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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Block Theory looms!

On the verge of starting block theory once more for four months, I find myself with plenty of time for study and agency shifts. Mainly because I am only in university twice a week now with no placement. I have also started to go to the library every night til all hours. I enjoy that feeling of satisfaction that I have done my bit of work for the day, as I leave the library late at night. At this time of the year the walk with Phill is very pleasant and the temperature in the spring night air revitalsing.

I aim to do at least two shift of agency work a week, in order to save up some money for a holiday and some new clothes (plus spring boots). There is a lovely knitted full length cardy in Monsoon at the moment, which I have my eye on (in the sale for £60, I am hoping that the price will come down a bit more). I have also seen some swade boots in Dotty Ps, below the knee, tan coloured.

After a nine hour shift on the agency today for theatres at the local hospital, I am really tired. However I am very proud of myself for being able to do a bit of work earlier this evening. Now for a bit of a veg in front of the tele while by hair drys and then TO BED. :-)
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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Life has been continuing as normal. This week is my last week on special care baby unit, I am really suprised how fast the seven-week placement has flown by. My last day is on Friday, as a thankyou I have bought a card and a box of Danish butter cookies for the staff. Its always nice to have a practice break, but sixteen weeks without any practice feels like a very long time. My next placement is Respite care. Not too sure how I feel about that, I shall reserve judgement until I have been there a week.

I got another assignment result today. For the essay I wrote on the principles of children's nursing I got 63%. :-)

My group had a bit of a shock today in university. Our group reps had attended course consultative meeting. During the meeting the Dean of the nursing school announced that she is trying to pass a new rule, that says if any student has got in the past or achieves in the future under fifty percent in a module, then they may not try for the Bsc. That means immediately 70%+ of my group can no longer top-up to the degree! There was a massive up roar in the meeting about this decision. In fact only last week our tutor's told us that the school operates an equal opportunity agreement, that says any student has the right to apply for the Bsc. Nothing is set in stone yet. I just hope this rule is not passed. How could the Dean even consider such as thing! We all applied for the course in the knowledge that we could top up to the degree in the third year. I expect a massive up roar if this goes ahead. I will be devestated, I have come to university to do the degree, anything less is unacceptable, I would see it as a personal failure, not to mention the implications for promotions in the future.

If this does go ahead the Dean will no doubt be recieving letters of protest from myself and other members in my group.
I shall keep you posted of any further developments next week.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003

I am over tired. By my third shift at the hospital I am knackered, I don't sleep incredibly well when I am on an early the next day. I suppose that is why I get so tired. I got home with a banging headache and had to lie down for a little while as the pain killers kicked in. I have to do another early shift tomorrow morning and then I have the weekend off. I am really looking forward to going home this weekend for a little rest. While I am back I intend to have a look at my little sister Judith's flat.

Srgt. Gold Chips and Srgt. Nero Fish

Ok so Phill and I did something totally random and got some pets. Two goldfish. It was a very good deal, I got the tank, two fish, some gravel, fishnet, fishfood and oxygen tablets all for £10. I had to pay extra for the shipwreck. I have been considering goldfish all week and decided to go for it, they are nice to look at. I remember my family owning six goldfish when I was little. They lived in a tank in the kitchen. I have no idea what they were called. I just remember watching as they were fed and the water was changed.

I have called the goldfish Chips and Nero (Phill named this one after his fav. coffee shop) for short, but their full names are above. Chips is the braver of the two, a typical orange and gold colour. Nero is a wimp and spends a lot of his time in the shipwreck. Nero is orange on the top and silver on the bottom with a black bit on the tip of his top fin.

So that was my totally random thing for the day! :-)

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Monday, March 10, 2003

That time of the year has come once again, in two weeks time I begin sixteen weeks of block theory. Today while in the neighbour hood, I popped into my School of nursing and found out the names of my new modules: -

The Actuely Ill child
The child with long term health care needs

As usual a reading list comes with both modules. In order to be prepared I am about to head off to the library and get six related books before other members of my group get wise to the reading list and get there before me. Out of the reading lists their are two books that I have decided that I should buy:-

Whaley and Wongs Children's Nursing UK edition
Supporting sick children and their families

Coming to a grand total of £43.98

Text books are never cheap, but I have to get them. I have but them on my wish list on Amazon. If you spend over £39 you get free delivery. I shall have to wait until pay day. :-(
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Sunday, March 09, 2003

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Last Friday at work I observed my first resus on the ward. I observed as the team of professionals worked together to save a twenty-eight week neonates life. It was interesting to watch, I was able to see how a team can work together in a crisis.

I am having a restful weekend. I only have two more weeks of placement left on the special care baby unit, until I head on into Block Theory for a massive four months. No more getting up at 5.45am for four whole months. I quiet enjoy theory, however I am always glad to get back on the ward, and do the job I came to university to do. Looking at my time table I am only in university for two days a week! Hence loads of time to work on assignments, although I bet I will have too much free time as well. On the upside, I am in Uni on Wednesdays and Thursdays, giving me long weekends to go home. I shall also have plenty of time to pick up a few shifts here and their, and save up a bit of money. As my savings are a embarrassing £5 at the moment.

This afternoon Phill's parents and his cousin from Oz came down from Manchester. We met in Coventry, had a walk round and then headed off to the Harvester resturant for a lovely meal, I had chicken breast and ribs with Veg. On the way back Phill's cousin needed to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere on a layby off the A45, her penpal was waiting to pick her up, it was a nightmare to find the exact layby and we got lost. In the end we managed it, said our goodbyes and headed back to Coventry. Phill's parents were soon on there way and here I am again. About to do a bit of work.

Blog out
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