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Thursday, March 28, 2002
I'm almost at the end of my first week home. I am knackered this evening. I have just done two early shifts on the bank nursing auxiliary to put a little extra money in my pocket. I'm not back at work now until next Tuesday and then I am working all the way up until Friday. Ekk I must be mad, especially as I have an assignment that I want to have finished before I go back to University on the 6th April. While walking the dogs earlier this evening I spotted the Comet thats in the sky at the moment [can't remember the name of it]. The sunset made it look all pink - very pretty, PLUS its a full moon tonight. Right I think I'm off to watch a bit of TV and take the rest of the night off.
Blog out.
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Monday, March 25, 2002

Last Friday's night out to the students union was fantastic, a really good way to end the second term. I can't believe how fast this term has gone. I've heard that the third term goes even faster, scary! Unfortunately when everyone has broken up for the Two-three months they have off for summer, us nurse's will be still at Uni. I only get two weeks summer holiday off at the end of July.

I've been back at home in Tamworth since Saturday night. Since then I have had a very lazy Sunday and then worked on one of my assignments from about 11.30pm til 2am, what can I say, I was wide awake. If I'm wide awake I might as well work.

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Friday, March 22, 2002

I slept really well last night now that I am feeling better. It was nice not to be woken by an alarm clock for the first time in over a week. I got up and had breakfast while watching television. Once all sorted I headed off to the library for about 1ish to do some research.

I had found some interesting journals on the library search engine and was glad to be able to find the articles I wanted relatively fast. Normally I am stuck for ages and normally come away with out what I want. But things went better. What has taken most of my time has been the referencing and the photocopying. [There was a large queue]. It's almost five and I'm about to head off back home via the newsagents to get some 'Top up' for my mobile.

This evening I am going to the Students Union, I am really looking forward to it. I feels like I haven't been out for a good drink and dance in AGES. I shall have a great time….. Errmmm better start deciding what I'm going to wear. :-)

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Thursday, March 21, 2002

Its taken me almost eight days [Four of which spent in bed] but I have just about got over this Virus. I have felt really ill with it and as a result I lost out on getting a fair amount of work done on one of my assignments. Not to worry though. I still have tomorrow and two weeks of Easter Holiday to get that sorted.

On a much more cheerful note I got the assignment results back from my Life Long Learning Module. For the Reflective Essay [CWK 1] I got 68%! For the IT portfolio skills bit [CWK 2] I got 78%! I was well chuffed. :-)

I have done very little so far today. As I am still not 100% in health,I have just relaxed. I had a meeting with my personal tutor, she looked over my Ten reflective diary entries and Two of my learning needs/objectives. [CWK for the module Nursing Practice 1] They are fine and right on the mark. I just need to research an article on Play therapy i.e. the one written by Platt.

Very sortly I am popping into town, having a window shop, a hot drink from Browns and then popping into Sainsburys. This evening I am cooking a Beef stew with vegetables and rice. Actually I'm really hungry - haven't had any lunch yet! Next job FIND FOOD. :-)
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Sunday, March 17, 2002

Shame on me, I haven’t updated my blog in ages…. Well this huge post should make up for it.

Last weekend I went home. The Thursday before I had done an extra shift on placement so I could have Sunday off. It has been ages since I had a full weekend at home. I haven’t been at home for a Sunday since last September.

Dad arrived on the Friday and I drove home no problem. Had a relaxing Friday night at home with the family. On Saturday my Dad let me take his car out, on my own!!!! This is the first time Dad had trusted me with the car since passing my test last December. I basically experienced what its like to taxi siblings round all day is like. I drove brothers and sisters in and out of Tamworth. Still I can’t complain its all-good driving experience.

In town I got Mum a Mothers Day card and on the way back I stopped off at Belgrave Nursery. Belgrave Nursery does the BEST flowers, they are all grown there and the family who run the business are friends of ours. You get really good value for money and the flowers are beautiful. For Mum I got her a gorgeous arrangement of flowers.

I hid the flowers in my brother’s room [where its cool] until Mum got home. When Mum got home I walked down the stairs and just as I reached the bottom Mum called me saying there was a call for me. I walked into the living room and handed her the flowers saying, “You hold these and I will take the call”. I just love the look on people’s faces when you give them flowers. Mum was delighted.

On the Saturday evening my whole family – all eight of us Mum; Dad, my brothers Chris and Antony and my sisters Jude, Elaine and Steph, went out to the Boathouse in Sutton Coldfield Park for a Mothers Day meal. The meal was lovely, and it was just fantastic to have the whole family together. We all pretty much work shifts, so having us all together is normally a nightmare to arrange.

On Sunday Mum was working all day, with a two-hour break in the middle. For the two-hour break Mum came home for lunch. I made everyone who was about [six of us] lunch; sausages, mash, gravy and broccoli. It was a lovely lunch and I’m sure Mum enjoyed a good fill in her break.

Well that was last weekend. This week and flown by. I was on placement on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I went to the library to collect some information for various assignments I have to do for the modules Introduction to Nursing and Nursing Practice 1. I find it really hard to get the information I want sometimes, the fact I was knackered didn’t help.

On Wednesday I got to have a sleep in and during the afternoon I had my Introduction to nursing four-hour lecture. Which I found useful. On Wednesday evening I started to feel ill. I have been working really hard this week and I think it has finally caught up with me. Symptoms: Sore throat, bit of a cough and a really bad head cold. I have been ill for 4 days and still I haven’t started to get better. I had to call in sick for placement today, which I hate doing because I always feel guilty afterward. It’s silly to think that really because I won’t be good to anyone being ill on the ward. I have been spending the last few days in bed, sleeping. I was told yesterday that it looks like this virus that is going around, apparently some people have had it for a week plus!

This week I have a fair bit of work to do. In an ideal world I would get it done before I break up for the Easter holidays on Friday – so fingers crossed. I have one assignment [1000 words] to do and a couple of learning needs to finished [1000 words].

The nursing saga continues :-).

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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

It's not long at all now until the Easter Holidays. Only two and a half weeks to go. On the bad side us nurses only get two weeks off, where as the rest of the university has one month off! I have been working really hard this week with placement and researching for two of my six assignments on the go at the moment. I have been quite knackered, although I am feeling better this evening. The plan for the night is to do some more reading and watch a bit of television. I have just ordered a book off amazon called "Practicals of children's nursing". Ekk I have to be up at 6am tomorrow, I am on an early on placement. Then I am going to view another house. The hunt for accommodation continues.

This weekend I am going home for the whole weekend. That should be good, normally I have to go back on the Saturday, this time I have changed my shifts so I can have Sunday off.
Blog out :-)

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Sunday, March 03, 2002

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Friday, March 01, 2002

I haven't long been back from seeing my boyfriend off at the train station, I wouldn't see him for three days! :-( My week has consisted of three main things. Working at placement, realising how much work I have to do and looking for a place to live this July.

Placement has been really good. I am learning a fair amount and really enjoying it at the same time. Last Tuesday it was so quite – there was nothing at all to do with only a few patients on the ward. In the end all we could do was sit down and write some reflections.

I phoned up the nurse bank on Monday and have requested an application form. I worked on the Auxiliary bank in Sutton Coldfield before I came to university so I should have no problems getting a bank job. There are shifts going on the ward I am doing my placement. Even if I couldn’t get on that ward I could work on the elderly medical wards because I have had experience there. The extra experience and money would be great.

I have LOADS of work to be getting on with. First off for my Module Nursing Practice 1, I need to (a) Write one reflection using a model of nursing [1000 words]. (b) Write 20 reflective diary entries [250 words each] from my experiences out on placement. (c) Out of the 20 diary entries I need to pick 5 “learning needs” – things I want to learn more about, and write 500 words each, including pictures and diagrams.

For my module Introduction to Nursing I have to write various bits and pieces i.e. care plan, nursing model, list this and that – relating to a scenario about a child with asthma. [1000 words].

Then finally I have an assignment waiting to be launched after Easter for the module “Social context of health”.

So I have a fair bit of researching to do. Hence why I am going to the library once I have uploaded this blog post.

I have been searching for a place to live this week. I will be living with 2 or 3 other students in a house. I have various appointments to go see this and that. Ideally I would like a nice house in Lower Stoke, which is a mile max from the city centre.

I viewed a house in Druid St last Thursday, which took 30mins from the library to walk to. It was apparently a three-bedroom house. But the third room was a box. I doubt you could get a bed in there!! The carpets were all knackered and in the second room there was damp on the ceiling and all round the edge of the carpet. The Kitchen was tiny and looked like it had been built 50 yrs ago. The only nice room was the living room. The house had potential but you could spend thousands doing the place up. The hunt continues……..

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