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Saturday, September 29, 2001
Last night was the night of the Fresher's Ball, which included a live performance from Chasney Hawkes. Everyone in my flat started getting ready at about 8:30pm. One of my flatmates locked her room key in her room so we had to wait until 10pm before the site "warden" came round to unlock the door. We finally got into the Students Union at 11pm.

We all had a really good time and met up with the lads from the flat opposite ours. We drank, danced and also chilled in a back room called the "Chiller". Hawkes was ok but not really my kind of music so we didn't hang about listening to him. I left the union with the others at 1:30am. When I got back to my room I had a piece of cheese, read for a short time then went to bed. I find that after coming back from a night of partying I need to wind down by reading or having a warm drink before I can sleep.

This morning I had a wonderful sleep in until 11:10am. It was great, I haven't had a sleep in about ten days and I have been looking forward to it all week. I got up washed and brushed my teeth. Before I got changed I went and prepared the food for tonight's meal. I'm having Chicken casserole, so I needed to chop vegetables, make stock, put on the slow cooker etc, etc.

After showering and cleaning my room I went over to the lads flat, by this time it was coming up to 2pm. I needed to give one of the lads a Sociology book to help them with an Essay on drugs in society that he has to have writen by Monday. I sat in their kitchen for a little while and chatted about the night before, it also turns out we are all (two flats worth) having a video feast tonight in our flat including pizza.

Dads coming over later this evening to bring a few things I forgot, see me, and have dinner. I hope he brings Molly. If not then I'm going home next Fri/Sat.

That reminds me I was going to tell you about my uni course. Well, from Monday up until February I'm only in four days a week. Monday welfare health and inequality 11-1, Tuesday Long life learning and Seminars 9-11 11-1, Wednesday 11 Nursing Practice 1, Thursday Private Study and Friday welfare, health and inequality 9-11. That's the time table for my first session (they like to call them sessions on this course not terms). In session 2 I will start placement Sun, Mon, Tues and be in Uni on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We had a rep come round from two Union Groups, RCN and Unison. They advise us to join one of the unions for something like £10.00 a year while we are students. I should really get round to it.

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Friday, September 28, 2001

I have finally registered on the Library computers so until my ntl connection has been sorted out I will be updating my blog via the library computers.

My pass induction week has gone well and a lot has happened. On Saturday 22nd I moved into my halls of residence which is Singer Hall. I share my flat with five other female students. It took all day to sort out my room, computer and food, but by 8:30pm I was finished. Mum and Rod had gone home and I had gotten ready to go out with my flat mates and various people from the Students Union.

Oh my God three people dressed in Dog suits have just run into the Library and started play fighting in the middle of the floor - if only I had a camera. Librarians have just herded them out. A lot happens in the Library, Princess Ann "opened" the Library yesterday. This Library is great, if you want to know more then go to www.library.coventry.ac.uk.

So on Saturday and Sunday I went out to the Union nightclub and various pubs. Had a good time. I had a fever and couldn't stop shivering on Monday and Tuesday so I decided it would be best not to go out on the town.

Yesterday I went and signed up at the on campus Medical centre in Priory hall. I had my Blood pressure taken by the Nurse. The Nurse just happened to ask me if I had had my meningitis jab. When I replied no all of a sudden I noticed her unwrapping a needle and would you believe then and there I had the injection! My left arms a bit sore.

I normally go out with my flatmates and the lads from over the road, we have gotten into the habit of taking it in turns to cook each other tea and toast when we get back at 1am (sometimes later). Yummy - the perfect way to finish the night.

Tonight is the Fresher's Ball in the Students Union. £5.00 per ticket. The usual gang and myself (Which includes 6 boys and 6 girls) are going tonight. Should be great especially as I can have a sleep in tomorrow morning.

The induction week has involved a lot of waiting about, but it's also been useful like meeting the union, the Nursing lectures and the Students. I will post a blog later telling you about the course but I've got to go bet lunch.

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Friday, September 21, 2001

This morning I got back from Sheffield at about 10:50am. I had a great time last night seeing my sister Elaine. Elaine cooked a really nice Chicken Korma and for pudding we had apple pie, ice cream and cream. Last night I was absolutely bloated! Elaine if you’re reading this email me some more of that delicious apple pie. I had a driving lesson at 11am; I did a few manoeuvres and had a general drive about.

Let me see I have to
(1) Disconnect and box my computer
(2) Pack the rest of my things
(3) Get together all of my clothes

It doesn't sound that much but I feel like I have loads to do.
I better get on with it then. Blogger out. :)

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Thursday, September 20, 2001

Here I am in my Sister's house in Sheffield with only one more full day at home before I go to Coventry University. I have just taken a year out and finally I'm going to University. I have been looking forward to this for a few months now. Let me see I have bought my stationery, clothes, Ikea nic-nacs and packed all my DVDs, videos and books I want to take; not forgetting my stuffed hippopotamus which goes by the name of "Hippo" ( How original ).

Tomorrow morning I'm traveling back to my home town of Tamworth to tie up any loose ends and pack up my computer. I've also got a driving lesson. My Driving practical is booked for 23rd October, I just hope I can continue to fit in driving lessons between Uni, my part-time job at WH Smith, my social life and study. Time will tell.

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This a first test post.
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