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Tuesday, January 29, 2002
It really has been a long time [again] since I updated my blog. I haven’t been feeling very well the last few days, so I have been sleeping a lot. I am lucky that I haven’t had any lectures, because ill or not I would have gone to them. I have a nasty cough at the moment, which is getting better. It seems worse when I try and sleep. I have the visit to my practice placement tomorrow. I need to wear my uniform; I am really looking forward to it. I will be working on the Children’s Orthopaedics’ ward.

Last Wednesday I had my clinical measure’s practical lecture. For this lecture we were required to learn how to take pulses, temperatures, BP’s and oxygen saturation. I have certainly benefited from working as an auxiliary nurse last year. As a result I have experience in this sort of thing. It’s good having the experience because then the lecture is mostly revision and you can help and support your fellow Students.

We used the mercury glass thermometers. Somebody smashed one of them and we had to evacuate the room while the mercury was cleaned up. We also used the “new” tympanic thermometers [The ones that look like a gun and you take a reading from the ear]. I used a Sphygmomanometer to take my neighbours BP. While taking a manual BP reading you use a Stethoscope. It can be quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, its comes naturally. The difficult thing is, listening for the return of the blood flow, feeling for the pulse and reading the metre all at the same time.

Well enough of this nursing jargon. Blog out. :-)

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Friday, January 18, 2002

I'm having one of those chilled days. I got up at a reasonable hour of 9am. I have basically spent the day reading, watching a bit of TV and Peak Practice [which I recorded last night]. I'm going to get a drink and tackle some guided study titled "IT in health care". Then I am going back to chilling :-).

Kickboxing on Wednesday was great fun. The warm up seemed especially difficult - maybe I shouldn't have eaten that banana before I started. We covered a lot of punch and Kick combo's. Near the end I was paired up with the instructor. I was told to kick him "As hard as I could" because as he put it "You won't hurt me". Well......Not wanting to hurt him, because you never know, I didn't kick as hard as I could. The opportunity to be graded is coming up. You have to pay membership etc before you can get graded. I'm not too worried about being graded. I am more in it for the fitness, self-defence and fun :-)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Last night I went to the cinema to see "Rat Race". It was a really funny film. Every single scene was funny. A must see! Watch out for the "Hitler scene" - by far the best. :-)
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Let's see what exciting adventures have a had today? Well, I handed in an assignment for Welfare, Health and Inequality. I window shopped round Coventry and ordered a book at WHSmith. I popped into Sainsbury's and picked up some milk, cereal and banana's. I am very shortly going out to Brown's [Coffee/bar/food place] and that's about it. Although I am going out tonight clubbing. :-).
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Saturday, January 12, 2002

It has been ages since I updated my blog. That’s what the beginning of a new year does to you. Where to begin, well New Years Eve seems like the best place to start. For New Years Eve I went up to Sheffield and stayed over night with my sister. We went to the nightclub Kingdom. I had a fantastic time and rang in the New Year in style.

On New Years Day I had a nice pub lunch in Sheffield before catching the train back into Tamworth. When I got there it was freezing cold and I had to wait 30mins for a Taxi. The Taxi Company was still charging double time! That set me back £10.

I returned to University on the 5th January J. When I got back from work on the Sunday all of my flatmates had returned and since things have returned to normal student life. In other words: Assignments, lectures, Parties, late nights and long sleep in’s.

For the next two weeks I don’t have many lectures because I am coming up to the end of Session 1 and the beginning of Session 2 [Which starts in Feb]. Come session 2 my placement begins. I’m looking forward to getting back on the ward. I’ll be doing Early and Late shifts. I don’t mind either but I prefer early’s as I have no trouble getting up, plus you have the whole afternoon and night off.

In Feb I will be on placement Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and in University on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So I’ll be fairly busy. [But I’ll be sure to make time for my social life].

For the past few days I have had a sore throat and a cold. If I had any sense I wouldn’t have gone out last night, and would have stayed in the warm etc. But as us Nurse’s make the worse patients I went out anyway and had a good time.

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