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Sunday, November 24, 2002
This morning I was working for an auxiliary agency at a local hospital. I had to leave the house at 6.30am. Keeping in mind I haven't seen 6.30am in seven weeks I was really suprised by how dark it was. It was pitch black. The Stars and Moon were still out for godness sake! heh. I arrived at my bus stop with 15mins to kill. I stood there lost in my own thoughts. As the Cathedral bells rang in 7am, the sky seemed to go from dark blue to light blue in a matter of seconds. By the time the seven bell had rung the sky was light blue and looking gorgeous.

The bus ride was uneventful. I worked from 0730-1330 today. Quite tried now.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

I finished my teaching package last night. I have done an activity booklet for a 6-year-old girl who is neutropenic in isolation nursing. Using felt and characters called 'Nurse', 'Chloe' and 'Fighter Cell', the booklet explains to the child why she must stay in isolation and how they can help care for their own health care. I really like my teaching package; it took me ages to complete. It’s really bold and colourful. In today's lecture those of us who had completed the teaching package had to present them to the class. I got a round of applause! :-)
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The Weekend

I had a great time last weekend. I went up to Manchester with my boyfriend to see his family. I arrived in Manchester at 8.40pm after an uneventful journey from Birmingham New St. That evening after a delicious steam cooked mushroom pasta from Marks and Spencer we all crashed out in front of the television.

On Saturday I stayed in bed until 11am while my boyfriend and is family did a few bits and pieces in Bury town. I would have gone with them, but everyone refused to wake me because I looked so sound asleep. That afternoon I went into Manchester city centre, which was ever so busy. I didn't have much time and we rushed from one shop to the other. I bought some Christmas presents for my family and ate lunch at a bar/restaurant called Metro. I just had a jacket potato and a really yummy banana milkshake.

While in Manchester my boyfriend got a new watch from his parents (a late 21st birthday present) it's a really nice designer watch, which looks great. At 5pm my boyfriend, his Mum and I went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I really enjoyed this film; it was very entertaining and an excellent feel good movie. 8/10. I think the second was better than the first as Harry Potter actually did some spells and spoke a lot more. Definitely worth watching.

On Sunday there was a family get together at my boyfriends home and we ate a really nice Roast Beef dinner, which I couldn't get down my neck fast enough. It has been ages since I ate a Sunday roast.

That evening we caught a train back to Birmingham New St at 9pm. Unfortunately there were problems at the train station again and we had to change at Stafford to get the Birmingham. It was icy cold at Stafford Station. On arrival to Birmingham New St, we discovered that the last train to Coventry had been cancelled. At this point it was 11pm. I was just about to call my Dad in Tamworth when a Virgin trains member of staff called, "Anyone for Coventry?" She wanted to see our tickets for Coventry. The fact of the matter was we didn't have any. Thus she advised us to go and buy a train ticket for Coventry and then come and see her again. £2.95 each later we went to the information desk where we were told that we couldn't just buy a ticket and then expect them to put on a taxi for us. As it happened the women who had told us to buy a ticket turned up and told the other member of staff that she told us to do it. Besides there were two other men waiting for a taxi to Coventry, so there wasn't any problem if we went as well. Phew!

One taxi ride and a walk back to Halls later it had gone 1am. I promptly went to bed.

Numeracy Exam

This morning was my Maths Exam. The one I have been dreading for over a month. It was quite difficult but I feel confident that I answered the first several questions correctly. However the final question was a nightmare and I didn't have a clue. We had not been given any preparation for this question and I basically didn't understand what they wanted us to do. As a result I ran out of time and didn't finish the last question. I felt anxious once we were finished. My hands were shaking. The 45minute time went ever so fast. The clock was against me all the way. After speaking to the rest of the group I found that they all had the same problem. No one from my group finished the exam. No one from my group could understand the last question. I am hoping that what I did do was enough to get me 70% at least so I can pass. Well what's done is done. There is no point in worrying about it too much now. I just hope I get the results soon.

In Other News??..

I got two assignment results yesterday: -

The Learning Contract for Nursing Practice 1 79%
Essay on Confidentiality for Professional nursing practice 55%

I am really happy with these results. I am passing my course and I am that step closer to completing the first hurdle of my ambition - to become a registered paediatric nurse.

Happy 25th Birthday Chris!

It was my brother's birthday on 18th November. To celebrate my family and I went to a nice pasta/pizza place called ASK. I had tomato, spinach and parmesan cheese pasta. It filled me up a treat. My family and I had a really good chat, its good to get together once in a while. It's a shame my eldest sister couldn't make it. Not to worry, on Christmas Day the whole family - all eight of us are going out for Christmas lunch. All eight of us, a rare occurrence.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I really enjoyed my lectures today. This morning we had a guest speaker - a learning disability nurse who taught us all about Challenging behaviour in childhood.

Challenging behaviour
Basically anything outside the social 'norm' i.e. spitting, violence, verbal abuse etc.

The guest speaker had another nurse with her and they taught in a team - taking it in turns which was really effective.

During the afternoon I had a lecture on reflective practice and Critical analysis. Reflective practice is a big part of nursing at the moment as it helps us to look back at something we have done or learned. Thus this helps us to improve on our skills. The teacher asked us to brainstorm/call out what skills we through we needed for reflective practice. I said, "You need to be able to step outside of the box". As then you can look at the experience from a different prospective. For some reason the term "Step outside of the box." made some people laugh. Errrmmm hello? Did I get the expression right, have other people heard this expression before?
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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Remember, Remember the 5th of November,
Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I see no reason
Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

That all happened so long ago! I like the 5th November for the fireworks, Bonfires and Bar-B-Qs. :-)

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Yesterday was the first day back at university after having reading week. Thus it was the first day I saw one of my ex housemates. I got into the classroom before she arrived, when she came in the only thing is said was, "Louise", I turned to look at her, "These came through the post this morning for you", "Thanks" I said. That was it really. The lecture went on as usual. This morning we were supposed to be lectured on Epidemiology - the study of disease, by a community nurse. Unfortunately she used only a few visual aids for the whole four-hour lecture and seemed to be talking more about Community nursing then the topic in hand. I looked around at my classmates who just like me looked half asleep and bored.

Later on that day I attended the Maths support group. I have a maths exam in two weeks which in 70% pass mark. I only get two attempts and then if you don't pass you are interrupted off the course for 18months. Everything seems to be falling into place. I just have to remember three things: -

1. Drug calculation: What you want divided by What you have times by the amount it comes in.

Example Dose prescribed is 125mls of paracetamol. Comes in stock of 250mls in 5mls.
Answer You give 2.5MLs.

2. How to convert Gs to Mg and Mg to Mcgs.

Example 1g = 1000mg. 1000mg = 1000000mcgs.
Basically to go smaller you times by 1000. To go bigger you divide by 1000.

3. How to work out baby feeds.

You should give 150mls per kg.
Example Sarah needs to be fed six times a day. She weighs 5kgs.
150 x 5 = 750mls in total per day.
750 divided by 6 = 125mls per feed.

Piece of cake? I hope so. :-).

After the maths support session I went up to my personal tutor and asked her a question about one of my assignments. She then went to ask how I was, because I seemed really quiet. My personal tutor is one of those people you can't lie too, so I told her everything that had happened. Thinking about it again I got a little upset heh. She told me not to worry and that I had done the right thing by moving out. I told her that I am so much happier now I am back in Halls. It was just thinking about all that had happened which upset me again. My tutor then went on to say that I am doing really well and I have a lot of potential. She also said that my work is presented beautifully. :-)

This afternoon I am off to the library to do some assignment work. Ho Hum.

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Friday, November 01, 2002

About one week ago I joined a temping agency in Coventry who specialise in Nursing Auxiliary temping. The pay is very good, I can earn £80+ for working on Sunday. Yesterday I did my first shift at one of the local hospitals. It went well. About 10mins ago the agency called me and asked me to work today. I said no because I have work to do today. Its nice to know that there is no pressure. I told them I was available to work this weekend. Thats where the big money is :-).

This week I have been doing 'bits' of my new assignments. I have got to that stage where I cannot continue until I have cleared my plan with my tutor. In the mean time I am reading up on Embrology with my colouring book and child development from Helen Bee's book.

My assignments

The Developing Child
This assignment is 2,500 words. At placement I need to pick two children of the same age and write a comparsion of one aspect of their development. I have not been able to do very much of this assignment because I need to see the children in order to carry out the assignment. So all I can do is read about Child Development until I start my next placement on 27th November.

Therapeutic Interventions in Child Health
This assignment is 2,000 words. I have to think of a therapeutic nursing i.e. Isolation nursing and design a teaching package i.e. a story or activity. The teaching package will be designed to educate the child on what is going on through creative art therapy or story telling. I then have to write a rationale on my teaching package.

Right, I think its time to grab a hot chocolate from Browns, post a letter, and get a new battery for my nurse watch before starting some work. :-)

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