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Wednesday, July 31, 2002
I have been in Tamworth for a few days now, since getting back I have written a reflection for my midwifery placement and worked on the bank as an auxillary. I have been doing some crazy shifts, for example yesterday I worked from 7am til 9pm! 14hours later and my feet were aching. I got up at 5am again this morning for my 7am til 2pm shift. After the punishment my feet got yesterday they were screaming today after work. Other shifts I am doing: -

Thursday 1.30pm til 9pm
Friday 7am til 2pm
Saturday OFF
Sunday 1.30pm til 9pm

Next week I may only pick up one shift because I really should do some university work before I head off to Blackpool on the 8th August.

Blog out:
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Sunday, July 28, 2002

Long time no blog :-)

Can I make any excuses for not updating my blog? Well yes and no. Yes because I have had that nasty sore throat and cold that has been going around. No because I have been meaning too, but keep thinking I'll do it later. Well its later now so here goes.

Last weekend I was in Manchester and had a wonderful time. The journey went really quick, I had a good magazine to read and my book. My boyfriend was there to meet me off the train. One tram ride later we arrived in Bury and took the thirty minute walk back to his house. The walk was really good, I like to see new places. I was fairly knackered after tea so I just relaxed and watched the television. Friday afternoon we went for a walk round bury town centre, loads of shops and a decent market. On Friday night we went to the local pub and had a few drinks. During Saturday early evening myself, my boyfriend and his parents went to a local pub for tea. The view was beautiful from the pub window and the food (I had bangers and mash) was yum. On Saturday I went and tried out the 'place to be' in Manchester 'Tangled' night club. I thought it would be larger - something a long the lines of Ikon super club, but it was quite small. Still the size of the club didn't matter because the music was brilliant (Hard house). The advantage of Tangled is that there seemed to be a fun atmosphere, everyone was up for a good party. There was a group of men by the DJ box who decided to dance in a circle and not move, one of them kept bumping into me. I had to move in the end. The dance floor was packed out, I had glow sticks and a few people gave me the thumbs up. I couldn’t stay until the end (4am) because I was knackered, so we left just gone 2am. On Sunday we chilled and had pork chops for early tea. My train back to Coventry left bout 6ish, my boyfriend came with me and stayed this week.

This week as mentioned earlier I have been unwell. My throat was really sore on Tuesday and Wednesday I have been left with a cold which won't budge. Lucky for me my usual placement days had been changed from Tuesday and Wednesday to Thursday and Friday. This gave me two days off to recover. On Thursday and Friday I had my maternity branch exposure placement. During Thursday I was which the community midwife. We visited a few women who had given birth days before and pregnant women. I was actively involved in the visits as I was asked to test urine and take manual blood pressures. On the hospital wards I use the Diamap machine to take Blood pressure readings so I am out of practice with the manual method – good practice for me.

On Friday I was on the antenatal ward. The midwives on the ward send me down to the delivery suite. I got to see two caesareans, it was really interesting. After that I was sent home early because there wasn’t anything else to do or see.

In other news I rented the video Rat race – VERY VERY FUNNY.
Last night I went to the cinema to see Austin Powers Goldmember. The story line was naff – to be expected. However as expected the film was a lot of fun and made me laugh out loud. I like a good comedy.

Today I have travelled back to Tamworth for about ten days. This is my summer holiday from university. In the next ten days or so I want to do some auxiliary bank shifts, do some university work and relax & read. On the 9th-11th August I am going to Blackpool for the weekend. I am really looking forward to the break. I have never been to Blackpool before.

Well its late and that’s all folks – for now.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I went to see my personal tutor the other day to talk about my learning contract. I came away even more confused about what evidence I was going to do. Infact I was a little stressed about it. I got back to my house, made myself a cuppa tea and went set myself a task. I sat down infront of the learning contract work and said to myself, 'Louise, there is noway you are moving from this chair until you have decided what evidence you are going to do for each UKCC or as its now know was NMC outcomes. One hour and a half later I stood up very pleased with myself, because I understood it and decided on what evidence to write. Now all I need to do is get my tutor to sign the evidence ideas so I can get on with the assignment.

Placement was extremely busy today. I had an emergency trauma admission 30mins before I was due to finish, as I started the admission I had to finish it.....thats just the way it is sometimes, besides the child was anxious, looking at the factor it would be inconsiderate to confuse the child at this point by chopping and changing staff.

Tomorrow after lectures Weekend away in Manchester here I come......:-)
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Monday, July 15, 2002

Yesterday my journey home from Sheffield seemed to be going really fast until we hit delays just outside of Nuneaton. I don't mind if we are moving, but its a real pain in the neck when you actually stop dead. I arrived at Birmingham New St after a one hour delay. Thankfully my Dad picked me up from Birmingham New St, I drove Dad and myself back to Tamworth where I stayed for an hour before heading back to Coventry.

This morning I have had an Interpersonal Skills lecture, which was a bit boring. Got the seminar in a couple of hours, which has recently started to get more interesting. Then I have a meeting with my personal tutor to talk about the learning contract. It's a gorgeous day outside. Can't wait to finish for the day and get out there. :-)

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Saturday, July 13, 2002

This weekend I have come up to Sheffield to stay with my eldest sister. It’s always nice to get about from the workload back in Coventry for a few days. Lets face it we all need a break from time to time. I do have a fair amount of work on at the moment; I need to do my learning contract for module Nursing Practice 1. Basically for about four UKCC outcomes I need to provide evidence that I have achieved and understand them. I can provide evidence my doing anything from interviewing a nurse to being more creative and making a poster or leaflet. Then on top of that I need to read up on human interaction and interpersonal skills in order to prepare myself for a practical task of watching a video on interaction and then writing a critique on it. That is for module Interpersonal Skills. Thirdly I have to write an essay on the Laws protecting patients right to confidentiality, which should be very interesting. This essay is for the module Professional nursing practice.

Anyway enough of this work, I really shouldn't be thinking about it on my weekend off. :-). I got the train to Sheffield yesterday afternoon. On arrival to my sister’s house I got the grand tour. I have never seen the new house she lives in before and it is lovely. Then for the rest of the evening I watched TV, a video, had a sleep because I had a headache, ate cereal and then pizza for tea and then later on went to bed.

Today we went to Manchester; it just so happened that my boyfriend who lives in Manchester was in the city centre hehe. So we met up for the day, which was really fantastic. We had a wonder round the shops. The weather was perfect all hot and sunny. For lunch we went to Hard Rock cafe place and I had an extremely fatty 'pig sandwich' which was a sort of minced pork. A bit too meaty, but still nice enough. After another wonder around we went to the printworks, which contains a cinema. There we watched Resident Evil. This is certainly not my sort of film, a bit too scary and jumpy, plus the ending was naff. I'd only give it 4/10. However if you are into action and a bit of mindless violence then yeah you might like it. There is a Resident Evil 2 coming out, so the ending was one of those cliff-hanger sort of 'What’s going to happen next' type films. One things for sure I would be watching the next one. Give me a Sci-fi or Romantic comedy any day ;-).

Tomorrow I am looking forward to a long awaited sleep in. My train goes back round about 4-5ish. Then it’s back to Coventry and back to work. I feel motivated to get down to some work this week. Only time will tell.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

My boyfriend came back to Coventry for a long weekend on Friday and has only just headed back home this evening. We had a great weekend and went out a few times. On Friday I went to see the cinema to see Minority Report. It was a fantastic film to watch, a lot of action and the sort of film that you may think to be predictable as you watch it, but then something happens which totally throughs you. Loads of twists. I'd give it 9/10 and file it under 'must see'.

Also if anyone wants to see a good comedy that is out to rent I would recommend 'Rat Race'. It will have you in stitches.

On Saturday night I went to a rave with my boyfriend called 'Back in the Day part 4' at the institute in Coventry. I had a fantastic night. I danced for hours at a time and had two glow sticks to wave around which looked really cool. Everyone was looking at my glow sticks the attention was fun. At one point I was a bit knackered and needed a drink. So I opted for some lucozade sport which was fantastic, woke me up and gave me huge amounts of energy to carry on dancing! The rave was from 9pm til 6am, I went at 4am. ;-)
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Wednesday, July 03, 2002

One of the patients on my ward made me a hedgehog out of a stone, he painted the stone to look like one, glazed it and then stuck on some eyes. I think its super.

This evening me and my mates decided to go to Bums, Tums and Thighs class at coventry leisure centre. It was lots of fun, really worked up a sweat and it was a real killer, my legs were shaking because my muscles were screaming for mercy. I admit I couldn't keep up with the 20 minutes of sit ups, but come a few weeks when I have been going a while I will have it in the bag. I plan to go every wednesday after placement. Now to a night of relaxation me thinks.

blog out
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Monday, July 01, 2002

The first few nights in the new house have been fine. The bed is very comfortable. I find I have to open the curtains at night because otherwise it is too dark for me.

Today me and two of my mates built a chest of drawers which was purchased from argos. It was a flat pack. None of us had ever done this before and all we had was a screw driver. We had to sub the hammer with a shoe and the wooden end of another screw driver. We were so proud of ourselves when it was all built and looking fantastic. Ner who says we need men for DIY?
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