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Friday, January 31, 2003
On Wednesday night at approximately 1am I finished my 'Developing Child' assignment. I should have felt relieved but the effort of doing the assignment had taken away all of my energy, even though it was finished I just felt a bit miserable. On Thursday I took the assignment into Uni to hand it in. Just before that though, I went and saw my module tutor and basically told her what a nightmare it had been and explained why there was not a huge amount of references. She said to get rid of it and hand it in. I just hope it is enough to pass, I am sure it is......thats all that matters.

Because of the stressful days gone by, I decided to go home for some R & R. My very kind Dad came and picked me up yesterday afternoon. That evening I veg'd out in front of the television, read my book and picked up my little sister from town after she had been out for a drink with her mate. This morning I headed on into Tamworth with my parents. I did a little bit of window shopping, bought some Iced Donuts and a new silver alarm clock. I have had my old alarm clock for YEARS, once white, it has now turned a off cream-yellow colour. My nerves can't take the evil noise it makes when the alarm clock goes off anymore, thus I have swapped it for a nice BEEP-BEEP noise. :-)
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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I have been burning the midnight oil lately. Last night at 10pm after a lovely 'walk' in the ran with my boyfriend to clear my head before tackling my assignment I sat down to my assignment. I needed help with starting the assignment. I basically sat down with my boyfriend and he helped me work out how to word the beginning. After that I was on a roll. Sometimes the hardest part of any assignment is the beginning. I worked until gone midnight with a few breaks for the odd cuppa tea.

This morning I got up at 9am and set about doing more assignment work. By 11.30am I really needed a break and decided to go to Browns for a hot chocolate with my boyfriend. After that I met up with a friend of mine who I haven't seen since before christmas. I have to admit I am a bit worried about her. She is really stressed and looks incredably run down. I wonder if she might be a bit anaemic. I suggested she go home and rest as she also seems to be coming down with a virus. She already has the 'cough' and sore chest. I also reccomended that she go and see her Doctor and maybe get a blood test.

I then hit the library for MORE work on this 'Developing Child' assignment'. I bet it seems I am hitting it pretty hard with this assignment. Well I supose I am. I am sick of this assignment hanging over my head. It is due on Friday. I intend to have it finished by tomorrow at the latest. If I get it finished I can relax, read up on neonatal nursing and pick up a few shifts on the agency...money, money, money.

The weather is miserable outside, I have been caught in rain, wind and hail. I haven't long gotten in from the library. With a cuppa tea in my hand and a country slice near by I am slowly warming up. However for fear of developing a head ache I am going to have a lie down for 30mins or so, to reserve my energy for another library session later on this evening.

In other news.......

My little sister Jude has set up a blog called 'rosie apples'. At this rate all my family will be bloggers hehe.
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Monday, January 27, 2003

This morning on my travels, while walking down the apples and pears doing up the buttons on my nanny goat, I bumped into a man who then promptly said what lovely mince pies I had! I couldn't adam and eve it! Quite pleased with the compliment I shook him by the brass band and continued on my way. While walking down the street I noticed an ayrton senna on the floor, which I picked up and put in my pocket. By the time I got to the local newsagent my bacon and eggs where killing me. To make matters worse it had been so mork and mindy outside, I'm afraid my barnet fair was a real mess. I picked up a magazine in the newsagent and went to pay, unfortuantely it took me a while to find the right bread and honey, as I didn't want to break into the new ayrton senna I had found. I took so long to find the right bread and honey I began to bubble bath out of embarrasment. While continuing on my travels I took a butchers hook at a really nice jam jar parked down the plate of meet on the frog and toad. On arriving home from the newsagents I was cream crackered. I was just about to sit down when the dog and bone started to ring. It was a septic tank, who had the wrong number, he started talking about his lost tit for tat! After a relaxing rosie lee and a rub of the old plates of meat, I brushed my round the houses and ate a really nice ruby murray.

Ryhming slang - bizarre
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Sunday, January 26, 2003

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Back in Coventry

Home sick, Coventry Sick or Familiar face sick?

I puzzled over this while in Leeds. I haven't really decided if I missed home because its my environment and I feel comfortable there. Or did I miss my fantastic life in Coventry? I think I have concluded that Leeds would not have been half as bad IF I had people I knew up there with me. People from my course have told me I am really brave to have gone to Leeds on my own....I didn't really think about it in that way. I just thought of it as experience, trying something completely different. I had hoped to get really good experience and have a brilliant time in Leeds. I just under estimated how home sick I would get.

I have just returned to Coventry after three weeks of Hell, AKA Leeds. Unfortunately I don't feel I benefitted from the elective placement. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that after I had completed sixteen shifts I could go home. I did hate leeds. The final week was not nearly as bad. Infact the placement picked up a bit and I actually had things to do, instead of getting my work out because it was so very quiet. On the final day I got one of the nurses to go through my practice grid. I got afew things signed off but not nearly enough of what I wanted. At least I got some good feed back. I was told that all the nurses thought I was a third year student because of my attitude and skill. I was also told to give them a call when I qualify if I want a job. I couldn't help thinking "I don't think so...." I am NEVER going to go back to Leeds for anything. I will feel it is an achievement if I can avoid that city for the rest of my life.

Work, work and more work

Well ok, I don't have that much work to do. I just need to finish an assignment on the developing child and read up on Neonate nursing in preparation for my new placement which I start next week. The assignment is due in on Friday, but I intend to have it done by Wednesday so I can pick up a few shifts with the Nursing agency. Top up the old money. The thought of the assignment unnerves me, just because it is so BIG. Normally I would have finished this assignment last week, however living in Leeds cut me off from the vitally needed Coventry University Library.


Assignment due Friday = Visits to the library every night this week.
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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Ekk, long time no blog.

Last Saturday I moved to Leeds a temporary arrangement while I carry out my elective placement. I was really nervous about the whole thing because it really is the first time I have been cut off from everything familiar. I am staying in a nurses home which is fairly basic. Complete with 50's furniture and funny smelling boxes that I will never open again heh. My Dad drove me up and stayed while I unpacked and headed off about lunch time. I didn't want him to go. The first few nights I had a terrible time of it. The first evening I had a bit of a panic attack, because I didn't feel safe, I felt ill being full of a cold and hadn't met anyone. I ended up calling 'Mr Calm' - AKA Dad, who calmed me down. The second day I slept for most of it - feeling ill. That night I woke up in the early hours scared because my window was banging. Silly I know, but the mind plays tricks when you are in a strange place. That night at gone three in the morning I called my brother for a quick natter.

I have worked two shifts at placement, the week seems to be going incredibly slow, especially as I am looking so forward to the weekend. Placement has been really quiet. Yesterday the only thing I did was build a Foosball table (one of those flat packs). Today I cleaned up a bed a patient had been sick on and helped with the dinners. I am hoping on my late shift tomorrow things will start to pick up.

I have finally met a few people and chatted to them at the nurses home. Infact this evening I am in the impressive looking Leeds central library with Nicola, a physiotherapist from Oz. Hence why I have been able to get internet access. Last night I got my first full nights sleep since arriving here. So things are a bit better. I am still extremely home sick and can't wait for the weekend. I just hate the way the week seems to be dragging. On Friday my boyfriend is coming to stay with me over night and on Saturday I am going to Sheffield where I will stay until Early Monday morning - if thats ok with my Sis? Then I have two shifts. On Tuesday evening I am going back to Coventry hurrayyyyyyy until Saturday evening!! Then I have only one more week until I can go home. I never really expected to feel this home sick, I should have considering one of my worse fears is to be alone. There must be a named phobia for that somewhere.

I had a lovely suprise when I got back to my room this afternoon. Sitting on my chair was a huge Jiffy envelope from my Li'l Sister! It was packed with really interesting stuff like yummy soup, sweets, magazine, vitamins and beechams (for my horrific cold). It really cheered me up. Infact I was so excited when I saw it that I knocked my keyboard off my monitor hehe. So here is a
L I T T L E (one year younger)

well thats about the jist of it for now
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