with water and headed off over the road. I arrived at reception and said,

"One for the Gym please".

I was then told that it had all changed and you could no longer pay bit my bit and instead I have to be a member. Membership costs £10 and then its £2 a time, however the Gym is closing over Summer in one week for roof repairs and won't reopen until September! So I am doomed!

So I have a new plan; to join the Gym in September which will cost £10 in membership and then £70 for the entire year. In the meantime for a bit of exercise I will have to make do with burning calories on placement and when I work the dogs when I am living at home over summer. I intend to walk them twice a day - morning and evening.

In January 2004 Coventry University is opening a new sports centre in the city centre the complex looks very impressive. It will be a two floor complex providing the following facilities:-
Two court sports hall
Activity studio
Four court sports hall
Sports clinic
Fitness suite (AKA the gym)

All of the above will cater for a variety of sports!
How exciting.
I'll be there.
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Thursday, June 05, 2003

My Birthday

I had a lovely birthday once all of my lectures had finished. At about 3.30pm I jumped into my car and drove off to Tamworth. On arrival I was greeted by my Dad and my Brother Chris. When my Mum and sister Jude arrived I opened my presents. I got loads of lovely things like a new mobile phone (Nokia 3410), a bowling hand bag, top from next, marshmellows, anatomy and physiology book, thinking putty from firebox; I also got some money and went on a shopping spree today. I got clubland extreme cd, drive songs cd, three books:- Kensuke's kingdom, Twelve and Giesha of Gion, some crop jeans, top with a strawberry on it from Miss selfridge, yellow top from Dotty Ps and Sketchers trainers wth pink glitter on them.
So I did really well.

On the evening of my birthday I went out for a meal with my family, to a recently re vamped pub called 'The Cock' it was very chic and lovely inside. I ordered the spinach soup to start followed by a ribeye steak (medium rare) with green vegetables and chips.

In other news
I got another goldfish whom I have named Rogue. (He is quite big and very red).

It is my Dads Birthday today
I understand that he did really well for presents too.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Its My 22nd Birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! etc, etc.
I woke up this morning to a decorated bedroom. In the dead of night Phill 'popped' out back to his halls and collected my present, card, ballons, banners and sparkly stars which he shattered over the floor and work surface. This morning I got a card and two badges; one that says "I'm 22" and the other which says "one in a million". Which I have been wearing today. The present I got was some Pjs from la senza, which are yellow on the top with a sheep and colourful long bottoms.

This afternoon after lectures I am driving off home to spend the rest of my birthday with my family.

In other news
I have just had a lecture; the first of my new module Evidence based practice, we basically just covered the administration stuff and the assignment guidelines. The assignment looks pretty straight forward. For this module I am back with the adult nurses. It seems the adult nurses normally have longer than six weeks to do an assignment, where us child nurses are used to it. When they discovered they were only getting six weeks one of them complained bitterly. Heh we must be harder workers then the adult branch.
Child branch 1 Adult branch 0.

Blog Out Full Stop
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Monday, June 02, 2003

Just been for a short trip round Coventry shopping centre. I walked Phill to his exam and then headed on off to hand in my timesheet for the shift I did last Saturday, bought a TV guide and had my eyebrows waxed - ouch heh, nah it doesn't really hurt that much its over in 2 minutes!

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Long time no blog
The reason I haven't been blogging for the last month is thus; I thought my blog was broken and due to recent work loads I haven't got round to sorting the problem. Basically I couldn't 'see' my blog when typing in the address, however since recent discussion with my sister elaine and my Dad, I have discovered that it is not the blogs problem, it seems that for some reason the Coventry University network is blocking blogspot access - no idea why mind

Last time I blogged I had two assignments to do; the literature review and a care plan rationale. In the meantime I have completed both pieces of work - which nearly killed me and handed them in on the deadline last Thursday. I expected to feel a huge relief on handing them in, but it hasn't really sunk in yet. Possibly because my third term starts tomorrow - so it will be straight back in there.

On Tuesday which just happens to be my 22nd birthday :-); Two new modules are launched :-
Evidence based Practice
Adolescent health

For Evidence based practice I will be back with the adult and mental health nurses in huge lecture theatres! These modules last seven weeks, and then after my two week summer holiday I am in Block practice once more at a Respite care home in Coventry.

So I am going to be 22 on Tuesday 3rd June, shame, I liked being 21 - a nice number. As my new modules are being launched on my birthday I can't go home until the evening, my modules are due to finish at 5pm, however they may finish sooner. As soon as I have finished I will be heading off to Tamworth in my car.
On the evening I expect we will be going out for a meal with my family. Phill can't make it because he has an exam the next day :-(.

However all is not lost! On Wednesday night I am having a birthday party in Coventry @ old orleans, with my mates from Uni and my flat. After the meal we are going to Ikon for a good old dance, I haven't been out for ages, I expect I shall come back drunk.

On Friday I had my ears pierced for the second time in my life. The first time I ever had them done was when I was about 9yrs old. I ended up taking them out. So this time round I have had them done at Claire's accessories in Coventry, as an early birthday present from Phill. I had 9ct gold ones with a clear sparkly jew on the stud, they look very nice. I shall get a picture done when I get round to plugging in my camera. As part of my 'ear care' I have to cleanse the studs and surrounding area three times a day with special solution, as well as twisting the studs back and forth 180 degrees at least twice a day. I have to have the ear rings in for six months!

In other news
My Mum and Dad have been married thirty years today so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, its the pearl anniversary this time round. :-)

Weather and noisey students
IT IS SO HOT AND MUGGY I hate it when the weather is like this. I am really not a summer person. Due to the hot weather loads of students have been having Bar-B-Qs outside here at the halls. Due to the humid nights loads of them have been staying outside till all hours making noise and playing music. This has been happening for the last few nights. Its really starting to take the mick. Its hard enough trying to get to sleep without having them keeping you awake as well. I just feel sorry for the people who have exams! (rant over)

Oh well thats a pretty good update - hope you enjoyed reading that Elaine!
Blog out.
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