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Sunday, June 30, 2002
As it happened I did manage to get all of my packing finished this morning, although I was still at the packing when my Dad and Uncle arrived to help me move. They were lifesavers! I couldn't have done the move on my own; it would have been a nightmare. By 10am we had loaded everything into the car except my computer workstation and chair. We drove up to the house, which was only 5mins away and then waited ten minutes for the landlady to arrive. [We were early]. Once we had access to the house, the boxes immediately began to fill my new room.

My room is really good. Twice the size of my old one. It took me all day and well into the evening, but I have now got everything into order. I just need to find somewhere to put all of my washing stuff. The furniture already here was the bed, an armchair, a bookcase, a wardrobe, a desk and a chest of draws. I have two windows, one little frosted window and one large window. Neither have a view :-( and to see anywhere I need to look sideways out of the large window. There is plenty of light so that’s good. My room already looks like home. When we popped back to halls to get the remainder of the stuff I handed my keys in. As I left the flat I took one last look of my room, it seems like only the other day I was moving in. The last ten months...what a rush!

My boyfriend left to go back home to Manchester yesterday, I helped him load the car with his stuff. I shall miss him very much! Not too bad this time round as I get to see him in a week. X

This evening I have been out for a very expensive night with my Mate, had a great time, we went to Jumpin Jakks and Ikon. Cost loads to get in and then Drinks on top of that. Hence I am not allowed to spend any money this week, unless in an emergency. I danced really hard, my whole body aches hehe.

Tomorrow I plan to relax and read.

Night, Night.

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Saturday, June 29, 2002

This is it. :-( My final night in halls. I am shattered, I have only just finished packing everything, it seemed never ending! I still haven’t completely finished packing, but I can’t do anymore now until the morning. I can’t believe how much stuff I have. I certainly don’t remember arriving with this much. I figure I must I bought new things and brought bits back from home each time I visited. I am so glad I have my Dad and Uncle to help me move, it’s going to be a huge job.

The new house I am moving into is lovely. I will be living with two other nurses over summer and then another person will be moving in whom I don’t know. The house is only 5mins up the road by foot. With all the stuff I have it is unlikely I will make it all in one trip.

So, tomorrow is mass packing and unpacking trip then. I will have to sort out my Internet connection at some point and set up with someone other than NTL. So it could be a day or two before I am able to update my blog.

It is strange to think that this is the last night in my university room. I have had nine fantastic months here. I have to admit I am really looking forward to moving into this house.

The saga continues..............;-)

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Monday, June 24, 2002

Ahh Monday Mornings......
This morning I had an interpersonal skills lecture, which was really bizarre. Myself and my friends had no idea what the lecturer was getting at. He was talking about interaction but we still didn't get his point and at the end of the lecture I was glad to get out of there. To chill out after a confusing lecture I headed over to GRINGOs pub where you can get fantastic pizzas as in huge and cheap, with yummy garlic bread with cheese on. However be warned all pizza's come coated in orange grease! I'm willing to stand that for yummy pizza mind.

This evening I am chilling in front of the TV after I have done a bit of reading. I'm up at 6am tomorrow for an early shift.

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Sunday, June 23, 2002

I was just wondering if any of you who read my blog where wondering what marks I am actually scoring on my nursing course. Well here are the results to date: -

Session One
Welfare, Health and inequality - 47% Pass
Life Long learning essay - 68% Pass
Life long learning IT portfolio - 78% Pass
Introduction to Nursing practice Grid - Completed and Passed

Session Two
Introduction to Nursing - 70% Pass
Social Context of Health - Pending
Nursing Practice 1 - Pending

Session Three
Interpersonal Skills - Pending
Professional nursing practice - Pending
Nursing Practice 2 - Pending

Note: I am in Session three at the moment.
Note: I will update the pending entries when I get my results. :-)
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Last night I went out for my mate’s birthday in Nuneaton. I got smashed last night! This is why…

Before we went out: 1x Archers Aqua peach
1x Red square

Pub One: 1 x Reef green
1 x Archers and lemonade double
1 x Love juice (Reef red and yellow mixed)
All of the above was downed.

By this point I was drunk

Pub Two: 1 x Coke

Pub Three: 1 x Metz

Pub four: 1 x Archers Aqua Cranberry

Total Cost: £9.00
[A lot of drinks were bought for me, so all I paid for was one round and a coke!]

In pub four there was dance music on, so me and one of my mates decided to have a really good dance on the steps up to the dance floor.

Because I was pretty smashed by this point (very loud chatty, giggley – but still very able to walk) I went back to Coventry via a lift from my mates (She was also smashed and heading back early) boyfriend . I was dropped off to my flat were my boyfriend made sure I got to bed after drinking plenty of water.

I had a fantastic night, made some new friends and got to know my present mates better.

I am really looking forward to moving into my house next Saturday. It will be great fun.

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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Shame on me, I really am taking the mick with not updating this blog as much as I should be. Therefore I will not try and do much better and go to at least updating every few days. (I wonder how long that will last?)

Another new module began last week. Professional Nursing Practice on a Thursday afternoon covers Law, Ethics and Research (evidence based practice) for nurses and health care professionals. The lectures are interesting but heavy going. I recently got the Law and Ethics books by Hendrick recommended reading for this module. (Thanks Dad) The lecture puts up a reference at the end of the lecture telling us which chapter we could read out of the book for extended study. I find this very useful.

I am finding working on Tuesday and Wednesday for placement is much better then Sunday to Tuesday. I am learning even more now. I have admitted several patients and have seen loads of interesting operations in theatre because there is an orthopaedic list on Wednesday. I have also had a lot of experience in the fracture clinic. I was able to stand in with one of the consultant surgeons, which was fantastic because she explained loads to me, showed me X-rays, explained procedures and allowed me to removed plasters and dress toes and fingers. I even applied a splint to a broken toe or (metacarpal) – see I am learning hehe. It may not sound too exciting to anyone else. But I am really enjoying my course; I am doing the job I have always wanted to do!

In an ethical lecture today we were told: -

“You have chosen life, so get up and live it!”

I haven’t been out anywhere this week; I have a feeling I am not going to last much longer without a good dance somewhere! I shouldn’t really because I am seriously clamping down on spending because I have to pay a bond and three months rent up front next week! Fair enough clamping down on the spending, but I am sure I can budget a night out this week.

Hmmmm I think there is a Dance night on at Ikon this evening.

On the 6th July there is an Old Skool event at The Institute called ‘Back in the Day – Part 4” 9am til 6am. Definitely going to go to that one. :-).

Right I think that should be enough of an update for now :-).

Blogging dancing diva out.

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Monday, June 10, 2002

On Saturday night I went out with two of my mates and my boyfriend to see Spiderman at the cinema (An advanced preview). The film was fantastic! Really enjoyable, loads of action, special effects +++ and at times humour.

“Great power brings great responsibility” or something like that.

Today I started Session three. Monday was the beginning of a new module – Interpersonal skills. Basically all about communication and theories to go with it. I can see that these lectures are going to take a high standard of concentration to catch everything. After the lecture [Two hours long] I have a seminar [Also two hours]. Unfortunately I have a two-hour gap between the two; at least I don’t have to come far.

For the assessment side of the module we have to write a critique of a 15-minute video, which we only get to watch once in a lecture! Ekk!

This evening I plan to relax a bit after cooking a curry I don’t want to go out tonight because I’m back on placement tomorrow morning.

I have handed in all my Session two assignments woo-who…….

I also went to the Gym tonight, I don’t really need to because my figures good, its just for my own piece of mind really. I plan to go twice a week. :-)

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Friday, June 07, 2002

The past week has been so busy. It was my 21st Birthday on Monday. On the Sunday evening [My Mum and Dads anniversary] my family went out for a meal for my birthday. We all went to the Black Swan in Birmingham were they do yum food. On the Monday morning I slept in until gone 9am before getting up. I have done every so well for my birthday and got some many fantastic presents. My family has a bit of a tradition going on where all presents are opened in front of everyone else, something I find really good. I got things like clothes, CDs, a walkman, DVDs a DKNY watch, professional hair straighteners, Sketchers slip on trainers etc etc.

My boyfriend got me a really cool top with a Scottie dog on it, with the text ‘Grrrr’ underneath from Next. As well as a lava lamp. :-).

During the day of my birthday I went into town with my boyfriend and had a yum meal at Frankie and Bennies in Tamworth. On the evening I went to the nightclub Kube in Tamworth. Last time I went to this venue it was called Xenon and that was over a year ago. I had a really good time. Basically danced the night away, until the very end where there were only a handful of people left on the dance floor. My brother was also about. I got two call outs for my birthday, one from my brother and one from my boyfriend. THANX to both of them.

On Tuesday I had a very relaxing day. I didn’t really want to go back to Coventry, but I had to because I had lectures the very next day. So after much food shopping, we headed back early evening.

On Wednesday between 9am and 3pm I had the Adult Health theme day. Basically the theme days are a day when you listen to various lectures to give you a taste of different branch programs. The Adult health theme day was interesting, but I wouldn’t like to be an adult health nurse, Child health is what I have wanted to do for ages, here I am, I love it.

On Wednesday night a night out in Ikon was on the menu. I got there only to find that DIVA was closed. DIVA is a downstairs room were they have all the house music. I was gutted, and thus had to dance to cheese all night. Still had a good time, but not as good as it could have been.

I popped into a Rave shop the other day to get some glow sticks and a flyer for the up coming event “Back in the Day” [An old skool rave] which will be held on 6th July. I am looking forward to it.

On the work front I have got all the assignments ready to hand in on Monday 10th June. Next week marks the beginning of Session Three. It’s going to get busy on the work front again. Monday 9-5 is Interpersonal skills, Tuesday and Wednesday is placement, Thursday 2-5 is Professional nursing skills and Friday to Sunday is my own time.

Its only one month now until I move into the new house, I am looking forward to it now. Next time I am home I should get some boxes together ready to pack nearer the time.

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Sunday, June 02, 2002

I am now free from assignment work for at least a month! I finished my Social context of health assignment on Friday. Session two of my course is just finishing. Session three begins week beginning 10th June. Yep, no three-month summer holiday for us Nurses. It’s going to be really strange all summer. Coventry is such a student city. Walk around the city centre and near enough every building belongs to the university. Students have already started to leave for the summer [The one’s who have finished their exams] and already you can see the difference in how busy the place is. Coventry will be a ghost town over summer. I hope the next three months fly by, so I can get back to the norm.

On Friday night it was my mates 21st Birthday party. We all went to Pizza Express to celebrate. I had a yum pizza with olives, peppers, ham, one egg, cheese, tomato and anchovies. After the meal we went on to the Students Union for a little while, I had a pretty good dance to the 45mins of Commercial dance they put on, but we went early on because one of my mates was not feeling well. One rule I stand true to: If one mate is unwell and can’t stay you go too and make sure she gets home ok.

Last night I went to the Rave at the Institute in Coventry, with my boyfriend. When I arrived the place was pretty dead, but it soon picked up. For some reason I developed ‘nerves’ or lack of confidence and it took me ages to get up and dance, once I was up on the dance floor I had a great time. It’s loads of fun. My boyfriend got two glow bars and they looked really good.

Two dodgey moments: 1. Some bloke on the DJ stage came out with an angle grinder! At first I thought it was just an indoor firework making the sparks, but then I realised that they were real red-hot sparks falling into the audience. A bit dangerous I thought.

2. Some mad nutter women sudden came up to my boyfriend and started really pulling hard to grab his glow bars! My boyfriend held on and she sort of wondered off. Very strange…..

All In all the good out weighed the dodgey moments and I had a good time. I have been to two raves in my life now and there are more to come…….watch this space.

In about thirty minutes I am off back home to Tamworth for a few days. Really looking forward to it. Its my 21st birthday tomorrow so the next few days should be fantastic!!
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