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Saturday, September 28, 2002
This afternoon I was walking past Priory Halls of residence. Today is the first day of freshers week. It was really strange to be looking at freshers unloading their cars. They looked so young, nervous and innocent - give them a week heh. It was a strange sensation to be looking at them from an almost second years point of view. My first year as gone so fast!
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Friday, September 27, 2002

Ekk long time no blog. Oh well, I should really have a lot to post.

The last few weeks I have been kept extremely busy with my assignment work. Only this morning I handed in two of my assignments. 1. The confidentiality essay and 2. The learning contract [2 weeks early]. I only have one more assignment to do now and then that’s all my coursework finished and complete for the common foundation programme. The assignment is a critique of a counsellor and the methods of communication they use. I shall get that done by the end of next week. That way I won’t have any first year work cross over into my second year, which thus becomes my branch programme. Branch is what I have been looking forward to, as it is all related to paediatrics.

Its official I am no longer a first year. Nor am I a second year student. I’m in that void of a place and until 7th October I shall remain a non-year heh. I can’t believe it has been a year since I started going to University. It has gone ever so fast. So what have I enjoyed the most about being a first year. Errm well here is a list of ten things I enjoyed about my first year of university: -

1. Living in halls
2. The social life
3. Working as a student nurse on my placement
4. Passing all my assignments to date
5. Making friends
6. Learning
7. Late nights at the library
8. The student atmosphere
9. Meeting new and interesting people
10. Building my confidence and independence.

I got my second year timetable today, it is as follows: -

Monday 0930-1230 The developing child
Tuesday Off
Wednesday 0930-1300 Therapeutic interventions in child health
1330-1700 The developing child
Thursday 0930-1300 Therapeutic interventions in child health
Friday Off

I have this timetable for 7 weeks. Then for a further 7 weeks I am in block practice. Its good to be in block theory with the rest of the university. No having to get up at ungodly hours for me. :-).

FRESHERS week begins tomorrow. All the Freshers will be moving in over the next few days. I can’t wait; it has been so quiet over summer! It will be nice to walk around the city surrounded by students again.

Blog out.

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Monday, September 09, 2002

The last few days have been uneventful really. I have been working hard on my assignments as per usual. My boyfriend has upgraded my computer from Windows Me to Windows XP. XP is great. Also in the next few days 256MB of ram is due to arrive, giving me a grand total of 384MB of ram. My Mum and Dad are in Turkey at the moment. If any of you manage to get to a computer during your holiday - have a great time! X

Blog out.
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Sunday, September 08, 2002

I have had very little time on my hands lately. It has all been work, work, work. I have a lot of work to do. Since I last posted I have completed my confidentiality essay, as well as doing two out of seven pieces of evidence for my learning contract assignment. I am really looking forward to getting paid, because then I will be able to go out. On 14th September Hysteria are presenting a rave at Coventry's The Institute. I intend to be there.
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100 Things about me

1. I love books (Contemporary fiction).
2. I was born in Sutton Coldfield on 3rd June 1981.
3. I beat Cancer.
4. I am number four out six children.
5. I loving being a student.
6. I am a complete lightweight when it comes to drinking, three bottles and I am drunk.
7. I am a reflector.
8. My star sign is Gemini.
9. I am 5’7/8
10. I have blue eyes with a circle of green around the pupil
11. I can eat and eat and eat and I never put any weight on.
12. I have long brown hair
13. I am in Love.
14. I’m not very confident [when sober].
15. I was bullied at school.
16. I love to dance; happy hardcore, old skool, commercial dance, hard house, house and cheese.
17. My all time favourite film is Ever After.
18. I love telling cheesy jokes
19. I have a soft toy called Hippo, whom I have had since I was four. He still sits on my bed.
20. Going to university is the best thing I have ever done.
21. Twenty-one is a very good age to be.
22. I am one month away from becoming a second year student paediatric nurse
23. And I love it!
24. I don’t like fairground rides that make your tummy flip flop.
25. I love scary rides with huge drops
26. But only after I have been on them.
27. I have been on ‘The Big One’ Pepsi max ride at Blackpool pleasure beach.
28. I hate being disappointed.
29. If I don’t get to a club within a week and have a good dance I get withdrawal symptoms.
30. I love colourful and sparkly things – they make me happy.
31. My handbag is my life.
32. I have been to three raves in my life – soon to be four.
33. I'm a Tea belly.
34. My shoe size is 7.
35. I hate the smell of cigarettes.
36. I have never smoked and never intend to.
37. I am really difficult to surprise.
38. I have a BTEC national diploma in Science and health studies.
39. In the second year of my BTEC I got eight distinctions.
40. I like cheese.
41. I have two lava lamps in my room.
42. I have read all four Harry Potter books and can’t wait for the fifth to come out.
43. I bought my first and current computer in March 2001.
44. I paid for it all by myself with money I had saved for ages.
45. I love the Internet.
46. I hate the Internet when I can’t find what I want.
47. I am a calm and laid back person.
48. It takes a lot to get me angry, but watch out when I am.
49. I love getting ready to go out for the night.
50. I have been known to wear a cap occasionally.
51. My favourite colour is Blue.
52. This colour looks good on me.
53. I have a subscription to Paediatric Nursing journal.
54. I would like a subscription to Marie Claire magazine but would never have time to read it.
55. I need two alarm clocks to get me up in the morning.
56. My favourite perfume is Tommy Girl.
57. My favourite box of chocolates is Milk Tray.
58. I love flowers but don’t get them very often.
59. I like things tidy.
60. I can’t function in a mess.
61. I have a Nokia 5110 mobile.
62. I would really like an upgrade.
63. I shared a bedroom with my little sister until I went to University.
64. I grew up in Tamworth.
65. My first ever part time job was shelf stacking at my local corner shop.
66. I hated it, I only got £1 an hour, and manged to save over a hundred pound for Christmas.
67. I will finish my nursing course with a Bsc PASS.
68. I want an honours degree really badly, but I am not too sure if it possible to get on my course.
69. I am prepared to do an extra six months at university after my course to get my Honours degree if necessary.
70. My favourite season is autumn.
71. I like summer but not English Muggy weather.
72. My birthstone is pearl.
73. I own two pairs of sketchers and they are very comfortable.
74. I have been going out with my boyfriend for eight months on 17th September 2002.
75. I passed my driving test on 20th December 2001.
76. I learnt to drive in a Mercedes A class.
77. I am insured on my Dad’s car.
78. My Dad has just bought a new car a Fiat Punto.
79. I am looking forward to driving that.
80. My dream car is a Mercedes A class.
81. I have travelled in a Chinook helicopter.
82. I have power glided.
83. I can’t swim very well.
84. I enjoy aerobics.
85. I can cook.
86. I love to sit in my armchair.
87. I organise everything.
88. I am currently reading The Lord of the Rings Book 2.
89. I am really looking forward to freshers week.
90. I do not own a credit card.
91. I do not have an over draft.
92. I do not have a student loan.
93. Nor do I want any of the above three.
94. I like Disney films.
95. I own 20 plus DVDs.
96. I like Mash potato.
97. I talk in my sleep.
98. I sometimes sleep walk.
99. I want to travel the world.
100. I think the end is never the end.

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