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Friday, December 20, 2002
This holiday has gone ever so quick! I am coming home again tomorrow night, flight returns to Brum at 23.45. I have had a fantastic time. When I get home, it is only a few days till christmas! Yesterday loads of people arrived at the appartments for their Christmas Holiday so everything is really busy compared to when I arrived. I would hate to be here for christmas, I am one of those Family and Home gals when it comes to Christmas.

Yesterday I went on a boat trip. We left the harbour at 13.30 and sailed round the beaches of the resort, Lobos island (a mini desert island with a volcano on it) and around a reef with hundreds of fish I could observe from the submarine glass bottomed boat. I really enjoyed the relaxation of it all. I had a great sit at the front top deck with the hot sun and cool sea wind passing me by. Included on the trip was a free drink and a little lolly pop, I also had a Rocket Ice lolly. Yum. After leaving the coast side of Lobos island we sped back to the harbour (much faster then before), the boat bobbed up and down, I sat at the lower deck at the front to get the full effect. The whole trip was just over an hour.

After a short walk through the back street shops I came across a little shop packed with necklaces, bracelets and rings - all hand made. I spent ages looking for what I wanted. The moment I walked into the shop I knew there was something in there for me. The shopkeeper was lovely and helped me find what I wanted by asking my favourate colour, when I would like to wear the item etc. In the end and one very patient boyfriend later I found two. The first a blue beaded necklace with a larger glass bead in the middle dectorated with stones, the second a silver necklace with little pink stones between the links. I could decided on which I wanted and was delighted when the shopkeeper offered me the two from a "Can´t say no" price. Delighted with my buy I wore the blue necklace as soon as I handed the money over.

Last night was the JMC "stomp" pub crawl. It was an ok night, we were shown round four bars. The first an Irish bar which was way too smokey, the second a sports bar, the third a small bar with a hilarious DJ who acted out TV personalities from Rolf Harris to Austin Powers and the fourth a Karaoke bar. At the entrance to each bar we were given a shot to down, so lets face it I was pretty merry. In the second bar my boyfriend and I were dragged up to the front to do a game. Basically I had to lie on the row of chairs while my boyfriend licked off some salt that had been put on my shoulder, then he had to down tequila and then suck the lemon that was sticking out my mouth. The pair to do it the fastest won. We did it in 4 seconds - the fastest time by half. We were then told our prize was the tequila we had just eaten.

This morning it has been really hot aprox 25oC. My boyfriend and I went round the corner to play Mini Crazy golf which was a good bit of fun. On the bad side the ground was completely uneven, making shots way more difficult.

On arrival back to the appartment the staff were setting up one of those huge paella sp? gas hobs. A chef came out of the kitchen and cooked a huge seafood and meat paella along side an entertainer explaining what he was doing. 40mins later we were allowed to sample it. It was nice enough but had too many loose prawn legs in it. I remember the paella I had in Tenerife being better. As a starter to the meal some vegetable soup served cold was also provided. Dad, Elaine or Chris, I am sure you now the name of the soup, once featured in Red Drawf when Rimmer was recounting a tale of a meal at the captains table?

That pretty much brings me up to date, this evening we are going on a organised three course meal to a resturant called Fagins. Should be nice. :-)

Hi and kisses to all X
Blog out
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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Holiday is going really well. I have had a really sore throat for the last two days. I figure I must have caught it on the aeroplane on the way over here. Last night there was a nightmare storm! The wind was really high and the heavy rain didn´t stop until this morning. After arriving back at the appartment room yesterday evening we noticed the cleaners had pushed blankets and extra towels against the doors to the balcony, a few hours later I had to put some against the front door to stop the rain getting in. I stayed in doors that evening reading and listening the the rain. I didn´t really mind because I was knackered anyway. At 10pm I sent my boyfriend out to get hotdogs and chips from the all inclusive canteen hehe.

On Monday morning I visited the market 5mins walk away. The market is run by african people who come over twice a week. I hate the way they force things on you. You can´t look at the stall without one of them jumping on you. One lady tried to pull me to her stall! I bought a silver wavy bangle for ten euros, I managed to knock the price down by 5 euros. I saw a really nice handbag which had been weaved with pale flower patterns on it. I asked how much and the man said 50 euros I said its not worth 50, someone over there is selling similar ones for 15. All of a sudden the man snatched the bag back and said "You go there then". I was a bit surprised and walked off, aren´t these people supposed to barter?

On Monday evening I went to the JMC Rep cabaret near to the airport. It was a good night alot of singing dancing and jokes. At the end there was a hypnosit. He got some volunteers. He asked the whole audience to do a concentration trick which can put you into a trance. I didn´t do it because I didn´t want to be put into a trance. But my boyfriend did even though he deny´s it I am sure he was almost gone. The hypnosit told the audience to get his attention if anyone went into the trance. I was about to do that when my boyfriend turned to me and said "what am I doing Louise?", that seemed to bring him out of it. The hypnosit got the volunteers to do afew things but nothing too that funny. It was weird to watch. The hypnosit had really freaky eyes I think he had contacts in.

On Tuesday morning we got up at 7am and by 8.20am were on our way to the harbour to go on the tour to Lanzarote. The ferry was quite big. The coach was driven onto the ferry, in the mean time we got on the ferry. Wanting the best view I went onto the top deck about 40 feet up. Even though the boat was bobbing about, it was chucking it down with rain and windy I didn´t care I got a great view of Fuerteventura getting smaller and Lanzarote getting bigger.

The tour of Lanzarote hot spots to great - highlight of the holiday so far. First was visited the grape field were hundreds of holes have been made in the volcano ash have been made to plant vines in. We visited the family who have been making wine for hundreds of years, whom allowed to taste wine. I tasted some extremley sweet wine which I have bought and will be coming home with. The on to an old lava river stretching 9km to the ocean. At one point not far from the ocean the cave opens into an oasis with an under ground lake where hundreds to tiny white blind crabs live. After that we stopped for a buffet lunch above the valley of one thousand palms. After lunch it was on to the national park timenfire. Where sleeps hundreds of volcanos, the landscape is breath taking, lava fields reaching all the way to the ocean. It is amazing to think that all those volcanos arrupted for 6 years devistating the island in the moid 1700s. Only now, the basic forms of plant and animal life are being to develop. Through the national park we stopped really high up and looking into the crater of a massive volcano. We also stopped for a demonstration of how hot the ground was by the cafe. A man shoveled up 10cm of rock and handed us a handful each. The guide said if we could hold it we could keep it. The rocks were dropped in seconds heh. After the breath taking landscapes of the national park we drove out to the coast were the water had once hit lava forming unusual cliffs. There is a hole in the cliff where if you look down you can see two waves meeting resulting in a clash of water. This place is referred to as the place of the boiling waters. I have taken loads of pictures I will have to see about getting some up on the website when I get home.

After that it was back to the ferry for a rough crossing - due to the brewing storm. The guide was excellent and I had a wonderful day. I sure was knackered afterwards.

Today is a lazy day. Had a nice sleep in this morning. I am now on my way to town.

Hi to all the family.
Could someone at home record Location, location, location CH4?
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Sunday, December 15, 2002

I am currently on holiday in Fuerteventura. I arrived yesterday at 6pm into the airport on the island. After a short coach journey we pulled up at my apartment, the Atlantico Playa. There is a really stange smell about the place that you get a whiff of every now and then when outside. I think it is the cleaning fluid they use. The apartment is lovely, twin bedroom, living area with sofa, coffee table and two arm chairs, fully fitted kitchen, cooker, fridge etc. The bathroom is a bit small but has everything you need. The balcony is huge - yep on the first floor which just happens to be the top floor. Unfortunately we are directly above the entertainment area where all the music goes on. The plus side it is all inclusive! Food available all day, lots of alcohol and soft drinks on tap. They even hand out bottles of water! Sangria is on TAP YUM.

In other news after the rep welcome meeting this morning we have decided to book the tour round Lanzarote, a pub crawl, the cabaret night, and a three course meal evening at a really posh resturant called Fagin.

It is lovely and warm approx 22oC. This morning my boyfriend and I caught a land train right outside the apartment which costs only one Euro per trip, the train takes you on a 40min ride all over the resort so you can get your bearings. Had a walk round town and the boat port. The view of the coast is lovely. You can easily see Lanzarote.

Hi to all the family!
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