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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Have you ever looked back in time, to a period in your life when you were unhappy and at the time didn’t realise it? Looking back over the last month, I can now see that living in a shared house has been a downward spiral. It all started when I decided to stop sharing food with one of the housemates, because it was costing me more money to share food then buy on my own. Since that day – almost a month ago there has been a bit of an atmosphere in the house and I felt I was being snapped at occasionally and this housemate just seemed to be …well off with me.

It all came to a head over the silliest thing last Monday. Basically I finished the last of the milk one morning. A ‘house meeting’ was called later that day and everyone ganged up on me, saying I was selfish for finishing the last of the milk with a bowl of cereal. I was most upset and stayed out of their way for the remainder of the day. I decided that it would be best if I decided not to share anything with the housemates – that included milk, bread and house wares. I had bought a box of tea bags that day and no one had given me the money for them, so as rightfully so I took the tea bags back.

The following morning one of the housemates – the one I had stopped sharing food with stated in none to kinder words that those tea bags where hers and that she had bought them. I then produced the receipt heh. She then went on to say that she was uncomfortable in her own house because of me and that she wished I had never shared any food with her, because none of this would have never happened. I said that this never would have happened if she hadn’t flipped over some milk. She then mumbled something, I said to her if she had something to say to me, to say it and not mumble. She then shouted that I was selfish and sad and immature.

Well enough was enough…..
I hadn’t been sleeping, I could not concentrate on my work and I was stressed and unhappy.

I asked my brother to come and take me home straight away. I couldn’t bear to be there any longer. I had an hour to kill so I went to the Student services building to see what accommodation was available. They were brilliant, I explained the situation and they said, ‘Here is the vacancy list, you can have the keys straight away if you give us the deposit’. There were plenty of rooms available, but on the off chance I decided to pop into my old halls of residence where I was for my first year. I went up to reception and explained what had happened and asked if they had any rooms. On the off chance they had a room open up that very day! The cleaner just needed to come in and clean the place and then it would be ready. I was definitely interested, filled in a form and said I would be back on Monday.

Over the weekend I relaxed and began to feel a lot better, although a little nervous. I spoke to my landlady (with a bit of help from my parents) and sorted out the finer details of deposits and rent. Yesterday I went back to the halls reception and got my keys. Then with my Dad, Uncle and Boyfriend we packed up everything within two hours and were out of there. I think we were really efficient and got it done ever so fast. No of my former housemates were in, which I was glad about. Heh, I left a note for them.

It took me until 12 midnight to finish unpacking everything and put everything in its place. It feels so much better to be here. Last night I had a nice hot shower, which is right next door to my room and fell into a reallllllyyyy comfortable deep sleep.

One Happy Blogger Out

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

In the house I live there is no tumble dryer. Something I consider to be an essential machine. I like my towels and PJs soft and cosy. However since I have lived here in a rented house I have been forced to use the washing line, which I share with several spiders ekk. Now that winter is almost apon us I have devised a plan. Once a week I shall take all my wet washing in bin liners to Priory Hall and use the tumble dryers there.

That is what I did today, it was raining outside but I was determined to have soft towels. So off I went. The tumble dryers at Priory hall are really efficient it only took 20mins to do a huge load!

This afternoon I have been studying a bit of embryology in my colouring book. At the moment I am reading about fertilisation. Its heavy going but its making more sense as I go along. This week I am going to start work on my two new assignments for this session. I’ll talk about them in more detail this coming week.

Now I am off to watch Ocean’s eleven on DVD.

Blog out.

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Friday, October 18, 2002

Last night I went to see the film ‘XXX’. I really enjoyed it. XXX is about a criminal employed by the USA government to do ‘secret agent’ type missions. The main character Xander Cage is the stunt/prank-loving criminal they recruit for the job. This film was a good all-rounder with mast action and impossible cheesy stunts. For example ever seen anyone out run an avalanche on a snowboard? Very entertaining with some comedy. Louise’s score 9/10.

I treated myself to a book I have had my eye on for the last week or so. I bought ‘The Developing Child’ by Helen Bee. Although not essential for my modules I am interested in the subject and this book will be useful for some upcoming assignments. Helen Bee is a very down to earth author and her book is very readable.

RANT: What is the world coming to when you can’t be warm in your own home? Compared to all the other rooms in my house, my bedroom is my far the coolest. I think it has something to do with the high ceiling. My bedroom is part of the low roof and I am on two outside walls. My room can be cold when my radiator is red hot. It takes well over an hour for my radiator to start to warm the room. Unfortunately with in 45mins the rest of the house is red hot, this normally leads to other members of the house turning off the heating before my bedroom has begun to warm up. This leaves me cold and frustrated. As a result I have no choice but to buy a convector heater. In the past I have known convector heaters to be very efficient. This should room up my bedroom a treat.

Going on a convector heater hunt, want to come with me?

Blog Out :-).

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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Since my last post I am getting the hang of the maths and feeling more confident.

I have a bit of a cold, I felt really ill all day yesterday in my lectures. I just wanted to sleep! So at 3.30pm when I had finished for the day, that is what I did - until 6! Those few hours’ sleep made me feel much better.

This morning I had a lecture on Aromatherapy massage. What has this got to do with children's nursing I hear you ask? Well, children do get stressed. Sometimes they take ages to settle and other times they cannot sleep. Aromatherapy massage is used on paediatric patients in intensive care and in the community. It results in the child relaxing and releasing some of their anxieties. During the lecture we were given information on some essential oils and their uses. The lecturer also demonstrated how to massage a baby on a doll. Then to finish we found a partner and massaged each other’s hands - it was lovely.

Today my boyfriend and I have been going out for 9 months! It’s gone ever so fast. Message to my boyfriend: Love ya. Hehe.

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Monday, October 14, 2002

Maths is really getting me down today. As part of my course in about six weeks time I have a maths examination on drug calculations, baby feeds and drip infusion. The pass mark is 70% and you only get two trys at it. If you fail twice you are put back one year! It is fairly basic stuff really. Things like converting Kilograms to grams, grams to milligrams, milligrams to micrograms and so on. That I can do. There is a drug calculation which goes like this: -
Dose ordered
Divided by
times by

i.e. I want 60mg of Paracetomol which comes in a bottle of 250mg in 5mls. How many mLs do I give?

60/250 x 5.

There is one problem, fractions and division has always been my weak point. I went to a maths support class today and it did help. I can now divide fractions. :-). However I have trouble dividing decimals, hence this is getting me down. One sum I cannot do is 0.5/0.6. Oh yeah calculators are banned!

Dam modern schools for teaching me to depend on calculators.

Hopefully if I keep going to these maths support classes it will come clear. As I speak my boyfriend is on his way over to help teach me some maths. If anyone out there knows a good maths website, I would be grateful if you could email me the url.

Blog out.
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I am one week into my child branch programme – second year and I love it. Its great to be with just child health students. There are only 22 of us so we get taught much better in a small group. My two new modules for the next seven weeks are; the developing child and Therapeutic interventions in child health. I have huge amounts to learn for both modules. I had to go and buy some books last week. One of which is called ‘The Embryology Colouring book’ and that is exactly what it is. Basically it is a book full of pictures for you to colour in, accompanied by text to tell you about the subject. I think by colouring things in I shall learn and remember well. A truly excellent idea.

In other news…..I joined an agency in Coventry. For this agency I shall be doing auxiliary work on weekends and earning huge amounts of money – well enough to cover my rent and be able to treat myself from time to time. If my references check out ok I will be starting next weekend.

This weekend I went home and enjoyed some relaxation. This afternoon I was so tired I fell asleep leaning on my boyfriend on the sofa! It was my uncles 52nd birthday on Sunday….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! We had a Chinese take-away at home and surprised him when his son drove all the way up from Devon.

Last Friday I finished my interpersonal skills assignment. That means all of Session three work is complete and out of the way. I can now concentrate on Session 4 – the child branch :-).

My Dad has just started a blog called ‘Getting on’ so go have a look at it http://marsett.blogspot.com.

Blog out

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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Yesterday afternoon I suddenly realised I had an appointment for the dentist! Thankfully my Dad had a day off and was able to come to Coventry. I drove to Tamworth and to the dentist. Hurray my teeth are perfect :-), all of my wisdom teeth have come through now as well. I was then driven back to Coventry, abit of a mad round trip to avoid a £10 no show fine from the dentist. Thanks Dad!
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It is coming to the end of fresher’s week for Coventry University. I have been going out as if I was a fresher and had a wonderful time. Thus here is a report of what I have been up to each night.

Monday: Students Union Casbar. Drinks £1 each. I went to the Casbar with my boyfriend and mates, I drank VK ice put unfortunately this drink doesn’t seem to affect me, plus it’s not the tastiest drink on the bar. Thus I drank two orange Reef’s – that got me on my merry way.

In the Casbar there is a new dancing machine when you basically follow the moves on the screen. It is extremely difficult especially when you have been drinking – all good fun though.

Tuesday: Phoenix pub and the Students Union Casbar for Karaoke night. I went out met some mates and had a drink in the Phoenix pub which used to be called The Campbell. The new décor is something out of Ikea. A very basic light ‘wooden’ theme. After one drink there we moved on to the Students Union Casbar. It was packed solid and boiling hot. I noticed that some people were going into Studio (The SU nightclub); I went up to the SU steward and asked what was going on in Studio. He said it was a private party for the school of business. My mates and me said ‘we are from the school of business’ and he let us in! I gate crashed a party heh. What was even better was that there was a huge buffet, cheap drinks and lots of music to dance to. I ended up have a super time. Occasionally I went back into the Casbar a chatted with some other mates.

Wednesday night: Bonds bar and Ikon/Diva ‘Zoo’ student night. My fellow nursing students and I have been planning a night out to Ikon/Diva for weeks, it was decided that we would all dress up as devils. I wore a red top, black trousers, sketchers with red laces, horns on a headband and I also had my Good/Bad girl red & black sparkly wand. I bought some black glitter false nails; they were tricky to get on but looked fantastic. It was a proper girly night and we all dressed up fairly similar. We started off in Bonds and then got free admission to Ikon/Diva. I stayed in Ikon all night dancing to cheese. It was really packed out, so much so you could move and had to fight your way to get anywhere. It was also extremely hot. Plus someone stole my wand, I was on the dance floor my wand was stolen, I turned round but in the light of the dance floor I couldn’t see who had taken it. I was glad to get out later into the cool air.

That brings me up to date with we week’s social events so far. For lunch I was SO hungry after not eating anything for breaka, so me and my housemates drove to McDonalds and had a Big Mac meal.

On the work front I am doing well. I handed in some assignments and just have one more to do, which I have already started on interaction. Well I better get back to the books -

Blog Out.

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