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Friday, November 30, 2001
I haven't got round to updating in the last few days because I have been too tired from lack of sleep. Now I'm feeling more awake here goes.

I had my final seminar of the model WHI this morning, only lasted one hour. We had to do a quiz to see how healthy we were, the higher the score the better. I got 52 out of 63. (lost points because I drink full fat milk).

Uniform still hasn't arrived, they better get a move on, placement is just over the horizon.

This morning I travelled on the bus to Birmingham it took 70mins, I couldn't believe it! I felt really sick by the time I got to Brum. Met Mum and we have been Christmas shopping all day. I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I better start my final essay for this session at University.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

After my one and only lecture this afternoon I spotted a notice on our cohort board, stating that our Name badges have arrived. I went to get mine straight away. I picked it up and on it is says, "Coventry University, Louise (surname), Student Nurse". Student Nurse! Student Nurse, that’s me. I think it’s just hit me. I'm a student nurse and I am proud of myself.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Just had a virus scare. My flatmate was having trouble opening a file on an email, so she emailed it to me to see if I could open it. I couldn’t even get to the part where you download it on my talk21 account so I gave up. I told her to email it to one of the lad’s op where we live (he’s a computer genius). He saw by the name of it that it was a virus and told us straight away to turn off our computers. After he had got some info on it off the net he came over and cleaned my flatmates computer. Thankfully I wasn’t infected. Scared me to death. Just to be sure I have virus scanned my computer and updated my Norton program on the net. Computer is clean.
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Monday, November 26, 2001

I don’t like waiting at bars for a drink. I decided this because it seems to take me extra long to get served. Am I invisible? Don’t I lean close enough? Twice on Friday two lads had to say to the Barman she was before me. When someone cuts in front I do say I was first but that make no difference.
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Last night on channel 4 it was announced that the out of the Top 100 films Star Wars was number 1. No big surprise. I saw it at the pics when it was re-released a few years back, good film.
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Sunday, November 25, 2001

The only slightly interesting thing that I have done today is gone to work, which was long, hard work and I had to stay 45mins over (as did everyone else) because not all the work was finished (Very busy). I managed to trap some of the skin of my palm in a case; it really hurt (I'm not really a wimp). My brain is straining to think of something interesting to say, can’t really, all my brain is saying is Food-Food-Food. Cold feet is on tonight - very good drama. That’s about it.
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Hi Phill
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Saturday, November 24, 2001

Last night I had a really good time.My flatmates and me went to the Students Union Casbar and Studio. I danced the night away. I stayed their till close at 2am and then we went to the chippy, I got chips and curry sauce, really nice. Didn't get to sleep till 4ish and didn't get up this morning until 1pm. I think I'm having one of those lazy days.
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Friday, November 23, 2001

I have typed up my essay and its pretty much finished. Yippee, gonna relax now and then go out to the Union tonight.
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Thursday, November 22, 2001

This morning I popped to the Library for a group seminar, only two of us turned up. We have organised our work and we have to do a seminar on Learning styles. It only took about 20 mins to organise. After that I searched the Library database (which I dislike) for information on how health care professionals can reduce gender inequality (along the lines of wage, health and the care of others). I came out with nothing. I then had an uncontrollable impulse to go shopping. About an hour later a returned back to my flat with two magazines (Nursing Standard and Radio times) and the Sex in the city Season two box set.

Better get on with essay - I plan to finish the draft today.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Forgot to say I have got my placement allocation. Going to Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital. Smith Clark ward (children and orthopaedics) Can't wait. All I need now is my uniform.
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Extremly long day. Got a headache.

I had six hours of lectures today on various subjects to do with nursing practice. This afternoon I have been injecting water into an orange with real needles and syringes, which was a lot of fun. We had to bring our own oranges. I could only get hold of an oversized clementine. When I got into the clinical skills lab me and my mate (who had a satsuma) noticed that our lecturer had two perfectly large oranges in a clear bag on her table. The lecturer was nowhere to be seen so my mate and I swapped our oranges! Partly for a joke and partly to see if she would notice. Well she did notice when she said "I thought I had got larger oranges then that", we both confessed much to the amusement of the lecturer and the class.

By the time I got back to the flat I only just had enough time to get changed and have a headache tablet before Kick boxing. We was quite funny today, in groups we had to spar with each other. My partner and me where basically slapping each other. My arms where very red by the end of it from being slapped and blocking. This evening has gone very quick. I'm not going out to Ikon infact neither are any of my flatmates. We all have essay to write.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

This morning I had an early start at 7:30am. I only had one lecture this morning and that was in the computer room covering powerpoint which I am already confident with. After the lecture I went to the library to watch some videos in the media section. I had hoped that the videos would help me with my essay but they were not much help. I felt tired and hungry after that so I went back to my flat had some cheese on toast and dozed for about one hour and a half. I really needed that because afterwards I was able to crack on with my essay which is coming on really well. I have had chips from the chippy for tea - very nice. I have almost finished the work I wanted to do and then I going to call it a night and read a bit.

Tomorrow I should be going up Ikon so that will be lots of fun.
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Monday, November 19, 2001

It was my older brother Chris’ birthday yesterday. I gave him the “Pitch Black” video and a card with Tigger on the front. Chris got lots of great stuff for his birthday, such as a beanbag, videos, a pyramid clock and much more. During the evening we went out to a really nice restaurant called “Ask”. Ask is a pasta and pizza place. All seven of us went. It was a shame that Dad was working and therefore missed the meal. I had a Spaghetti e potpelle. Basically, Spaghetti in a really hot ‘n’ spicy tomato and mushroom sauce with meatballs. For dessert we went to TGI Fridays, I had an apple and caramel pie (not a whole one) with ice cream.

This morning I have had one lecture and that’s it for today. I really need to get going on my essay this afternoon.


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Thursday, November 15, 2001

Last night I went to Kick boxing again with some of my friends. It sure is fun. This time it only lasted one hour when it normally lasts for 1 and a half hours. We started late because another class before us ran over. Me and my flatmates rented Pearl Harbour last night. It was a good film, shocking, a bit sad, but still good. Next time I think I will rent something a but warmer. Like a "feel good" movie.

I have finished "The Smoke Jumper" good novel.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I had a nice sleep in this morrning. We don't have any lessons today and Wednesday because of graduations. At 1:15pm me and my flatmate went to the Gym - a killer - but fun. Then I got back cleaned up and we went shopping. I bought some writing paper and my Brothers Birthday Present. We have both booked an appointment to have our hair cut tomorrow morning at Toni and Guys. I haven't decided what style I am going to have - I will talk to the Stylist tomorrow. Nothing to drastic mind.

I am reading a really good book at the mo - full of twist and its really heart twisting and warming stuff. I here by reccomend it - The Smoke Jumper, By Nicholas Evans.

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Sunday, November 11, 2001

Last night I went to see Harry Potter at the pics, I have been looking forward to seeing this film for ages and last night I finally saw it. I really enjoyed the film especially the Quidditch Match. The sad thing was that a lot of important parts of the book had been missed out and some events from the book in the film where the wrong way round. Apart from that the film was great and I would recommend it to anyone.

At the pics I also saw a trailer for the film "Lord of the Rings". The film looks fantastic. Wow. The trailer took my breath away. Tonight I am borrowing the book off one of my friends. That film is on my to see list.

Everyone in our flat has had some bad news tonight. One of the lads has gone into hospital. Suspected Glandular Fever, at least he was at home when he went into hospital, this way he is around his family. A few of my flatmates are quite worried. I am cool and calm, hes in the best place, he will be fine.
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Saturday, November 10, 2001

It took me two days to recover all of my muscles after the Gym and Kickboxing. Last night I worked on my essay and even braved the freezing streets of Coventry to go to the Library to find some literature on my essay subject. I was frozen by the time I got there. I had been in the Library for about half an hour when a bunch of rude and loud lads started to make a lot of noise round the corner. After losing my place while reading about Homeostasis I declined it was time to take so action. I stood up and walked round the corner to find about six lads chatting and laughing. I stood there hands on my hips and gave them a really nasty look. "Excuse me" (I said quietly but forcefully) "I know this isn't the silent part of the library, but do you think you could keep it down, THREE times I have lost my concentration and all me and the people four miles away can hear is you lot!" That shut them up, back I went to my seat and didn't hear another peep from them. Darn it I'm good.

When I got back to my flat I had tea and then read pretty much for the rest of the evening. I have finished the book "The Hobbit" I really enjoyed it 8/10. Next I will properly read "LORD OF THE RINGS".

I have finished my essay and now I going to relax for the rest of the day.

Tonight a couple of my flatmates and I are going to see the preview of Harry Potter. I can't wait its going to be really good.

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Thursday, November 08, 2001

Very quick post.

Last night I forgot to say that I went to Kick Boxing for the first time. The instructor works you really hard for the whole session. I must Have lost a pound in sweat! This morning I cleaned my room and did some clothes washing. Me and my flatmate went to the Gym this afternoon for an induction. I was still sore from last night so it was hard work.

Later on Dad came to see me. We went food shopping and then I cooked a Turkey dinner. I am STUFFED!

Blog out.
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Last night my flatmates and I went to Planet Ice at the Coventry Skydome. I saw the Great Britain Vs Coventry match. I was horrified as to how rough a game of Ice Hockey can be. With their sticks they try and grab on to each other. They ram each other up the side of the rink, they get tripped up and so on. The game was ok, Blaze (that’s the name of the Coventry team) Lost, 7:4 to Great Britain. Every time Blaze scored we had to stand up and do this silly dance thing. By the end of the match I was very cold and glad to get into the warmth of my bedroom.

Today at Uni I have had two clinical skills lessons. The first was Aseptic Technique or as its now called Non - touch technique. It was very good. We had to open sterile dressing packs, put on gloves and clean a wound on some dummy buttocks, which we named Fred. I said, “Watch out for Fred he’s a bit cheeky”.

The second lesson involved how to bath a baby and how to do bed baths.

This evening a couple of my flatmates and I went to the union for a bit. We didn’t stay too long and got back at 11:40. We got the free mini bus back because it is chucking it down.

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Sunday, November 04, 2001

I went home this weekend. Dad picked me up at 7:35pm ish. Between Fri and early this morning I was home. On Saturday Mum and I went Christmas shopping. In the Afternoon after Mum had gone to work I cleaned the house and went food shopping. At 5:30pm My cousin picked me up with his two kids and we went to a fireworks display at the Moathouse in Tamworth. I had a Jacket potato with chilli. The Fireworks Display was fantastic.

This weekend everyone out of my flat went home. I have just got back from a VERY long hard day at work.I am the only one here, everyone should be back later. I am VERY hungry so I'm off to get some tea.
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Thursday, November 01, 2001

Last night we all went to a Halloween party. We all went in fancy dress. I wore black trousers, red top, black witches hat and spray on red hair dye. In our group there where two vampires, one devil, one witch, two mummy’s and Santa Claus. Two of the lads (the mummy’s) bought a load of bandages and rapped themselves up from head to foot. To make things really funny they walked into people we passed groaning with their arms out stretched. :-)

The first stop was Corks where we had drinks - very cheap - and a choice of four main courses. I had Chinese chicken drummers. After more drinking we headed off to Ikon for 11pm. I had a free ticket to get into Ikon before 11pm. It was 11:01 when I got to the till so half of us got in free and the other half had to pay!! We had a really good time dancing, chatting and drinking. There was really cheesy music on all night. From "Ghostbusters" to "Wake me up before you go go". Do you remember that 90s hit "Saturday night"? The one where there was that dance routine? My mate and me must have been the only two on the whole dance for doing the routine. It was go funny. The night wouldn’t' have been complete if YMCA hadn't come on and it did.

I got back at 1:30am and decided to download some work off the University Web site there no time like the present. Taking advice from my sister Elaine, I didn't update my blogger.

Alcohol + Blogger = Big Bad.

Today I didn't have any lectures although I did have an Occupational Health appointment. As I already knew I am all up to date with my vaccinations, however they still took some of my blood to see if I am still immune to measles.

This afternoon I have been doing my essay and some maths.

I'm now off to cook a chicken Korma.


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