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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Well done to my intelligent boyfriend who got 90% for an assignment from the module Intelligent Systems!

90% huh, always got to do one better hehe.

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Monday, February 24, 2003

After a hard day at work today and a lift back to Coventry from a very kind student midwife, I decided to pop into Gulson Rd to see if I had any results back. I looked at the notice board to find a notice explaining that the Numeracy Exam and Teaching Package results were back! I went to the assignment office to get my results, only to find that it was closed for the day. Ready to Burst, I went to see my tutors in the child branch office, just incase they had a list of results. They didn't. However they took pity and lucky for me they had a key. One of the tutors took me down to the office and gave me my results.

I got:

Numeracy Exam: 89%
Teaching Package: 75%

I am so PLEASED I nearly cried heh. Even better those results were at level two, so I am really happy with that.

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Saturday, February 15, 2003

On Valentines Day I worked an early shift on my placement. In the morning I was presented with a lovely card from Phill. In return I gave Phill a card, packet of Love hearts and a heart shaped jelly lolly pop with 'Be my valentine' iced on it. On return from a long day at placement I walked into my room to find a beautiful red , green and white bouqet of flowers (Roses, carnations, etc) and a gorgeous soft teddy bear wrapped in bows next to the flowers! It was a lovely suprise from Phill. So here is a big THANKS and a I LOVE YOU just for that special man.

That evening I cooked Phill a Shephards Pie for tea. Later that evening we went to the cinema to see Dare Devil. Staring Ben Afleck, about a boy who was blinded my toxic waste and has super sense powers, now as a grown man he seeks justice for innocent people who have been wronged etc. Basically a bit cheesy, lightly entertaining.

In other news

I still have not been paid for the agency shift I did two weeks ago, after I was promised on Thursday it would go in. I am well annoyed, it is beyond a joke! I shall have to go see them on Monday afternoon. It is a nightmare, especially when you really depend on that money. I have put aside my bus fare and bought some 19p bread and 4 pints of milk. No more spending until payday - Friday.

Student life - Poor life.
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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I wash my hands approximately six times an hour on SCBU placement. We wash our hands, before touching a baby and after leaving the baby. As a result the skin on the back of my hands has developed a bit of a rash and is very dry and occasionally sore. I expected this to happen, within a week my skin should harden, in the meantime all I can do is apply Hand cream after washing my hands and at least every few hours.
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In other news.....

placement on the special care baby unit is going really well. The staff are lovely; For example, I was on my tea break when the ward sister comes into the staff room and asks me if I want some toast. I said, 'are you sure?', she said 'yes'. Next thing I know, the ward sister has returned with some yummy hot buttered toast, which I thanked her for and ate.

I am really tired. Working shifts is tiring, especially when returning home, I then have to dive straight into writing reflections and learning anatomy and physiology. So far this week, after returning from work, I have just been changing into my PJs straight away. Having to leave the flat at 0630am followed by a 20min walk and a 40min bus journey to placement is hard, tiring work.
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In Tamworth there is a leisure complex called the snow dome. Last Saturday evening my brother suprised me by taking me to the snow dome for a session of tobogganing on the real snow indoor ski slope. You get six rides down in the big toboggan over about 30minutes. On either side of the toboggan there are two lever's controlling the breaks and stiring, if you use either lever snow is sprayed behind you, an excellent way to slow down your brother, who is racing you to the bottom of the slope. Tobogganing is GREAT fun for reviving the inner child. A must in Tamworth.
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Sunday, February 09, 2003

Ok..I stand corrected. Boyfriends do call :-)
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Saturday, February 08, 2003

This weekend I have come home to Tamworth. My Dad picked me up from Coventry on Friday. I would have driven myself back to Tamworth but I didn't think it was a good idea as recently I have been getting Dizzy spells from time to time, this means a visit to the Doctors next week if it continues. On Friday evening I went to the Cinema with my Mum to watch 'Two Weeks Notice' - the new romantic comedy staring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. It was a really good film, funny, romantic and a good all-rounder. Its nice to watch a 'feel good' movie, good for the soul.

There has been a huge mess up with my agency pay. I was supposed to be paid on Friday. When my account balance didn't increase I called the agency. They said "According to our records you have been paid", I said "Well I haven't" they then said, "your with Lloyds, right?" "Errrrm, no" I replied........
It turns out that they have only paid the wrong person my money. It will take a week to get a cheque from head office. Leaving me short.

That's about the most exciting thing that has happened this weekend so far. Saturday has been a bit of a boring day, I have just read and watched TV. I am going back to Coventry tomorrow, back to the books and placement heh.

Random thought...
Q: Why do boyfriend's never call?
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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

This morning I crawled out of bed at 5.45am! By 6.30am I had to be on my way to the bus stop in the city centre. It was still dark and freezing cold. Thankfully Phill walked me to the bus stop, I wouldn't have liked to have to walk around at that time, in the dark, when there is nobody but nutters about. The bus picked up at 6.55am and so begin the outgoing tiring journey which lasted 40minutes.

My new placement is great. The babies on SCBU are tiny little miracles! The staff are lovely. I can see that I am going to enjoy my pacement there. Tomorrow I am on an early again 0730-1530.

Blog out.
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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

So far, this week is going so much better than the stress of last week. The week began on a plus on Sunday. During the morning I picked up a hospital shift with the agency I work for, from 0730 to 1330. The money is really good on a sunday so that has helped my depleting funds. As soon as I arrived back from the hospital, I got changed and went to Weatherspoons for a much wanted Sunday Roast with my boyfriend Phill. I had roast beef, to follow I had apple crumble and custard YUMMY.

On Monday I attended a theme day all about childhood accidents and preparation for my next placement. I start work at a Special Care Baby Unit a.k.a SCBU on Wednesday for seven weeks, which I am really looking forward to. On Monday afternoon I was confronted by one of my ex-housemates, apparently there had been an electricity bill that I had to pay some money towards. I was given a bad photocopy of the bill and told I had to pay £20! Later that day I called N-power and found out the start and finish date for the bill, I then gave the details to my Dad who calculated the exact amount on a spreadsheet that I owed. It so happened that I only had to pay £11.10, but as a good-will gester I topped it up to £12. Later that evening I walked up to the ex-house and with help from my boyfriend posted the explanation spreadsheet and cheque through the door. heh

Child protection
In University today 'Theme day two', we had a guest speaker who lectured about child protection and abuse. The lecture was very interesting and highlighted some important issues. We talked about smacking children. Apparently people are trying to pass a law to ban smacking children. I am not sure where my own opinions stand about parents smacking children. I was smacked as a child when I miss-behaved on the legs or on the backside. This didn't do me any harm, I still Love my parents just the same, infact I am sure I deserved it at the time. Its certainely a tuff one. Other members of my group reported the same experiences in that they were smacked and it didn't do them any harm. However the way society is today this sort of discpline isn't totally excepted anymore. People tend to avoid smacking and shouting and replace it with non-agressive means. If I ever have children it is something I will address as and when I need to with my partner. One thing is for sure, if I could go back in time and prevent my own punishment I most certainly would not - it did me good!
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