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Friday, April 19, 2002
This morning I really did get out of the wrong side of the bed. I was well grumpy. I think I didn’t have enough sleep. Even though I stayed in bed until 10ish, maybe it would have been in everyone’s interest if I had stayed put for a few more hours. So here’s a SORRY to anyone who has come up against my raff hehe. I’m happy to report that the grumpiness has worn off and I am back to normal. I think I just needed to wake up and get with it a bit more.

I decided not too long ago to go for a walk and get some fresh air. On my travels I stopped at Sainsburys to grab some cake and ended up with two boxes of French fancies. Well they were on special so I thought I might as well get a couple of boxes. :-).

On the way back just as I was walking under the ring road I noticed a suspicious pigeon standing on the wall. [I don’t like pigeon’s so to me they are all a bit dodgy]. A young pigeon then flew down next to the other and started squeaking. The older pigeon then decided to regurgitate what it had eaten for the young pigeon…yuck!

Once I saw a pigeon walking round Coventry city centre without any feet, it just had stumps. It looked really strange. FACT: pigeon poo rots their own feet.

Placement was exhausting this week. It knackered me right out for the next few days as well. This morning I have organised what coursework I have to do between now and the end of May.

I have:
Eight reflective diary entries [approx 250 words each] Must be done by 14th May
One reflective essay using a model of reflection [1000 words] Must be done by 28th May.
Three Learning needs [500 words each plus pictures] Must be done by 14th May.
Social context of health essay [Not yet launched] Deadline end of May.

In other words A LOT of work. As long as I keep to the above dates then it will all be done no problems.

Over the last two weeks I have gone Magazine Mad. I have in my room 1 Marie Claire, 2 Cosmo’s, 2 Heat’s and 1 Paediatric Nursing Journal. Plus I am half way through my latest fiction book ‘Babyville’. On top of all that I am reading one chapter of a course textbook every day. Hehe. Now that’s a lot of reading. It’s just a good thing I like to read. ;-)

Tomorrow all my non-nursing flatmates and my boyfriend will be back from their Easter holidays. Can’t wait, plus it will be a full flat again. Welcome back social life hehe.

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Thursday, April 11, 2002

This morning I got up and had a bacon sandwich and a cuppa tea while I finished off my assignment. Yippee I finished my introduction to nursing module assignment, printed it off and binded it. :-). I popped up to Campus to try and find my tutor to see if I could get the dates of my placement elective, I didn't find my tutor but I did get the dates from the Child Health nursing notice board. Therefore my elective will be three weeks before christmas and then four weeks after.

I then treated myself for the rest of the day by spending too much money on two tops and a skirt. I think I am entitled to treat myself from time to time, I work hard honest! :-)
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Wednesday, April 10, 2002

I got back to Coventry on Tuesday. Its really quiet round here, even on campus there are very few students. Not suprising really considering term doesn't start for everyone else for another 12 days or so. I have been working really hard on my Introduction to Nursing assignment. I have almost finished, I just need to list some summative and formative questions, type that bit up, add it to my saved assignment and print off. Tomorrow my plan is get up, finish my assignment, go see my tutor about my elective placement [which lasts for seven weeks round christmas time - I get to chose were to go] to find out the actual dates of it and then I am going to take a walk into the city centre to see if anything takes my fancy. :-)

A new module started today. It only runs for six weeks, it is called "Social context of health and health care". It looks very interesting...Our tutor is very funny and holds the classes attention easy. He recommended a book for 'essential reading' for the module, which he just happened to have co written. It looked good so I went to waterstones on campus and bought it. I have just read the first chapter [23pages in 30mins hehe] and it is an excellent book so far, very interesting, relevant and it is easy to read. Money well spent. I think the 07.30am start this morning is starting to catch up with me, I shall do a few more things online, read for a bit [currently reading Babyville by Jane Green] and then hit the sack. :-)
Blog out.
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Sunday, April 07, 2002

Ok, just to confirm – the I’m working from Tuesday to Friday last week was but a lie. Why lie on my blog? Easy, to surprise someone. :-) On Tuesday morning I got the 07.35am train from Tamworth to Manchester which got in at 09.02am. I was really excited to be in Manchester as I have never been there before and was interested to see what it was like. I had to get the Metro link from Manchester station in order to get to Bury. I boarded the Metro and asked some random person if this was the Metro to Bury, yes they replied. However when I arrived at the next stop a woman came up to me and said, I think you have to change here if you want to go to Bury. So I got off the Metro. I wasn’t too sure about trusting this random person so I looked at the front of the Metro and low and behold it said Bury on the front. Doh! I went to get back on the Metro but my mini suitcase got trapped as the Metro doors closed! I yelped and tried to pull my suitcase through with no joy, I tried to press the door button but that didn’t work! Thankfully a bloke on the platform outside managed to push my suitcase through before the Metro moved off.

I had about eight stops to pass; the one I was looking for was Whitefield. Throughout the journey I was texted my co-conspirator who was meeting me at the station, I arrived on time. After stopping for a cuppa tea and throwing my victim a few more times via false text messages I arrived at my boyfriend’s house and surprised him. It was great fun, I was sure that he had sussed it but it really was a surprise. :-). So through Tuesday to Friday I was in Bury, which was the good part. The bad part was that I have had a really severe externa ear infection in both ears. The pain has been unbearable at times due to pressure building up in my ears. My ear canals have been so sore and swollen my hearing as been affected and still now and am still not over it, although after five days I am improving.

I have a visited a number or GPs, one walk in centre and even went to Accident and Emergency one evening and waited for three hours due to the pain. The GPs in Manchester were very good, but I fear I need to but shame to two GPs I have seen here in the Midlands. I will not name them or their practices as I am not that cruel, but these experiences I will never forget.

The first GP who I was an emergency doctor on Bank holiday Monday, very kindly looking in my infected ear with the scope and then used the same scope to look in my good ear, in doing so I ended up with two infected ears!

The second GP who had been my GP for 20years was useless! I came back from Manchester and needed to see my GP for a referral to an ENT department at the local hospital. I booked my appointment with the “evil receptionist from hell” [Who has been there for years]. On arrival she told me – you’re not registered at this practice! Errmm hello, I’ve been coming here for years. Unbeknown to me when I registered at my Coventry University campus medical centre I was taken off my GPs list. Great I thought, they tried to tell me I couldn’t see this GP. No problem I thought, I will just fill in a Temporary residence form and see him that way. This seemed like a major inconvenience for them and then there was a big who-har over my permanent address! When I actually got to see the doctor, it was clear that he did not want to help me and basically told me there was nothing he could do. It was clear that he was hacked off with me and wanted rid of me. Shocking really considering me and my family have been going to see him for years! He owes me big time! Six years ago when I had cancer, he kept telling me I had kidney infections; it was only when I saw a different doctor that I was told to go to A and E.

So I am completely unimpressed with these GPs. I could name them, but I’m not out for revenge – that would make me as bad as them.

Ever had a perfect day? Well yesterday was one of my perfect days. My boyfriend came back to Tamworth with me when I went home from Bury. So yesterday we went into Tamworth and had a wonderful time showing him round Tamworth town centre. To top it all off it was a beautiful sunny day – much the same as today. I had so much FUN hehe. :-)

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