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Saturday, February 23, 2002
I am full of a really nasty cold. Therefore I have been veg’in all day – hoping to get the worst of it out of my system before placement tomorrow.

On Friday I got up early and caught a coach to London from Coventry Pool Meadow bus station. Objective: Ride the London Eye. My older brother Chris was already on the coach [which picked him up in Tamworth]. I dozed for most of the 2 and a half hour journey, other then that I listened to some music.

I was glad to get to London, I really don’t like coach journeys, they are cramped, stuffy and tiring. The fact that I didn’t get much sleep the night before didn’t help. We really had to rush to get to Victoria Underground so we could get to Westminster for 12.30. The London Eye looks fairly impressive [It reminds me of a big Ferris wheel] but I have been up the CN Tower in Toronto so by comparison it’s not that big.

Our “flight” was at 1pm. To get to the “boarding gate” you have to queue in three different queues. Very strange. I got in the capsule and we went round very slowly. Which is ok, because any faster and people might start to feel sick or dizzy. In total its about 127 feet up so you get a very good view of London. It was a sunny day so that really helped. I got a lovely view of the houses of parliament and Big Ben.

Although the views were good, after the flight the words that came to mind were “Is that it”.

I spent the rest of the day in London window shopping and had lunch in Pizza Hut. By which time it was time to head back to the Bus Station. The Bus journey home was from hell. I felt really ill the whole way. It was too dark to read and I didn’t have any music to listen to. The coach crawled out of London adding an extra 45mins on to the journey time. I was SO glad to get off the bus. Next time I am definitely going to go by Train.

So here’s a big THANKS to my brother Chris, who paid for me to go. *Poor Student*

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Monday, February 18, 2002

I'm in the middle of my two days of placement. I am knackered. Placement is going really well. I am getting loads of experience and enjoying it. I have worked out I have four assignments on the go and some reading to burn my way through. I have finished my reading and work for today. I think a nice tea and a night of video watching is in order. :-) What videos? Dirty Dancing and The talented Mr Ripley.
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Friday, February 15, 2002

The sweets Love hearts: one word “Hilarious”.

Oceans Eleven was a fantastic film. I really good all round film – loads of fun to watch. It would have to be a 9/10. This film is about eleven men who plan to rob three casino's in Las Vegas. The way they plan to do it is pure genius. A must see film for all people.....errmm as long as you are 12 or over [Cert. 12] I'm a Student Children's Nurse what can I say? hehe.

I am back at home in Tamworth until Saturday evening. I must get my reflection done for a few things I have learnt in my placement. I WILL do that after I have walked the two dogs - Molly and Ben.
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Thursday, February 14, 2002

This morning I had a huge bunch of flowers of carnations and roses delivered to my bedroom door! It was a lovely surprise from Phill. I also got a really lovely card. :-). Tonight for Valentines Day after I have made a Tuna pasta thing, we are going to the cinema to see Oceans Eleven. I have booked tickets on the Odeon website. It should be a really nice night.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Yesterday for the tradition of it on the way back from placement I decided to make some pancakes. I went to the local supermarket and picked up all the ingredients. Errmm…Milk, flour, eggs, salt and water. Then to go on the pancakes I got caster sugar, ice cream and bananas.

When I got back to my flat I released I actually had no idea how to make the pancakes, so I logged on to the Internet and pulled up a recipe – easy. I made the batter and let it “stand” for 30mins. By which time I decided not to cook the pancakes that night, as I was knackered. I but the batter in the fridge and then came back to it earlier today.

I heated some oil in a pan and then tried to cook the first pancake, it was a disaster. It turned came out as a folded up lump of pancake. So I abandoned the pan and used a Wok. MUCH better. The pancakes came out fantastic and I had loads of fun making them – even more fun eating them. :-). So that is an extra skill I have “I can make pancakes!” The fact that I will only need this skill once a year makes no difference! None at all! :-).

All day Tuesday I had this really strange feeling that something was going to happen. I can’t explain what exactly. Just my instincts going mad I think. Just before I went to bed last night I got a phone call. Would you believe it was from a friend of mine who I haven’t heard from in a few years! This friend of my mine is someone who I grew up with all through Primary and Secondary school. I have his email and telephone number so it’s nice to be back in contact.

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Saturday, February 09, 2002

Last night I attended my very first rave. The event was called “Back in the Day” and was held at “The Institute” here in Coventry. The music played was Old Skool. I had a fantastic night the best by far since New Years Eve. At this Old Skool event there are about 120 beats per minute, you need to keep up to that, its ok not too fast. I’d like to try a Hardcore rave, now that is 170 beats a minute!

I began to get ready at 8.30am, I was told that the dress was very casual and that comfortable shoes were a must. I wore a new red top with the number “55” on the front from Next and some black bootleg hipster trousers from Top shop. On my feet I wore my new sketchers trainers.

I had a few drinks for Archers Aqua before I left here in the flat and then I set off to The Institute with my boyfriend Phill. When I arrived I could hear the music base from outside. There was a short queue, 10mins and eight pounds down later I got in. The Old Skool arena was verging on packed on arrival at 10.50pm. First stop the cloaks. The queue was something stupid; I queued for about 30mins but finally got there.

While queuing I listening to the music and watched the arena below. Old Skool is really catchy and I recognised some of the music from CDs I have listened to. The heat in there was really bad. It must have been pushing on thirty plus degrees. The air was so hot upstairs it felt like you couldn’t get enough air. This is going to be a monthly event so hopefully they will have the heating/air conditioning sorted next time. I must have lost a few pounds from the heat and the dancing a lone!

First stop the dance floor. It only took me a few mins to get used to the music. I had great fun dancing. First off I must have danced non-stop for one hour and 30mins, then after a drink of water I set off again for another hour or so. Que another drink and a cool down break I was back on the dance floor, but only for 30mins. We left at 3.30am. The place closed at 4am and we didn’t want to get caught by the cloaks queue.

There were various DJs playing throughout the night, names I can remember: Ellis Dee, Energy, Doogle and Rap-pac and Slip-mat. My favourites were Ellis Dee [Very piano based music] and Energy [His music is a lot faster]. There were a few blokes called MCs i.e. Charlie B. MCs basically shout over the mics to hype up the crowd. I bet loads of people would get a headache from listening to them, but they are really good.

It was definitely a proper rave with casual wear, glow bars, whistles and fantastic music. Will I go back next month? Try and hold me back! On the way home we stopped at the chippy, I was knackered and really hungry. I would have to give the night 10/10.

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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Last Sunday I had the first day of my placement. I set off from my flat at 7am [ekk!] and walked to my placement. I spotted one of my fellow student nurse friends when I arrived at the hospital. She is on the same ward as me too, so we walked up to the ward together. The placement went very well. There were not many patients on the ward because it was a Sunday. Sundays are typically “quiet”. For my eight and a half hour shift I get one 15 min breaks and one 30min break. As it was quiet I was allowed 30mins for both breaks.

Throughout the shift I touched on various skills such as Apex heart beat/pulse measurement, temperature measurements with a tympanic thermometer, made some beds, helped wash and dress some patients, arranged breakfast and lunch for the patients. There were not too many procedures going on so it was very quite in the afternoon. I assisted the Play specialist with painting windows and drew a huge picture of Harry Potter to go on the wall. Then one of the Nurses went through “Care plans” with me.

Next week I will be allocated my Mentor. From meeting the staff and working on the ward I can see that I will enjoy this placement very much.

Yesterday was the launch of my second out of three modules for Session two. The module is titled Introduction to Nursing. I can see this module is going to be really interesting. It will cover subject areas such as Care plans, Nursing theories/Models/Research and Nursing ethics. This module lasts for seven weeks and then the module Social Context of health will begin and last for a further seven weeks. I have already received the assignment brief, the assignment relates to nursing modules and care plans. It looks tough right now, but once I have got into the module more I should understand it naturally.

Yesterday morning I smashed my Glitter Lava lamp. I loved that lava lamp, it looked really nice. L. How did I do it? I was searching for my watch, turned and knocked it clean off my bedside table. It smashed in “slow motion”, I watched in horror as Glitter was splattered up the wall and oil, wax and water sleeked all over the carpet! I picked up all the glass and the base and put kitchen roll down to soak up all the various liquid. Would you believe I smashed it about 5mins before I had to set off to my new module [above]. I had to leave it for 4 hours. When I returned I continued to soak up more, hovered the glitter up and then scrubbed the floor with warm soapy water. Lucky for me no stain is visible. It’s a good thing too because the university charges £100-150 to replace the carpet.

Today I have been into Birmingham to Shop via the train. I had a fantastic day, drank good hot chocolate from Nero’s in the Pavillions [sp?], ate yummy food in The Loft and bought two new tops and a lovely pair of Sketchers [grey, white, red with glitter strips].

Well that should do for my Blogging for today. Plans for tomorrow? Hairdressers and then in the evening I am going to my very first Old Skool Rave at The Institute here in Coventry. I’m at bit nervous but it should be great fun and a laugh.

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Friday, February 01, 2002

I am feeling much better today; the sore throat and cough have pretty much completely disappeared.

Yesterday I had an introduction to my new module Nursing Practice 1 for my second term and the visit to my practical placement. I have huge amounts of work to do in the next 15 weeks. I am not complaining. I have been expecting it. I am looking forward to getting on with my work and learning new skills along the way. After all that’s what I came to university for to learn a profession.

The visit to my placement went very well, I was only on the ward for about 30mins. We have been given booklets and loads of information to learn on the ward and orthopaedics. My hours will be Sunday to Tuesday 7.30am until 4.00pm. My first day begins this Sunday. I am really looking forward to starting this placement. My first placement known as a “Home base” lasts 30 weeks.

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