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Monday, August 19, 2002
Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Tomato, Toast, Mushrooms and brown sauce = Yummy breakfast.

After an interesting lecture on Heron's theory on interaction, what better way to fill the void then to go to my fav cafe/bar/ 'Browns' (A must if you are new to/or visiting Coventry) with five other friends and eat an English breakfast with a huge cup of hot chocolate. :-). Now that I am full of energy packed carbohydrates, I feel ready and in the right frame of mind for a quick information seeking session at Coventry Universities Fab library. My goal? To find some books on Confidentiality. I came here to the library on Friday night with no joy. Sure, I could see the books on the search engine, hey, I even had to library code numbers for them. However when I went to get the books off the self I was horrifed to find that a whole section 340-349 was missing off the self. Ekkkk!!! So here I am with a new plan, ask the librarian (who wasn't there on Friday).

In other news.........
Ever had one of those days when you keep bumping into people you know. On the way to the library I must have bumped into five different people and stopped to ask how their hols had gone. Thus a 10 minute journey to the library doubled.

This afternoon I am going to go to the cinema with four other friends, should be fun ;-). No idea what I am going to watch yet.
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Sunday, August 18, 2002

I have been back in Coventry for a week now. I haven't had any lectures yet because last week was reading week. I had placement on Tuesday and Wednesday, I only have five weeks left on my homebase placement now. It has gone really fast, 30 weeks - gone. The rest of the week I have sat out in the gorgeous weather we have had here in Sunny, Hot Coventry.

I have done some major organisation for my assignments. I know what I am doing for my learning contract and I have began to collect information for my 'Confidentiality and the Law' essay.

I went to the cinema last night to see Men in Black 2. It was entertaining. :-)

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Sunday, August 11, 2002

I have had a really good weekend. This weekend was my ‘holiday’ really. Out of the two weeks off I have had from university 50% of the time I have spent working on the bank as an auxiliary, 25% doing nothing and 25% in Blackpool having my proper break and holiday.

On Thursday morning I took a train from Birmingham to Manchester. I was unable to get a train from Tamworth because shock horror all the seven day advance train tickets were sold out! The journey was really fast and for a change it only took one hour and forty mins to get to Manchester, even better the train was exactly on time and there were no delays!

I stayed over night with my boyfriend before we headed off to Blackpool. We stayed at the Liberty’s Hotel on the North promenade. The hotel room was lovely. Luckily I was on the corner of the building on the second floor so I got a lovely view of the sea. The room had three large windows, a huge bed, two armchairs, a work surface type unit with drawers, two bedside tables, coffee table, colour TV, en-suite bathroom with toilet, sink, bath and shower. The bad thing about the hotel room was that the windowsills and coffee table were dirty. Plus the bathroom was a bit basic. Apart from that the room was fine.

I stayed at the hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. The breakfast was ok in that it hit the spot, unfortunately there wasn’t much variety. For self-service there were four choices of cereal, juice and grapefruit. Then a waiter would come up to you and ask what hot drink you would like (coffee/tea) and if you would like a ‘full’ English breakfast and toast. The ‘full’ English breakfast wasn’t exactly full; it missed components such as hash browns, mushrooms and black pudding.

All in all the Liberty’s hotel was nice with friendly staff and a comfortable room. During my stay there were cabaret acts, which are always fun. I’d give the hotel 7/10.

After settling into the hotel room and unpacking my boyfriend and me headed off to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. From the North pier [fairly close to the hotel] it didn’t look too far. I soon realised it was an optical illusion, 30 mins and 3 miles later we arrived. I can’t complain, this gave me the opportunity to have a really good look at the sea front. I went on three rides at the Pleasure beach. The first was called ‘Roller Coaster’ and terrified me, it was a smaller version on the ‘Big Dipper’ so basically just went up and down. I hate rides like this because they make my stomach feel really bad. I thought I was going to pass out I felt so ill. The second ride I went on was called ‘Avalanche’ much more my cuppa tea; this is a toboggan type roller coaster, fast and fun. Finally we went on the ‘Crazy Mouse’ roller coaster. The carriages on this ride are tiny and feel really unstable, its really fast and has sharp corners and deep drops on it which make you feel like the carriage will tip over. This added to the effect and I really enjoyed it.

On departing from the Pleasure beach I promised my boyfriend we would come back and go on ‘The Big One’ ‘Pepsi Max’ roller coaster. I even shook on it......

On the Friday evening I went to Harry Ramsden’s restaurant which is famous for its fish and chips. I had a Yummy parsley fish cake, chips and mushy peas. After tea I tried out a bar called Cahoots on the sea front. It had a mad glass dance floor upstairs so it felt like you were dancing on air – strange sensation, I got dizzy if I looked down too much hehe.

On Saturday I went to a Conference on Computer Security that my boyfriend was involved in from about 11am til 5pm. By Boyfriend did a talk on Client Server Security – it went very well.

On Saturday evening we chilled out and went for a walk down the sea front, we went into an arcade for a bit and then we got a huge bucket of KFC, took it back to the hotel room, watched TV and pigged out. At around about 12am I started to hear a helicopter, I looked out the window and saw that there was a major search going on of the coast with the coastguard and life boats out. We went for a closer look; from what I could gather a Fisherman had been swept away. I still don’t know if they found him but it wasn’t looking good. :-(

On Sunday morning we packed our stuff, left our luggage in the luggage room and checked out. As I had promised my boyfriend that I would ride ‘The Big One’ roller coaster, we headed back to the Pleasure Beach. I was REALLY nervous and scared because we are talking 200feet high, 85mph and 3 G’s. I went though with it and it was fantastic. I got to the top and said ‘Oh my God its so HIGH!’, there was no getting out of it then! I would recommend it 10/10, at least I can stay I did it!

The rest of my Blackpool experience was spent watching the air show and taking another visit to Harry Ramsden’s. I have eaten so much fish and chips heh...........

Blog Out

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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Working all those hours at the hospital pretty much tired me out. This week I have relaxed and used time as my holiday. My boyfriend came down last Saturday on a moments notice and today I myself am in Manchester, for tomorrow I am off to stay the the Liberty's Hotel in Blackpool for the weekend. I am really looking forward to it. :-) I will update with mass details on Sunday/Monday.

Blog out.
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