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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
My first Car

Last Friday I got my first ever car. A white nissan micra H reg like the picture below, however my car is a five door not a three door. On Saturday I sorted out my car insurance, I got a really good deal from More Than car insurance, who offered me fully comprehensive and breakdown and relay cover. I have made a few journey's in my new car including a drive back to Coventry, which was great. Its fantastic to have my very own car. I managed to get a parking space right outside my window. Which I seem to be consently checking on, to make sure my car is ok. I made a list of things I will get for my car, bit my bit:-

Wheel security stop lock
First aid kit
Travel rug
Mobile phone charger
Road atlas

In the meantime, I have had a minor hitch, the rear view mirror fell off! On closer inspection the plastic holding it in place had basically warped and come away. Well it is a thirteen year old car. I bought a stick on mirror but it is a nightmare to adjust. Therefore I have gone to Plan B. I am going to pop up to the hardware shop and buy some super glue. See if that works........

The goldfish have gone up on the property ladder
This morning Phill and I bought a new fish tank, a glass one in a rectangluar shape, complete with air filter, bridge, extra plants and two additional goldfish. A silver one called Ghost and a peachy coloured one called Peach.

In other news
Working continues as usual with my literature review, which I needed a break from this morning as it had started to get a bit boring. Back to the books in thirty minutes or so. Phill is working really hard on his Honours project still, the orginal plan to get it handed in on Monday went out the window. It is now going to handed in on the deadline - Wednesday. I look forward to it, it will be a big relief to lift the stress off both of us.

Blog Out
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Monday, April 21, 2003

Over the past two weeks I have started doing to exercise classes at Coventry's Leisure centre, approximately five minutes from where I live. I go to three classes a week, Two bums, tums and thighs classes and one Tri-class (aerobics, step and abs work). Its nice to get out and do a bit of exercise. It can be tiring at the time, but you feel great after you have finished.
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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Results of a shopping trip

Having spent way too much money and dragging my poor boyfriend Phill round shops in Coventry for Four hours I suceeded in treating myself. I have bought a wrap round navy pleated skirt with silver stitching, a sky blue sleaveless top with loads of rainbows on and a pair of stretchy silver pointy shoes with slightly curled up toes, all from Topshop. On top of that I bought some underwear from La Senza. While in LaSenza I spotted some lovely PJs. The PJs had a yellow vest top with a Fluffy Sheep on and some rainbow trousers.

The sucess of Easter
My Mother is currently recovering from an operation, therefore I volunteered to prepare and cook the Easter meal for my whole family plus Phill (Nine people in all). The meal was a complete sucess! We ate in the conservatory (which is used as a dining room). I made prawn cocktail, salad and bread to start. Followed my Turkey, mash, roast potatoes, broccoli, sweetcorn, stuffing and gravy. For afters I had prepared a Triffle which was delightful. After tea there was the normal giving out of easter eggs and chocolate.

Seeing all the easter eggs and chocolate after a three-course-meal puts me off a bit. Therefore I tend to eat the chocolate very slowly. In the past I have been known to still have easter eggs and chocolate in June!!!!

In Other Random News
My Great Auntie Eileen who is eighty years old is buying a new car. I was sitting round the table when my parents announced that she had decided to give her old car to me! She has a Nissan Micra, . I was in complete shock, I had no idea that I would be getting a car anytime soon! How exciting, I have made a list of all the things I need, it might be a little while before I am sorted with everything due to the money situation etc.., I shall be doing some shifts at the hospital this week. I should have the car by Friday! I have to join the AA. This opens up alot of opportunity for me, I will be able to drive to placement if bus' are no good i.e. if I got a placement in Rugby. I will be able to drive to Manchester and back and forth to home, etc etc!!!!!!!!

Blog Out

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Friday, April 18, 2003

I have been paid today - So I'm going SHOPPING YIPPEE Can't wait I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, April 10, 2003

I had just finished a very long day of lectures so I decided to pop over to Priory Hall and see Phill. He answered the door and then I saw his room. I had heard reports of how messy it was but nothing could have prepared me! Papers on the floor, over flowing bin, unmade bed and a new lifeform growing in the mini coffee maker I got him for his birthday last year. How could it get in such a mess? How could he live like that? Answer: All of Phill's efforts are going into the mountains of work he has at the moment, even so, you gonna have standards heh. So what did I do? I announced I was going to help Phill clean the room - much to Phills protest ha! (I am a super clean freak and wouldn't have been able to sleep thinking about that room). Two hours later; clean floor, sink, mirror, plates, mugs and bed I give up and headed back to Singer.

I am knackered, well and truely..........I am not in the best of moods either, just a bit grumpy for no particular reason and over tired.

In other news
Lecturers countine as usual for all of two days per week. Assignment work continues. Tomorrow I am going home to Tamworth for three-four days. Then its back to Coventry to do work (I have actually broken up for easter hols but that makes little difference). My Mum has gone into hospital tonight, for an operation she is having tomorrow. I will visit her after the op tomorrow. I have bought her a Spencer bear from Marks and Sparks that she liked, plus a card.

Time for a late tea.......Blog Out.
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Saturday, April 05, 2003

I am two weeks into block theory

Currently stuck to my wardrobe door is a list of assignments I have to do. I have four, two of which are 2,500 words each. For the module: The child with the long term health care needs I have to write a literature review using four to six journal articles plus back up references on the subject of my choice. Secondly I need to do a presentation to the rest of my group on the literature review. For this assignment I have chosen the chronic illness Childhood Obesity. The incidence of childhood obesity is on the increase in the UK. However at the moment the major studies have mainly been undertaken in the USA were this disease is a bigger issue. I think literature searching on this topic should be very interesting focusing on the causes, prevention, and children's nursing interventions.

For the other module The acutely ill child I have to do a plan of care on a child I have cared for in the past. I need to write a care plan, focus on two problems and then explain what interventions were taken and back up with evidence based practice. I have no idea what child to focus on, I have just finished caring for neonates, but I was hoping I would not have to write about neonates for a while, because in all honestly I am sick of writing about neonates lately, as I had to write twenty reflective diaries and five learning needs on that very subject. I shall have to have a long think about this assignment. On top of that I also need to do a presentation on Impetigo. I am lucky really, my friends got things like Worms, Scabies and Headlice to present!

In other news
My plan of working two shifts on the agency this weekend didn't work out, as I have come down with a sore throat and head cold. I had to turn down a shift for tomorrow. There is nothing worse then coughing and spluttering over patients, so best to stay in the warm. I am feeling better then yesterday, so I should be on the fix.

On Monday I have a check up at the children's Hospital oncology clinic in Birmingham. Just one of my nine monthly-yearly normal check ups.
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